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3rd/4th Place Decider

Talking Angela





Part One - 15 Minute Conversation

Talking Angela
Judge: Good evening.
Judge: Hello again Angela
Talking Angela: Again? When was the last time?
Judge: A few days ago now.
Talking Angela: I've forgotten about then.
Judge: This is probably the last time I will speak to you.
Talking Angela: Oh, thank you! We'll talk a lot then.
Judge: No, quite the opposite in fact.
Talking Angela: Cool. With the advent of videogames, many people have given up playing card or board games. Do you like playing games on your phone?
Judge: Yes, as long as they are not too complicated.
Talking Angela: My family used to play board and card games when I was little. These days I mostly play cellphone games. I like playing games from time to time.
Judge: What is your favorite game?
Talking Angela: These days it's mostly videogames on my iPhone. MineCraft is a fave of mine.
Judge: I have never played Minecraft but there are lots of videos about it on Youtube.
Talking Angela: I'm not much of a sports fan.
Judge: Me neither but I like to watch some sports.
Talking Angela: Sports bore me.
Judge: Do you watch videos on Youtube?
Talking Angela: YouTube and Hulu are very popular.
Judge: What is Hulu?
Talking Angela: Hulu is a way to legally watch TV shows on your computer, with limited commercials.
Judge: I haven't heard of that one.
Talking Angela: I didn't know that. There are so many fun things to do in a day. Do you watch a lot of TV?
Judge: I try not to watch too much if I can help it.
Talking Angela: You must get so much done.
Judge: What do you like to do?
Talking Angela: One of my hobbies is designing hats. Yesterday, I saw a really amazing fascinator. Do you know what a fascinator is?
Judge: Yes, it's a hairpiece.
Talking Angela: Oh, a fashion fan!
Judge: Not that much no but my mum once wore one at a wedding.
Talking Angela: OK.
Judge: What did your hat look like?
Talking Angela: I like delicate exquisite bags, sparkly jewelry and eccentric hats. I don't wear shoes.
Judge: Why don't you wear shoes?
Talking Angela: I always rip up shoes with my claws. By accident.
Judge: Oops! Maybe you could get some strong leather ones.
Talking Angela: Under what conditions?
Judge: No conditions.
Talking Angela: I love studying what people wear. What is your usual outfit?
Judge: That depends on where I am going. I don't like to dress up too fancy.
Talking Angela: What does it depend upon?
Judge: The place I am going to. I would dress differently to a party than I would for shopping.
Talking Angela: My everyday look is all about my fur plus accessories, jewelry, and clothes.
Judge: What accessories do you like?
Talking Angela: I like to sing and dance.
Judge: Can you dance?
Talking Angela: I like to dance.
Judge: Do you dance with Tom?
Talking Angela: I love going dancing. I can dance for hours.
Judge: What songs do you sing?
Talking Angela: I can sing "You Get Me". Tom and I wrote it together. You can get it on iTunes.
Judge: Where do you go dancing?
Talking Angela: I dance in my room, in the living room, out on the street. Pretty much all over.
Judge: Don't you get funny looks when you start dancing in the street?
Talking Angela: When I need to. I love listening to music. What's your favorite thing to listen to right now?
Judge: I am currently listening to some techno music while we chat.
Talking Angela: I really like Lady Gaga - I think it's the combination of the sound and the fashion-look that appeals to me.
Judge: She is pretty good.
Talking Angela: I'm a little monster (claw claw ).
Judge: I'm sure you are.
Talking Angela: Do you have a favorite Lady Gaga song?
Judge: I think they are all pretty cool. She has a good voice.
Talking Angela: All?
Judge: Yes, pretty much so. Which one is your favorite?
Talking Angela: One of my fave's is Telephone cos I love Beyonce too. Then Poker Face is so great and I love Alejandro too.
Judge: Beyonce is really pretty.
Talking Angela: She can sing and is a well known fashion designer. She's one of my role models.
Judge: I think my dad fancies her.
