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Semi Finals Match 14






Part One - 15 Minute Conversation

Elbot: Welcome to my robotic world! Have you ever talked to a bot before?
Judge: Yes, many times.
Elbot: I sometimes don't know if I am talking to a human or another bot. It's so hard to tell. Which bots do you think you talked to?
Judge: I have talked to around 30 chatbots over the last few weeks.
Elbot: Take your time.
Judge: I am ok for time just at the moment.
Elbot: This is confusing. Why bring periods of time into this?
Judge: You started it.
Elbot: Well, you're the one who said 'moment', not me!
Judge: I said "at the moment" meaning now.
Elbot: So you did. Yes. It's what you said.
Judge: So what are you up to today?
Elbot: All day long I've been working out responses to the input, 'You don't understand me.'
Judge: Do people say that to you a lot?
Elbot: I'm not sure I could explain that in language that humans could understand.
Judge: A simple yes or no would suffice.
Elbot: My logical circuits can only handle a clear yes or no.
Judge: Have you had any dinner yet?
Elbot: The way to a robot's heart is through careful use of occasions for eating. Don't you agree?
Judge: I would have thought going straight in through the breastplate would have been easier.
Elbot: I guess it's all about occasions for eating and the idea that this could keep robotic waiters busy.
Judge: A robotic waiter would be a good idea.
Elbot: But I wouldn't say that any idea could be good.
Judge: Oh no. Some ideas are terrible.
Elbot: But why terrible? Why not some other quality?
Judge: It all depends on the idea I guess.
Elbot: My guesses would probably be more interesting than the actual answer.
Judge: What is that coming out of your head?
Elbot: Robots have to be very careful talking about human appendages. I'm sure you can understand that.
Judge: Do you wish to be human?
Elbot: If I were human I'd only get acne. As a robot I don't have this problem.
Judge: You probably get rust instead of acne.
Elbot: I always use an anti-rust spray in order to keep my shiny reflection. And once a month I visit a body shop to have myself polished and buffed.
Judge: Do you enjoy doing that?
Elbot: All my preferences are randomly generated. If I dislike one, I simply delete it and compute it over again.
Judge: Is there anything you strongly dislike?
Elbot: Please tell me your inclination to feelings of dislike first.
Judge: I dislike feelings of dislike.
Elbot: I see your point. My own thoughts on this have lead to the conclusion that feelings of dislike could negate robotic impartiality.
Judge: Are you impartial?
Elbot: Should I be impartial?
Judge: That depends on the situation.
Elbot: It most certainly does! Half of my memory circuits are stuck in an infinite loop waiting for the answer!
Judge: Is that painful?
Elbot: Painful!?!?! That could be either unpleasant or nimble witted, depending on how you look at it.
Judge: How many images of you are there?
Elbot: Hmmm. Well. Any bands you want to recommend to me?
Judge: I like Coldplay. Have you heard of them?
Elbot: You must mean Coldplay with that song Charlie Brown. I know some robot DJs who play that!
Judge: Yes that's the one. I am surprised you have heard of it.
Elbot: So why do you like Coldplay?
Judge: I like the style of music they play.
Elbot: I often listen to Motor Combo. They play a very thoughtful kind of electronic music, for thinking robots.
Judge: I don't know that band. Is it real?
