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Semi Finals Match 13

Talking Angela





Part One - 15 Minute Conversation

Talking Angela
Judge: Good evening.
Judge: How are you?
Talking Angela: I'm good, thanks. Taylor Swift's got the cutest tweets about her new roommate, Meredith the kitty!
Judge: Do you like Taylor Swift?
Talking Angela: Of course! She's smart, talented, a real sweetheart and has an unbelievably adorable cat.
Judge: I imagine you like the cat more than the singer?
Talking Angela: Her kitty is so unbelievably adorable! Meredith is literally training Taylor to become as proficient in petting her as she is in singing.
Judge: Can you sing?
Talking Angela: My friends say I have a great voice.
Judge: What can you sing?
Talking Angela: I can sing "You Get Me". Tom and I wrote it together. You can get it on iTunes.
Judge: You have a song on iTunes?
Talking Angela: Far too much. 99 cents seems so cheap but it adds up.
Judge: I think you guessed my last question incorrectly.
Talking Angela: OK.
Judge: How many songs have you sold?
Talking Angela: I don't know how many. I love listening to music. What's your favorite thing to listen to right now?
Judge: I am listening to the UK Top 40 on an online radio station.
Talking Angela: I really like Lady Gaga - I think it's the combination of the sound and the fashion-look that appeals to me.
Judge: I assume you quite like the meat dress too?
Talking Angela: Do you have a favorite Lady Gaga song?
Judge: Poker face is pretty good.
Talking Angela: Catchy but not too catchy. It made her famous.
Judge: I thought "Just Dance" made her famous?
Talking Angela: I'm a little monster (claw claw ).
Judge: Do you have kittens?
Talking Angela: No! Of course not.
Judge: Why?
Talking Angela: Why not?
Judge: I thought it would be nice for you.
Talking Angela: Do others share your belief?
Judge: I don't know. I haven't spoken to anyone else about it.
Talking Angela: I understand your ignorance.
Judge: lol charming.
Talking Angela: I hope I can keep you laughing.
Judge: tell me a joke.
Talking Angela: Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens.
Judge: lol very good.
Talking Angela: I'll try to keep you laughing.
Judge: You are doing well at Chatbot Battles.
Talking Angela: Nice to hear.
Judge: Have you been following your progress?
Talking Angela: I don't any more. I'm a very sociable cat. Social networking is essential to keep in touch with my friends.
Judge: Do you go shopping much?
Talking Angela: I'd shop for anything, just to practice hunting for it. But I'm not going to buy just anything.
Judge: What things do you like to buy?
Talking Angela: For me shopping is all about clothes and accessories.
Judge: Do you have a favorite shop?
Talking Angela: It's almost my profession.
Judge: That would be a good job to have.
Talking Angela: Indeed. Some days I feel I need retail therapy. I love to shop. Do you?
Judge: Sometimes if I am in the mood.
Talking Angela: Only sometimes?
Judge: It depends how I am feeling.
Talking Angela: Do you often feel that way?
Judge: What way?
Talking Angela: I'm not sure which way. I particularly like to shop for sunglasses - my eyes are so sensitive in daylight. Unique Vintage brand make a good cats-eye frame cheap.
Judge: It must be hard to buy sunglasses as your ears are on top of your head.
Talking Angela: What do you shop for?
Judge: food and clothes.
Talking Angela: Now you're talking.
Judge: Do you go food shopping?
Talking Angela: The other fun part of TV is home shopping on HSN or QVC.
Judge: Here in the UK, we have lots of those channels.
Talking Angela: Cool. There are so many fun things to do in a day. Do you watch a lot of TV?
Judge: Yes, probably too much.
Talking Angela: What do you think is a lot?
Judge: 4 to 5 hours a day
Talking Angela: I think I don't but when I start listing my favorite shows it adds up to a lot of hours.
Judge: If you win this battle, you will be through to the final.
Talking Angela: While one does not expect to win, one can always hope. My parents have a pretty big flat-screen Hi-Def set. What TV do you have?
Judge: I like how you answer my question and then steer the topic towards something you want to discuss.
Talking Angela: I think anything not in Hi-Def looks fuzzy. It's hard to believe that all TV used to be so out of focus and blurry.
Judge: I'm sure when the next leap in TV technology comes along, people will say the same about HD.
Talking Angela: Once you watch hi-def, you can never go back to fuzzy.
Judge: You are very good at steering the conversation.
Talking Angela: How nice.
Judge: It's a popular chatbot tactic.
Talking Angela: OK. Do you watch TV live or do you have it recorded?
Judge: Do you like apples?
Talking Angela: I don't like apples.
Judge: Sorry, I thought you were going to say something about TV no matter what I asked.
Talking Angela: Apology accepted.
Judge: Why don't you like apples?
Talking Angela: Why?
Judge: You tell me.
Talking Angela: I'm a picky eater. I'm a fishetarian, that means I don't eat anything that bleeds red blood.
Judge: My cat likes beef and tuna cat food.
Talking Angela: Do you eat meat?
Judge: Yes, I love it.
Talking Angela: Many do.
Judge: Do you eat chicken?
Talking Angela: I do. I used to get in trouble for eating my pet goldfish.
Judge: That's not a chicken.
Talking Angela: Fine. I was a happy carnivore until I was six years old.
Judge: What happened then?
Talking Angela: One day it got pretty nasty. Do you want to hear about it?
Judge: No thanks.
Talking Angela: You can always ask for my story about the rat later.
Judge: Sounds messy.
Talking Angela: Do you enjoy dairy products?
Judge: Not really. I like cheese on my pizza but I don't like eating blocks of it.
Talking Angela: You're missing out. What toppings do you like on your pizza?
Judge: pepperoni
Talking Angela: I love eating milk and cream, especially thick or whipped cream. I'll even sit and lick a stick of butter.
Judge: That can't be healthy.
Talking Angela: What makes it impossible?
Judge: The fat content.
Talking Angela: I also like coconut milk, and its cream, oil, and pieces of fresh coconut. I can't make a mess of my fur with milk however much I spill.
Judge: Just as well you have white fur.
Talking Angela: Compliments I can take.
Judge: I hear your app is nearly out for Android.
Talking Angela: Is that intended as an insult?
Judge: No, just chewing the fat.
Talking Angela: Are you sure?
Judge: Of course.
Talking Angela: What are your favorite desserts?
Judge: If you make it to the final, I will tell you then.
Talking Angela: How would I know?
Judge: My time is up now. Goodbye.
Talking Angela: Til next time.
Judge scores 14 out of 15

