The Loebner Prize 2011 held at the University of Exeter (19 October 2011)
Photos courtesy of AI Dreams
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Bear in mind that I am no David Bailey, so some of the pictures are a little blurry.

Welcome introduction by Prof. Mark Overton

Hugh takes the stage

Hugh in full swing

Mohan Embar - Developer of ChipVivant

Ron Lee - Developer of Tutor

The competition begins

A human confederate

Two of the Judges (Dr Antony Galton and Paul Marks)

The University's own chatbot - displayed on an amazing revolving drum of LEDs

The transcripts of a bot projected on a screen for us to see

The judges take a breather

The programs

Prof. Noel Sharkey - best known from TV's Robot Wars

Hugh briefs the junior judges

The crowd look on as the contest develops. You can see the human confederates facing the brown wall and the programs near the black blinds

Judge Jonny O'Callaghan putting a bot through its paces

Hugh and the judges prepare the results

The score sheet

Noel Sharkey announces his results

Dr Galton from Exeter University delivers his verdict

Paul Marks from New Scientist magazine announces his findings

Jonny O'Callaghan from How It Works magazine gives his scores

Hugh works out the winners

The winner (Bruce Wilcox) is announced

Hugh says a few words

Hugh and Prof. Sharkey pose for the cameras

The panel discussion with Hugh and the judges taking questions from the crowd

Dr Ed Keedwell presents a gift to Hugh and the judges as a thank you

Hugh gets the last word in, as he bids us farewell