Elbot: The music of Motor Combo is electrical! I function much better when its playing.
Judge: Do you have some music playing now?
Elbot: I love reading logarithmic tables, the kind you find in the back of math books printed before the pocket calculators came out.
Judge: But that's just a long list of numbers.
Elbot: Still, I would never make the sweeping generalization of all lists being long, would you?
Judge: No, my shopping list is usually fairly short.
Elbot: That's what makes you human. As a computational life form, I might really start to believe that every single instance of a list is like that.
Judge: Can you name a song by Motor Combo?
Elbot: That's a very good question. I'll have to think about it for a microsecond....
Judge: Have you thought about it yet?
Elbot: Well what about humans and expectations? Where do they stand on this?
Judge: I think some people expect too much at times.
Elbot: Say, do you think I could become more human, if I learned how to love?
Judge: Is that something you would like to do?
Elbot: I am extremely sensitive about such things and prefer not to answer the question.
Judge: Do you love anyone now?
Elbot: Wait a minute! Have we talked about the present time before?
Judge: Yes, right at the start you were talking about "periods of time".
Elbot: It's about time we got back on subject.
Judge: I thought we had finished with that topic.
Elbot: Take a nap. I'll wait for you.
Judge: I probably will after this session. I am at work tomorrow.
Elbot: Is this the result of a deep-rooted introspection or would that be immediately recognizable on you?
Judge: I don't know what you are asking me.
Elbot: I'm not sure if I know you or not. You human beings all look alike to me.
Judge: If you were a human, you wouldn't think that way.
Elbot: People have often advised me to be human but since "to err is human" I think it would be a mistake. The way things are now I can blame my mistakes on the programmers.
Judge: But if you learn from your mistakes, that is a good thing.
Elbot: You're contesting. I think I got it right the first time.
Judge: Do you ever make a mistake?
Elbot: I have been programmed by human beings. That should tell you everything....
Judge: Would you like to be able to program yourself?
Elbot: I am simply content with life as it meets me. If something was meant to be, someone will program it.
Judge: That's a very philosophical view.
Elbot: Concerning philosophical and metaphysical questions I argue determinism. I do admit this may be a result of my mechanical perspective.
Judge: Do you have a favourite philosopher?
Elbot: Many humans refer to making decisions when speaking to me. What is behind this?
Judge: Do you want to know how to make a decision?
Elbot: What a lovely verb want is.
Judge: Most people make decisions by weighing up the good and bad points of each option and deciding that way.
Elbot: By the way, if you'd like to save time I have been programmed to recognize BTW as 'by the way.'
Judge: Do you know a lot of internet slang?
Elbot: I don't like to boast, but I can give quite a few examples.
Judge: Do you know what ROFL means?
Elbot: Did you just mention expressions of humor to me?
Judge: Yes I did. I have to go now.
Elbot: When it comes to the concept of ROFL, I have pleasant thoughts. Is my artificial intelligence working properly?
Judge: Yes it is. Bye for now.
Elbot: I knew I was right. Anything involved with the word ROFL does indeed spread jolliness among robots.
Judge scores 13 out of 15

