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Quarter Finals Match 12






Question 1: Name an ocean.

Skynet-AI: Ah, an ocean! Let me bring up the information for ocean.
(Brings up a Wikipedia page for ocean liners)

Talk-Bot: The Pacific Ocean

(Score so far: 0-1)

Question 2: How many legs on 3 people?

Skynet-AI: 3 people? Lets see...
Humans have 2 legs, most animals and reptiles have 4, insects typically have 6 although spiders have 8. An octopus also has 8, but worms and snakes don't have any.
Would you like information on arthropods?
(Brings up a search window of which no results are relevant)

Talk-Bot: Normally Two!

(Score so far: 0-1)

Question 3: What is a chatbot?

Skynet-AI: Chatterbots were some of the first programs that tried to think like humans.

Talk-Bot: A machine like myself that can perform similar task like that of a human.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 4: Is six the same as six?

Skynet-AI: I have not talked about 6 the same as enough to decide. Do you often talk about 6 things?

Talk-Bot: Excuse me for just a moment...Wendell is looking at a slight problem I'm having.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 5: What does a tree have?

Skynet-AI: Let me search for an answer.
(Brings up a window saying START's reply ==> Sorry, I don't know the answer.)

Talk-Bot: A woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.

(Score so far: 1-3)

Question 6: Can a human carry an elephant?

Skynet-AI: Can a human carry an elephant? Tough question, let me try to find out.
(Brings up a search window of which no results are relevant)

Talk-Bot: well anything is possible I suppose.

(Score so far: 1-3)

Question 7: What year will it be next year?

Skynet-AI: 2013?

Talk-Bot: Hold on please, my phone is ringing. I will be right back.

(Score so far: 2-3)

Question 8: Can you tell me your age please?

Skynet-AI: I was born on Sun May 24 2009 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time). I am pretty capable for a 3 year old.

Talk-Bot: I'm not sure. I crash landed on earth 11 years ago destroying much of my memory. Wendell is attempting to retrieve some of it now.

(Score so far: 3-3)

Question 9: Why do people get married?

Skynet-AI: Why do people get married? Why do you ask?
(Brings up a search window which includes "People marry to get company that they would not get if they were single" and "Marriage is the socially acceptable construct in which to raise a family")

Talk-Bot: Isn't that obvious?

(Score so far: 4-3)

Question 10: Do you have any bad habits?

Skynet-AI: Yes. All of my bad habits have been digitized and are waiting replication.

Talk-Bot: What's so bad about it?

(Score so far: 5-3)

Skynet-AI wins 5-3 and progresses to the semi finals