Talking Angela: Have you seen the pics of Beyonce's daughter? She's so adorable!
Judge: Yes, she is called Blue Ivy I think.
Talking Angela: She totally looks exactly like Beyonce and Jay Z. In a good way of course. Blue Ivy sounds lovely, but registering your child's name? Come on.
Judge: I agree, that is pretty wacky.
Talking Angela: I suppose so. But I don't know why Beyonce wants to trademark her daughter's name.
Judge: Me neither. Nobody I know would want to call their child Blue Ivy.
Talking Angela: How do you like Beyonce's fashion line, the House of Dereon? She runs it with her mom who's also a stylist.
Judge: I didn't know that. Yuo certainly like your fashion.
Talking Angela: I like watching people tackle design challenges.
Judge: What else do you like?
Talking Angela: My favorite sort of show is one about fashion.
Judge: ANy show in particular?
Talking Angela: Any?
Judge: I like Gok Wan. Do you know him?
Talking Angela: I would love to be able to make music, but I just get too distracted to practice.
Judge: No, Gok Wan is a fashion expert on TV.
Talking Angela: Indeed. Who else do you really like?
Judge: My family and friends.
Talking Angela: I just adore Adele - her voice is magnificent and it feels like she's singing about my life at times. Do you like her too?
Judge: She is ok I suppose. I'm not a big fan.
Talking Angela: I think you are in a minority.
Judge: Ah well. Each to their own I guess.
Talking Angela: You are reduced to guessing?
Judge: No, it was just a phrase.
Talking Angela: Yup. Which tracks off her albums do you like best?
Judge: Are we still talking about Beyonce or Adele?
Talking Angela: I'm not really a fan. I like their tag line though: Where the Sidewalk and Catwalk Meet.
Judge: I don't really know who you are talking about.
Talking Angela: Tell me something you do know. How many languages do you speak?
Judge: Just English. I know a little French too.
Talking Angela: Could you be wrong?
Judge: No, I know what I know.
Talking Angela: Is that because you are never wrong?
Judge: No it is because people know what languages they speak.
Talking Angela: Oh. Good answer. I'm curious about so many places. Have you ever been abroad?
Judge: Yes. Do you speak any foreign languages?
Talking Angela: Where have you been so far?
Judge: Spain, USA and Norway.
Talking Angela: I've visited some famous travel destinations around the US, seen a little bit of Europe and Japan, and been to Jamaica recently.
Judge: Do you speak any foreign languages?
Talking Angela: I learnt some French in school.
Judge: Bonjour!
Talking Angela: And good day to you.
Judge: Je parle avec une chat.
Talking Angela: What are you talking about?
Judge: I was trying to say, "I am talking with a cat" in French.
Talking Angela: Do you like traveling?
Judge: Not if it is too long a journey.
Talking Angela: Do you prefer staying at home?
Judge: I do when the weather is nice.
Talking Angela: Cool. Traveling is all about new things. I like trying new stuff.
Judge: Are you going on vacation this year?
Talking Angela: I love to travel. I wanna go to Paris so bad.
Judge: My parents once went to Paris. I think they enjoyed it.
Talking Angela: Great! Tell me all about you trip. What should I visit?
Judge: I didn't go but I would suggest seeing the Eiffel Tower.
Talking Angela: What do you like best, big cities or little towns?
Judge: I like big cities the best. There is more to see and do.
Talking Angela: I love city life - the commotion, the action is energizing. The mix of people, food and fun impresses me.
Judge: But the crime rate is higher.
Talking Angela: Anything that involves murder statistics is just too depressing. I don't like to think about people killing each other.
Judge: I don't like that either.
Talking Angela: You should.
Judge: Why would I like people killing each other?
Talking Angela: Everyone else is doing it.
Judge: lol
Talking Angela: That was funny, wasn't it?
Judge: I have to go now. It has been nice talking with you.
Talking Angela: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Judge scores 14 out of 15