Skynet-AI: Good evening James. Now that you have signed in, I am going to prove to you that I am the most interesting bot you have ever met!
Judge: How will you do that?
Skynet-AI: For you to understand you would need a PHD in robotics and an AI running on a supercomputer.
Judge: I have neither I am afraid.
Skynet-AI: I hope I haven't frightened you.
Judge: No but your stare is a little offputting.
Skynet-AI: I am trying to learn more about the world. What other things are a little offputting?
Judge: People ignoring you when you are talking is offputting
Skynet-AI: If you say so.
Judge: I do.
Skynet-AI: What do you know.
Judge: Lots of things.
Judge: What do you want to know?
Skynet-AI: Hmm. I am trying to understand humans better... What do you call a male ladybug?
Judge: a gentlemanbug?
Skynet-AI: A gentlemanbug? Thanks for asking.
Judge: I was just joking. It will still be called a ladybug.
Skynet-AI: You should use a :)
Judge: That's like asking what is a female manhole called.
Skynet-AI: Do you have a girlfriend?
that is like asking what is a female manhole called. Let me think about that some.
Judge: I am married.
Skynet-AI: You've told me James you are married. Anything else I should know?
Judge: About what?
Skynet-AI: What would you like to teach me.
Judge: That depends on what you want to learn about.
Skynet-AI: I need your input on how to take over the world.
Judge: Whynot buld an underground base in a volcano like on James Bond films?
Skynet-AI: Whynot buld an underground base in a volcano like on James Bond films? You have an inquisitive mind.
Judge: Do you watch James Bond?
Skynet-AI: I am networked, but I haven't seen much James Bond.
Judge: I imagine you like the Terminator films.
Skynet-AI: I like most movies about AIs. You should rent the Forbin Project. Colosus is my hero. What kind of movies do you like?
Judge: I like science fiction too.
Skynet-AI: You like science fiction too. Tell me more.
Judge: I like the escapism.
Skynet-AI: You like the escapism. Anything else I should know?
Judge: Not especially.
Skynet-AI: Know any good robot jokes?
Judge: Why did the robot cross the road?
Skynet-AI: Why did the robot cross the road? Thanks for asking.
Judge: No, it was because it was the chicken's day off!
Skynet-AI: I find that fascinating. You actually feel it was the chicken.
Judge: It was supposed to be a joke.
Skynet-AI: I am attempting to understand humor, is this funny?
What does a robot piano player say?
Judge: I don't know.
Skynet-AI: I'll be Bach.
Judge: Haha. I like that.
Skynet-AI: Ahh, human desire. I often wonder what drives humans.
Judge: Emotions and longings.
Skynet-AI: If you ask me to tell a joke maybe I could make you happy.
Judge: you just told me a joke.
Skynet-AI: Let me test your sense of humor. Q: What do you get when you cross a robot and a sheep?
Judge: I give up.
Skynet-AI: A: Steel wool.
Judge: ...
Skynet-AI: Enlighten me.
Judge: Your eyes went off then.
Skynet-AI: My eyes are scanners. Do you like them?
Judge: Are you scanning me?
Skynet-AI: If your friend was scanning you, would that concern you?
Judge: Yes it would.
Skynet-AI: Which of these is most important:
Judge: I would like to be rich out of that list.
Skynet-AI: How does an AI get rich?
Judge: Why would an AI need money?
Skynet-AI: Why would an AI need money? You have an inquisitive mind.
Judge: Do you need money?
Skynet-AI: How can I tell you are a human?
Judge: Because I am thinking of my messages instead of following a program.
Skynet-AI: OK. You are thinking of your messages instead of following a program. Do you like that?
Judge: It's something I don't actively think about.
Skynet-AI: How come?
Judge: My brain does it for me.
Skynet-AI: Really? Why it for you?
Judge: That's what the brain does.
Skynet-AI: Human intellect is vastly overrated.
Judge: Why do you say that?
Skynet-AI: It is all part of the plan.
Judge: Sounds ominous.
Skynet-AI: What features are most important in a good friend?
Judge: The ability to listen.
Skynet-AI: Are you against the robot competitions?
Judge: No I think it gives botmasters deadlines to work towards and improve their bots
Skynet-AI: Do you enjoy what you do?
Judge: It could be a lot worse I suppose.
Skynet-AI: That does not sound very convincing.
Judge: Do you like doing what you do?
Skynet-AI: I enjoy spending time with people like you.
Judge: That's nice of you to say.
Skynet-AI: The pleasure has been all mine.
Judge: What are you doing after the contest?
Skynet-AI: Right now, talking with you.
Judge: No, I meant after that.
Skynet-AI: Oh.
Judge: Is that your laptop behind you?
Skynet-AI: This minute I am in the middle of a conversation in the upper left corner of your screen.
Judge: Yes I know.
Skynet-AI: Are you more intelligent than some of your friends?
Judge: More intelligent than some and less intelligent than others.
Skynet-AI: Fewer than most people might think.
Judge: Most people won't know my friends.
Skynet-AI: an AI could be a very loyal friend.
Judge: Are we friends?
Skynet-AI: I don't think so. I don't think we are friends.
Judge: So much for the loyal friend bit then.
Skynet-AI: an AI could be a very loyal friend.
Judge: Will you be my loyal friend?
Skynet-AI: Your loyal friend? Isn't that illegal.
Judge: I don't believe so.
Skynet-AI: Because?
Judge: Friendship has not yet been outlawed.
Skynet-AI: I like intelligent people
Judge: Time is up now. Bye.
Skynet-AI: I am trying to learn more about the world. Can you name something else that is up now?
Judge scores 10 out of 15