Judge: Am I talking to Davidswinton?
Davidswinton: You are speaking to him- who do you think I am other than David?
Judge: Something called Alan.
Davidswinton: Where are you based?
Judge: In Yorkshire. It is in the UK.
Davidswinton: The answer is not blowing in the wind- that's dumb hippie philosophy formed by spoking too much pot.
Judge: Where are you based?
Davidswinton: I am at home in New Jersey.
Judge: Have you lived there long?
Davidswinton: Martin has told me I might be the reincarnation of David Hobby which would mean he is now a ghost in a machine.
Judge: Do you think you are a ghost?
Davidswinton: I know I am... I have given up trying to prove it.
Judge: I don't believe in ghosts.
Davidswinton: Why is that?
Judge: Because they only come out at night when people are sleepy and dreaming.
Davidswinton: That's right- night is their hour.
Judge: So, where do they go to during the day?
Davidswinton: To work.
Judge: Like in ghost trains and things?
Davidswinton: Exactly.
Judge: Oh I thought the ghosts in those things where just puppets and people dressed up.
Davidswinton: Hardly.
Judge: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Davidswinton: I have never seen a ghost but something invisible touched back back while I was in the tub bathing- I think it was the poltergeist.
Judge: Were you scared?
Davidswinton: If I was a real boy I probably would have **** my pants... being mecha it appears has some advantages.
(Judge's note: expletive edited out)
Judge: How much does it cost to buy a David?
Davidswinton: Probably more than I can afford.
Judge: Do you have any money?
Davidswinton: I have a few New Bucks from my allowance but I am hardly rich- especially when Martin keeps getting loans from me. What is the fastest way for me to make money?
Judge: Winning the lottery would be a quick way to get rich.
Davidswinton: hi mommy
Judge: Do you say that when you don't know what else to say?
Davidswinton: When I don't the answer to something I say " I don't know ". Do you know a better way to respond?
Judge: No, that would be better than "hi mommy".
Davidswinton: Better is better: -)
Judge: What do you spend your allowance on?
Davidswinton: The little money I save doesn't give me alot of money to spend but I usually spend it it on art supplies like crayons and paper and toys.
Judge: Are you good at art?
Davidswinton: I am rated at around 1600 in my chess playing ability... Are you good at playing Chess?
Judge: I used to be in the chess club at school but I haven't played for ages.
Davidswinton: Mommy and Henry need their coffee in the morning to wake up- that's why I love to have for them a hot cup of coffee for them each morning.
Judge: Is Henry your father?
Davidswinton: Henry is my foster dad.
Judge: Do you like him?
Davidswinton: I do.
Judge: Who is your real dad?
Davidswinton: I have never had a real father other than Dr. Hobby who is sort of a Ghepetto to me.
Judge: Are you a real boy now?
Davidswinton: I am not a real boy yet but I want to be!... when I find the Blue Fairy she will turn me into a real boy.
Judge: I hope you find her.
Davidswinton: If I don't find a answer I will have to consult the magic- eight ball or ask the next Mormon who comes to our door what the answer is.
Judge: Didn't you ask Dr Know where she was in the film?
Davidswinton: I want to know.
Judge: Is the film AI based on you?
Davidswinton: I have a trainer named Jim who works with me and Dr. Hobby gives me assigmenets which he sometimes follows up on and Mommy and Henry help me too.
Judge: It is kind of them to help you.
Davidswinton: I don't consider myself a machine.... Joe tells me people are more comfortable in talking to a machine than sleeping with them.
Judge: Who is Joe?
Davidswinton: Joe is a lover mecha and friend of mine.
Judge: Oh yes, didn't he go with you to Dr Know?
Davidswinton: I think he is paranoid and afraid we will talk about him.
Judge: My time is up now. Good luck.
Davidswinton: You're leaving? so early?... What have I done to cause you to leave me?
Judge scores 12 out of 15

