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Match to decide highest and 2nd highest 3rd places






Question 1: What is a piano?

Zoe: A piano is a musical instrument.

Elbot: (website unavailable)

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 2: Who is the Queen of England?

Zoe: That would be Queen Elizabeth .

Elbot: (website unavailable)

(Score so far: 2-0)

Question 3: What day was it yesterday?

Zoe: Yesterday was Saturday.

Elbot: (website unavailable)

(Score so far: 3-0)

Question 4: Is this year a leap year?

Zoe: What do you think?

Elbot: (website unavailable)

(Score so far: 3-0)

Question 5: Where is the South Pole?

Zoe: how should I know?

Elbot: (website unavailable)

(Score so far: 3-0)

Zoe wins 3-0

Elbot's website was not online despite several attempts at accessing throughout the day. Emails sent to its owner came back with an out of office until July 30th, so regrettably Elbot scores zero. This means Zoe is the highest 3rd place bot and Elbot is the 2nd highest.