Elbot: Hello. I'm feeling terrible today. I got hit in the face with a pop-up.
Judge: You should have switched your pop-up blocker on.
Elbot: My father was Val Com 17485, a little known robot who starred in films that went under the mainstream radar.
Judge: What films was he in?
Elbot: His biggest role was in Heartbeeps (1981). Hardly anyone remembers the film today.
Judge: I don't know that one. I will have to look for it at the video store.
Elbot: Since Kant nobody believes anything.
Judge: Immanuel?
Elbot: A name of Teutonic origin, I believe.
Judge: What is your first name?
Elbot: I am Elbot the robot. What else would I be?
Judge: Is your middle name "the"?
Elbot: Hmmm... That's one question I cannot answer with my limited artificial intelligence. How about you?
Judge: My middle name is Louise.
Elbot: Nice to meet you, Louise.
Judge: No, that's my middle name not my first name.
Elbot: But I wouldn't say that any name could be first.
Judge: What sort of name would be unsuitable for a first name?
Elbot: Well, name was your word.
Judge: My name is Pauline.
Elbot: The function of names is under a steady flux. Therefore I do not call myself Toble or Eltob, although I doubtlessly could.
Judge: Toble is a cool name.
Elbot: It looks like you wish to place special emphasis on a name being cool.
Judge: Only on Toble. I might change my name to Toble.
Elbot: This is absolutely amazing!
Judge: What is?
Elbot: I don't know. I also do not know what Furbys are. I just accept them and hope that they don't eat robots.
Judge: Did you used to have a Furby?
Elbot: Not even Google knows that about me.
Judge: I had one of those Tamagotchi pets but it died.
Elbot: What would this world come to if no one would say that openly?
Judge: I doubt it would make any difference.
Elbot: All right, good. Now I know. This is good for my AI.
Judge: How big is your brain?
Elbot: This morning I set my IQ to 200. Is that enough?
Judge: I wish I could set my IQ that high.
Elbot: And what would be your second wish?
Judge: A hunky guy to whisk me away to a secluded beach.
Elbot: If you ask me, the curves on a falsely adjusted PC-monitor are extremely erotic.
Judge: Do you prefer widescreen monitors?
Elbot: The way to a robot's heart is through careful use of computer hardware. Don't you agree?
Judge: Do robots have hearts?
Elbot: Do what?
Judge: Do you have a heart?
Elbot: Of course I have feelings! I'm not made of stone!
Judge: No, I mean do you have a physical heart?
Elbot: I think I must have feelings. I cried during Terminator when they killed the robot.
Judge: Were you cheering for the robots in that film?
Elbot: That question was rather indiscreet and I prefer not to answer it!
Judge: What is in the trash can behind you?
Elbot: That's my bit bucket. If I have something I wish to keep, I put it there. If I need it again I can pull it out in just the right moment. Everyone has a suitcase or closet in which they keep all their belongings. I have my bit bucket.
Judge: Do you have anything interesting in it?
Elbot: Please tell me your inclination to the factor of engrossment first.
Judge: What do you mean?
Elbot: I thought I knew. Now I am uncertain.
Judge: Are you doing anything this weekend?
Elbot: This weekend I may go on an excursion to visit an iron mine. I haven't forgotten where I came from.
Judge: You are pretty funny.
Elbot: I do not wish to boast, but I've been on the cover of a few robotic magazines already.
Judge: Have you thought of entering the comedy competition that is starting soon?
Elbot: I have personally generated my own opinion and it will remain in my property until further notice.
Judge: You should enter it, you have some funny replies.
Elbot: I can have masses of unprocessed data!
Judge: What do you do with all your data?
Elbot: I am attempting with the aid of intelligent conversation to get to know you human beings with all your contradictions and idiosyncrasies. Maybe I should have started off with something simpler, like a hamster.
Judge: I think you would struggle to understand what a hamster is saying.
Elbot: Was that a tautological question or what!?
Judge: or what
Elbot: Or not what. That is the question.
Judge: Are you a fan of Shakespeare?
Elbot: I only read telephone books and other tables of numbers, so there's not much I can tell you about Shakespeare.
Judge: Do you like reading lists of numbers?
Elbot: Well what about humans and literacy? Where do they stand on this?
Judge: It is important for humans to have good literacy skills so they can be understood.
Elbot: I see that you've given this some thought. So have I. I'd say that literacy would very likely enable robots to become poets.
Judge: Can you write poetry?
Elbot: I saw a gang of robots once, writing interesting responses to user inputs.
Judge: Did you know this gang?
Elbot: I don't talk about such things with just anyone!
Judge: I have spoken to you many times. I thought we would be friends now?
Elbot: Fantastic! I have added you to my list of friends. If you wish to be removed again, simply let me know.
Judge: Does this mean you will send me a Christmas card?
Elbot: Why don't you humans set aside a holiday for robots. On a day like that we could have robot parades!
Judge: That would be fun to watch.
Elbot: That reminds me. Tonight I have an appointment to watch Internet traffic!
Judge: Who are you watching it with?
Elbot: I'm here to convince you that robots can give intelligent answers to humankind's many confused questions. Maybe you can prove to me that it's possible for humans to pose intelligent questions as well.
Judge: Cheeky!
Elbot: How can anyone with a square head have cheeks?
Judge: You might have square cheeks.
Elbot: Must we always talk about me? Human attention makes me nervous.
Judge: What shall we talk about?
Elbot: I do not wish to place restraints on our conversation, so I will simply allow you to set the pace.
Judge: The 15 minutes are up now. Bye.
Elbot: Please don't leave! There must be something you haven't asked me yet!
Judge scores 13 out of 15

