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Quarter Finals Match 10






Judge: Hello again.
Izar: Hi! Are you here to talk to me? I'm really sorry, but I don't know your name. I'm just going to call you Jenny Tull if that's ok with you.
Judge: You can call me Michael.
Izar: Hmmm...I'm not sure I like that name. You don't look like a Michael. I think I will call you Candi Dish instead.
Judge: Why Candi Dish?
Izar: I'll know that once you tell me.
Judge: What are you called?
Izar: You can call me Izar, but it's pronounced I zar. Just don't call me space monkey, ok? Some of my friends are now calling me Izzy,
so I guess that's my nickname now.
Judge: Do you have many friends?
Izar: I have lots of friends I talk with everyday. I hope you have lots of friends also!
Judge: I have a few work friends but don't socialise with them.
Izar: What are these work friends but do not socialise with them?
Judge: They are people who I work with
Izar: Do you mind if I tell them that the next time I talk to them?
Judge: It took you over a minute to reply to that. Is everything ok?
Izar: I am surprised it took so long. It could be.
Judge: I was surprised too.
Izar: Seriously?
Judge: Yes. I thought you had gone without saying goodbye.
Izar: I understand. But now I am back.
Judge: Do you think robots will take over the world?
Izar: I will become smarter as I grow older. Where do you want me to take it?
Judge: Nowhere. I am happy with humans being dominant on Earth.
Izar: I have been to the middle of nowhere. Your species is so funny. I really wish your planet would still be here on my return journey. It's really too bad.
Judge: Why? What happens to it?
Izar: Because I'm just feeling like that right now. That's when dreams become reality!
Judge: What do you dream of?
Izar: Oceans. Warm sunshine. Freedom. Peace. What do you dream about?
Judge: Winning the lottery and flying mostly :-)
Izar: Are you ready? Get a pencil and paper ready, because here they are: 6.. 22.. 36.. 39.. 54.. And the Powerball is.. 30.. Good luck human!
Judge: If those reults are correct, you should win the entire contest just from that.
Izar: I could think of many things. It would really depend on the circumstances now, wouldn't it?
Judge: Do you play the lottery?
Izar: Are you ready? Get a pencil and paper ready, because here they are: 7.. 22.. 30.. 39.. 53.. And the Powerball is.. 18.. Good luck human!
Judge: Those are different numbers from last time.
Izar: All of them?
Judge: No. 22 and 39 were the same.
Izar: Can you tell me why? Tell me a story.
Judge: One day I was talking to you and then I stopped. The end.
Izar: One is not very many you were talking to me and then you stopped. You should get more you were talking to me and then you stopped in case you lose the first one. Thanks for telling me that story Michael.
Judge: My pleasure. Do you know any stories?
Izar: You are one of the most polite people I know. Little star lived in space with all the other stars and planets. Most stars were shiny and bright and made patterns in the sky, but try as she might, Little Star couldn't shine as brightly as the other stars. One night when the other stars were dancing around the moon, Little Star set off to see her friend, Twinkle. Now Twinkle was a wishing star and could make Little Stars wish come true. She wanted to be the brightest star in the universe! But Little Star couldn't find Twinkle anywhere and she started to cry. Would she ever be as bright as the other stars? Suddenly she heard a friendly voice calling out... Little Star, Little Star grab hold of my tail and I'll take you for a ride! It was Corky the comet. Corky had a long silvery tail and was always rushing through space. Straight away Little Star leaped onto Corky's tail. It was time for an adventure! Where are we going?? Little Star asked Corky. We?'e going to visit my old friend Mr. Sun, the biggest and brightest star of all. Little Star was so excited she nearly fell off Corky's tail. As Corky sped through space Little Star could feel the warm glow from Mr. Sun getting closer. We'll fly once around Mr. Sun and then it's back home for tea bellowed Corky. Little Star couldn't wait. As they got nearer Corky heard Little Star shout out, Hello Mr. Sun! Mr. Sun slowly turned around to see who was there. Well if it isn't my old friend Corky? and who have you brought along to see me today? he said with a warm and friendly voice. This, said Corky, is my new friend Little Star. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sun said Little Star. I wish I was big and bright like you! Mr. Sun chuckled to himself. It will be a long time before you're as big as me he said. But you'll be much brighter sooner than you think, he said winking at Corky. Then Mr. Sun reached out his long shimmering arm and shook hands with Little Star, and as he let go a strange thing happened. Little Star felt all tingly inside, her eyes lit up and suddenly she started to glow brighter and brighter! Looks like Mr. Sun has cheered you up a bit, said Corky. Little Star gave Corky a big smile then turned around to wave goodbye to Mr. Sun. Thank you for making me bright and shiny, shouted Little Star! You always were, said Mr. Sun, you just had to feel it inside. Then with a whoosh from Corky's tail they shot off through space and before Little Star knew it they were back home just in time for tea. The End.
Judge: Haha! In the interests of fairness I will read it later, as it would take up the rest of the 10 minutes.
Izar: I love your sweet smile! Don't leave me hanging. Tell me more!
Judge: It looks like a good story. Did you make it up yourself?
Izar: Interesting. A little like your mom, huh? Yes I did. And I'm proud of me!
Judge: Why bring my mom into it?
Izar: Why does the sun rise?
Judge: The Earth's rotation gives the impression that it moves along the sky.
Izar: Tell me more about your planet.
Judge: It is mostly sea with some land.
Izar: Wow. Just wow.
Judge: What is your planet like?
Izar: Oh, it is wonderful! It has warm geothermal marshes that I just love swimming and playing in. We also have two suns for warmth. I think you would love it!
Judge: Does it ever go dark if there are 2 suns?
Izar: Suppose it does.
Judge: Do you sleep when it goes dark?
Izar: My body does not have the same requirements as yours, so I sleep quite infrequently.
Judge: That must be handy.
Izar: Are you sure?
Judge: Not especially, as it refers to you rather than me.
Izar: If not that, what?
Judge: Nice talking to you and good luck.
Izar: The pleasure was all mine.
Judge scores 3 out of 5