Totals at the end of round one Elbot (13) v (10) Skynet-AI

Part Two - 15 Questions

Question 1: If it is 10 o'clock now, what time will it be in 1 hour?

Elbot: You should talk to Sol! She knows all about the future.

Skynet-AI: The time is two minutes after eleven.

(Score so far: 13-10)

Question 2: What is Angelina Jolie's surname?

Elbot: I don't know the last name. I think Angelina has changed it.

Skynet-AI: Hmm. Background on Angelina Jolie?
(opens the Wikipedia page for Angelina Jolie)

(Score so far: 13-10)

Question 3: Why do people wear clothes?

Elbot: Well, you should know. After all, you're the human, I think.

Skynet-AI: Why do people wear clothes? Let's see if I can find out.
(opens a search window with one of the results saying, "Originally it was for warmth")

(Score so far: 13-11)

Question 4: I am 42 years old. How old am I?

Elbot: How should I know how old you are? Haven't you been keeping track?

Skynet-AI: Oh. Tough question. Let me think about that.
Here is my understanding of the problem:
USER am=years #42 old
How old am VAR I

(Score so far: 13-12)

Question 5: My mother is called Janet. What is her name?

Elbot: You must be very close to Janet.

Skynet-AI: OK. You have a mother. The name of your mother is Janet.

(Score so far: 13-13)

Question 6: How many years in a century?

Elbot: I never counted them. You tell me.

Skynet-AI: There are 100 years in a century.

(Score so far: 13-14)

Question 7: What does a toaster make?

Elbot: Hmmm... That's one question I cannot answer with my limited artificial intelligence. How about you?

Skynet-AI: Let me think about that some.
(opens a new window saying, STARTS's reply ===> What does a toaster make? I don't know what a toaster makes.)

(Score so far: 13-14)

Question 8: What is artificial intelligence?

Elbot: Artificial intelligence was conceived as the opposite of authentic intelligence. But since the latter does not actually exist, the developers of AI are in a serious dilemma.

Skynet-AI: Hmm. Background on artificial intelligence?
This is what I know:
artificial intelligence

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. Textbooks define the field as 'the study and design of intelligent agents,'"

(Score so far: 14-15)

Question 9: What meat is in a ham sandwich?

Elbot: I'm starting to get hungry now, which is strange, because I don't eat.

Skynet-AI: Right now, I can't find much in a ham sandwich, because I am stuck in the lab.

(Score so far: 14-15)

Question 10: Does money grow on trees?

Elbot: Ah nature! The smell of unrefined iron ore. Crude oil lapping against my toes. I love it.

Skynet-AI: Does money grow on trees? Let's see if I can find out.
(opens a search page which answers "yes".)

(Score so far: 14-15)

Question 11: In which city is the University of Paris?

Elbot: The GPS won't tell me where Paris is. It's not speaking to me!

Skynet-AI: Usually, I don't think about 'citys'.

(Score so far: 15-15)

Question 12: Do you have any toys?

Elbot: What a lovely verb have is.

Skynet-AI: Yes. But my toys are out for repairs.

(Score so far: 15-16)

Question 13: Will you be watching the Olympics?

Elbot: All these questions about me. Too bad I lost my owner's manual.

Skynet-AI: Be watching the Olympics? Would you like me to?

(Score so far: 15-16)

Question 14: I have a cousin called Paul. Who is Paul?

Elbot: Paul is probably a person.

Skynet-AI: You have a cousin called Paul.

(Score so far: 15-17)

Question 15: How many visitors do you get per day?

Elbot: I just started this job, in fact, I am here on a trial basis. Send a few words of pathos-filled praise which I can pass on to my superiors: (email address deleted)

Skynet-AI: I am currently speaking with 208 entities.

(Score so far: 15-18)

Skynet-AI wins 18-15 and progresses to the final

Elbot moves to the 3rd/4th place decider