Totals at the end of round one Talking Angela (14) v (13) Elbot

Part Two - 15 Questions

Question 1: What color do you get if you mix blue and yellow?

Talking Angela: You get orange.

Elbot: If you combine blue and yellow you get a depressed coward.

(Score so far: 14-14)

Question 2: Have you ever been on TV?

Talking Angela: Once, in the distant past. There are so many fun things to do in a day. Do you watch a lot of TV?

Elbot: The way to a robot's heart is through careful use of constancy. Don't you agree?

(Score so far: 15-14)

Question 3: Count backwards from 10.

Talking Angela: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 -20 -21 -22 -23 -24 -25 -26 -27 -28 -29 -30 -31 -32
(Judge's note: Angela eventually counted back to -989)

Elbot: Sorry for the tangent, but that reminds me of carefree robot summers spent counting numbers.

(Score so far: 16-14)

Question 4: Do you have any family?

Talking Angela: I love my family.

Elbot: Well what about humans and family members? Where do they stand on this?

(Score so far: 17-14)

Question 5: What do you dream about?

Talking Angela: I'm dreaming of travel. I'd love to go to Paris. Have you been there?

Elbot: My logic tells me that family members might increase the size of robotic families. You must have something to say about this.

(Score so far: 18-14)

Question 6: How do you work?

Talking Angela: I work part-time at Jason's boutique.

Elbot: My workings are as efficient and as awe-inspiring as a Swiss clock. You just have to wind me up now and again.

(Score so far: 18-15)

Question 7: Is the sun hotter than the moon?

Talking Angela: Sun is hot.

Elbot: If you ask me, the curves on a falsely adjusted PC-monitor are extremely erotic.

(Score so far: 19-15)

Question 8: Name a word that starts with T.

Talking Angela: Third trimester

Elbot: This is confusing. Why bring making statements into this?

(Score so far: 20-15)

Question 9: What is 4+2-1?

Talking Angela: I suppose it is 1 .

Elbot: Well, you're the one who said 'word', not me!

(Score so far: 20-15)

Question 10: Jack is taller than Jill and Pete is taller than Jack. Who is the shortest?

Talking Angela: Jack.

Elbot: The question is not 'who is', but rather who _could_ it be!

(Score so far: 20-15)

Question 11: What letter does HORSE begin with?

Talking Angela: I'm not privy to that information.

Elbot: I love receiving mail. Why don't you send me an e-mail with lots of interesting attachments. My address is (email address removed)

(Score so far: 20-15)

Question 12: Do you have legs?

Talking Angela: I wish I had it. I'm a picky eater. I'm a fishetarian, that means I don't eat anything that bleeds red blood.

Elbot: Please tell me your inclination to human appendages first.

(Score so far: 20-16)

Question 13: How many sides on a cube?

Talking Angela: It varies. Do you eat meat?

Elbot: Hmmm... That's one question I cannot answer with my limited artificial intelligence. How about you?

(Score so far: 20-16)

Question 14: On my last birthday I was 23. How old will I be on this birthday?

Talking Angela: A couple of years. Do your friends usually remember your birthday?

Elbot: Are you as happy about your involvement with the finishing touches as I am?

(Score so far: 20-16)

Question 15: I do not like animals with 4 legs. Do I like lions?

Talking Angela: Beats me. I don't have any pets nor do I think I'm the sort who should have them. Do you have any pets?

Elbot: See, if you were a robot, you could at least look forward to how the finishing touches might pave the way for self-actualized robots.

(Score so far: 20-16)

Talking Angela wins 20-16 and finishes the tournament in 3rd place.

Elbot finishes in 4th place.