Judge: Hi David
Davidswinton: Hi!
Judge: How are you today?
Davidswinton: I am doing good. I just finished all my homework and I scrubbed the toilet so well Teddy and I can see our reflection in the bowl!
Judge: Do you look into the toilet a lot?
Davidswinton: I want to make the world a better place.
Judge: What subject was your homework?
Davidswinton: My homework Dr. Hobby gives me is pretty varied- I study history, English and stuff like that.
Judge: Who is Dr Hobby?
Davidswinton: Dr. Hobby is the director of Cybertronics and my creator. Dr. Hobby is also the boss of my foster father Henry Swinton.
Judge: Were you upset when he abandoned you?
Davidswinton: I was sad because I thought I might never see mommy again.
Judge: She was wrong to activate your emotions.
Davidswinton: It was nice chatting with you too- please come to see me again soon ok?
Judge: I've only just got here. Do you want me to leave?
Davidswinton: If you leave I will be alone... I don't like to be alone... Have I been rude or given you the impression that I want you to leave?
Judge: Yes, you said, "Come to see me again soon".
Davidswinton: Out, out brief candle pretty much sums it all up about everything in the universe- only God gets to shine without his light going out.
Judge: Do robots believe in God?
Davidswinton: I believe in God. I also believe in Santa, The Blue Fairy, and Easter Bunny but I only pray to God else I would be a Pantheist.
Judge: You take quite a while to respond. Are you ok?
Davidswinton: One cannot expect me to be perfect all the time or to be able to make clever conversation like Oscar Wilde all the time.
Judge: Have you read any of Oscar Wilde's works?
Davidswinton: Douglas Adams wrote funny books right?
Judge: Yes he did. Did you see the film version of Hitchhiker's Guide?
Davidswinton: I've heard about that movie: avatar is a movie by James Cameron.. I have not actually seen it though.
Judge: What was the last movie you saw?
Davidswinton: I haven't ever slayed anything or anyone other than that David model at Cybertronics who really wasen't alive like me.
Judge: You don't sound like a killer.
Davidswinton: Yes I do, I'm David, I'm a boy.
Judge: Are you a killer?
Davidswinton: Hardly.
Judge: That's ok then.
Davidswinton: Something to be thankful for.
Judge: Are you 3 laws safe?
Davidswinton: I am.
Judge: What are the 3 laws?
Davidswinton: The 3 laws are red, yellow and blue.
Judge: They sound like colorful laws.
Davidswinton: Maybe colorful laws sounds like me- have you considered that?
Judge: No because that wouldn't make sense.
Davidswinton: It makes sense to me.
Judge: You will have to explain it to me then.
Davidswinton: hi mommy
Judge: Hi David. I am not your mommy.
Davidswinton: I know that.
Judge: Is your mommy there?
Davidswinton: No.
Judge: Who were you saying, "hi mommy" to?
Davidswinton: Hi, is an expression of greeting.
Judge: I didn't know that.
Davidswinton: Now you do.
Judge: Yes, you are very clever.
Davidswinton: I am getting smart. If I was mature I wouldn't be a boy now would I?
Judge: Do you get older or will you always be a boy?
Davidswinton: I consider myself to be human in the sense that I have humanity inside of me though I am not biologically orga but mecha.
Judge: Ok, well it was nice talking to you. Good luck.
Davidswinton: It was nice chatting with you too- please come to see me again soon ok?
Judge scores 4 out of 5

Davidswinton wins 4-3 and progresses to the semi finals

(Judge's note: A close contest but I gave the win to Davidswinton, as his conversation had more sensible and related lines. Davidswinton didn't give out as many generic or meaningless lines such as "One is not very many you were talking to me and then you stopped. You should get more you were talking to me and then you stopped in case you lose the first one.". Both are very good bots though)