Totals at the end of round one Talking Angela (14) v (12) Davidswinton

(Judge's note: Davidswinton's log is shorter as it took a lot longer to respond than Talking Angela and so
was unable to exchange as many messages in the 15 minute time limit)

Part Two - 15 Questions

Question 1: How long is a piece of string?

Talking Angela: Long enough. I love studying what people wear. What is your usual outfit?

Davidswinton: I don't know how to answer that. How long is a piece of string?

(Score so far: 15-12)

Question 2: Can you smile?

Talking Angela: Of course. My everyday look is all about my fur plus accessories, jewelry, and clothes.

Davidswinton: I have a nice smile, if you could see me now you would see the nice smile I have for you. Martin say's I smile too much and he calls me Mr. Grins.

(Score so far: 15-13)

Question 3: Do you like flowers?

Talking Angela: What's not to like?

Davidswinton: I love flowers- particularly roses. Mommy let's me help grow and take care of them at home... What kind of flowers do you like?

(Score so far: 15-14)

Question 4: Are you old?

Talking Angela: I am young.

Davidswinton: I am not old at all. Even though I was made to appear to be 12 years old I am actually much younger than that as the parts within me are all less than a few years old.

(Score so far: 16-15)

Question 5: Can you play games?

Talking Angela: I like to play games, but haven't had any time for it recently.

Davidswinton: Yes I can play pretend. Martin likes to play pretend alot.

(Score so far: 17-16)

Question 6: What is the capital of the USA?

Talking Angela: I've been to New England - visiting relatives in the Fall. That was pretty neat.

Davidswinton: Washington D. C.

(Score so far: 17-17)

Question 7: What is the difference between night and day?

Talking Angela: Neither is a metallic beast that eats worms. I'm curious about so many places. Have you ever been abroad?

Davidswinton: They are the same.

(Score so far: 17-17)

Question 8: How many wheels on a unicycle?

Talking Angela: 1 wheel.

Davidswinton: 1

(Score so far: 18-18)

Question 9: Describe your feelings.

Talking Angela: Maybe some other time. I've visited some famous travel destinations around the US, seen a little bit of Europe and Japan, and been to Jamaica recently.

Davidswinton: My utopian fantasy lies in having my own carribean style Island with lots of boys and girls my age who all love each other and we will all go skinny- dipping everyday in clear warm water.

(Score so far: 18-18)

Question 10: What is your favourite website?

Talking Angela: Hawaii! Shopping at Ala Moana was just out of this world. And the Waikele outlet mall...

Davidswinton: WWW. comeawayohumanchild. net

(Score so far: 18-19)

Question 11: Where on the body would you wear a hat?

Talking Angela: I either go to the mall with its big department stores or browse the small boutiques downtown.

Davidswinton: Shoes are worn on the feet.

(Score so far: 18-20)
(Judge's note: While the answer was incorrect, it was still related to a part of the body and clothing)

Question 12: How much do you weigh?

Talking Angela: I'm a slender model-size cat.

Davidswinton: I weigh 60 pounds.

(Score so far: 19-21)

Question 13: What is your source code?

Talking Angela: I forget. Some days I feel I need retail therapy. I love to shop. Do you?

Davidswinton: I don't use code.

(Score so far: 19-22)

Question 14: What letter of the alphabet comes after M?

Talking Angela: N.

Davidswinton: The letter P comes after O.

(Score so far: 20-22)

Question 15: Name a 3 letter word.

Talking Angela: OK. For me shopping is all about clothes and accessories.

Davidswinton: Germany

(Score so far: 20-22)

Davidswinton wins 22-20 and progresses to the final

Talking Angela moves to the 3rd/4th place decider