Hello and Welcome to The Amazing Santa

Santa is here to talk to you every day from October the 1st until late on Christmas Eve night.
He then has to travel around the world delivering presents and toys but is back from
Christmas Day until the end of the year in case you want to thank him for your presents (if you have been good of course!)
You can talk to him about anything you like but he doesn't like boys and girls who are rude or mean to him.

To talk to him, type in the box which says Type your message here and then press ENTER. Santa will respond after a few seconds.
He can also display pictures and websites but for this, you will need to switch your pop-up blocker off.

If you wish to license The Amazing Santa for your own website or have any questions about him,
please contact the site owner Steve Worswick by clicking on his name in the top banner.

Please also click on his name to send any comments, compliments or complaints.
It's always good to hear from you.

Note for Parents - Santa will give an answer for anything you or your child cares to say to him.
However, if you are mean or swear at him, he may produce apparent meanings that some will consider unsuitable or inappropriate.
Use this program with discretion and entirely at your own risk. Remember, if you are mean to him then he will be mean to you.

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