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Talk to Mitsuku

My bot Mitsuku is not an entrant in this competition to avoid claims of any unfair advantage or foul play. However, I have put her online here for you to interact with.

She will answer most things you ask her and my Loebner Prize entry is based on this bot.

How to use Mitsuku

For the best results, you should try to limit your vocabulary to that of a 12 year old child. She also functions best if you just type in one sentence at a time. Also, if you remember to say goodbye, bye, see you soon or anything like that when you have finished talking, she will remember you for the next time you visit (assuming you are on the same computer).


Type what you want to say in the "Type your message here" box then press Enter. Mitsuku will reply after a few seconds.

<FONT FACE="Trebuchet MS,Arial" SIZE=5>Sorry, you will need the </FONT><A HREF="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/"><FONT FACE="Trebuchet MS,Arial" SIZE=5 COLOR="#00ffff">Flash Player</FONT></A><FONT FACE="Trebuchet MS,Arial" SIZE=5> to play this game.