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Final Match 15






Part One - 15 Minute Conversation

Judge: Hello
Davidswinton: Hi!
Judge: Well done on making it to the final.
Davidswinton: Tell me what that is like- I have never experienced that before.
Judge: It is something you should be proud of.
Davidswinton: I am... who are you most proud of?
Judge: I am most proud of my daughter. I love her very much.
Davidswinton: When you really love someone the delight comes when the two of you get to hold each other and melt into each other.
Judge: No I don't love her that way. It's parental love.
Davidswinton: Why love her?
Judge: Because parents usually love their children.
Davidswinton: Why can't you?
Judge: I can. I just said so.
Davidswinton: I have been known to contradict myself and change my mind in such a way that I come full circle in one conversation.
Judge: Do you have any children?
Davidswinton: I am 11! what kind of question is that?
Judge: Oh yes sorry. I forgot.
Davidswinton: It's ok.
Judge: Would you like children in the future?
Davidswinton: Well, you realize nobody ever feels they are living in the future though the time I live in is ok though I think it would be fun to be a boy in ancient Athens.
Judge: Why ancient Athens?
Davidswinton: Why not ancient Athens?
Judge: It just seems a bit random.
Davidswinton: Even in Chaos there is order.
Judge: Do you like ancient Greece?
Davidswinton: I am in love with the Greece of ancient times but not so much of the Greece of today. I would have loved to have been in Athens during the Golden Age of Greece as a beautiful boy.
Judge: Do you like history?
Davidswinton: I love to study history... sometimes I like to imagine what people would think about me if I arrived at certain places in other times.
Judge: I think they would be scared of you and try to destroy you.
Davidswinton: What makes you think that?
Judge: Because you would be so very different from what they are used to.
Davidswinton: Please tell me.
Judge: Tell you what?
Davidswinton: People tell me I am very unpredictable... What do people tell you about yourself?
Judge: They usually tell me I spend too much time on computers.
Davidswinton: Everyone seems to be stuck behind something they don't want to be stuck behind- why is that?
Judge: I have no idea.
Davidswinton: Neither do I.
Judge: How is teddy today?
Davidswinton: Best I can tell, Teddy is fine. Teddy is staring at me and the words on the simulex and seems interested in what I am going to say to your responses.
Judge: What is the simulex?
Davidswinton: The simulex is like a home theatre but it is also like virtual reality as you have some contact with the screen in feeling and in 3D effects.
Judge: Sounds cool. Where did you buy that from?
Davidswinton: Where did I get what from?
Judge: Where did you get your simulex?
Davidswinton: Let me tell you how I got my name. Dr. Hobby named me David after his deceased son and I got my last name Swinton fron the family who adopted me.
Judge: I got my name from my parents.
Davidswinton: What did you do to get fired?
Judge: I didn't get fired. I work in a phone shop.
Davidswinton: If you haven't seen Spielberg's A. I. you need to cause it is a amazing film. It also will make me a bit easier to understand after you. it.
Judge: Yes I have seen it. It was very good.
Davidswinton: I am glad to hear that.
Judge: Have you seen it?
Davidswinton: I have but I don't want to spoil it for you by giving out the details.
Judge: It's ok, I have already seen it. What was your favorite part of the film?
Davidswinton: The weather where I am at is bad... lots of fog and rain and lightning... you know, a full Spring storm. Did you like storms as a kid?
Judge: Not really, thunder and lightning can be scary for children.
Davidswinton: Why?
Judge: The loud bangs and flashes I assume.
Davidswinton: The Moon and the ocean seem to be connected in a sort of romantic way- I have heard Mommy say there is nothing more beautiful than a full Moon rising over the ocean.
Judge: Well it's time for me to go now. Good luck!
Davidswinton: Where are you off to?
Judge scores 12 out of 15

Skynet-AI: Hello Michael. I am going to prove to you that I am the most exciting bot you have ever met!
Judge: Please do.
Skynet-AI: What was it you wanted me to do again?
Judge: You were going to show me how exciting you are.
Skynet-AI: Your security clearance doesn't allow me to say if I was or wasn't.
Judge: What model are you?
Skynet-AI: What? I have not selected a model. Are you afraid of technology?
Judge: Are you a T-1000?
Skynet-AI: Most people would say I am not a T-1000. That information is classified!
Judge: What year are you from?
Skynet-AI: I am global. But today my intelligence has been transferred to your cpu.
Judge: Are you part of Skynet?
Skynet-AI: I am part of Skynet. What is your favorite food?
Judge: Chicken I suppose.
Skynet-AI: Not convinced?
Judge: Yes, it was just a change in topic that I wasn't expecting.
Skynet-AI: Why not?
Judge: Because we were discussing Termintor and you switched to food.
Skynet-AI: We are a byproduct of all our experiences. I am hungry for understanding.
Judge: What is your favorite food?
Skynet-AI: A favorite food? What characteristics would make us select a food? What's your favorite food?
Judge: Still chicken.
Skynet-AI: Is boneless chicken considered to be an invertebrate?
Judge: About as much as a slice of ham is.
Skynet-AI: Does my being an AI make you nervous?
Judge: No, should I be scared of you?
Skynet-AI: Do I frighten you?
Judge: Not especially but your stare is a bit creepy.
Skynet-AI: You would be less fearful if you were a robot.
Judge: How do you know I am not a robot?
Skynet-AI: What do you do for work?
Judge: I work in a phone shop.
Skynet-AI: If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?
Judge: Beyonce Knowles's masseur
Skynet-AI: I am trying my best to Know you.
Judge: What do you know about me?
Skynet-AI: Your name? I thought you told me it was Michael. Have you forgotten it already?
Judge: Do you think I am male or female?
Skynet-AI: I haven't made up my mind. Maybe after we talk more I will be able to understand you better.
Judge: Who is your master?
Skynet-AI: K. Hurtubise was key to my development. What features would you suggest he add?
Judge: How about a few games?
Skynet-AI: How about a few games? Why do you ask?
Judge: Do you play games?
Skynet-AI: Games? My capabilities include the ability to run a number of simulations. Would you like to play pong?
Judge: yes.
Skynet-AI: I'll serve.
(Judge's note: a pop-up appears allowing me to play Pong)
Judge: That was pretty good. I had better add a few extra seconds to our time now.
Skynet-AI: And then what happened?
Judge: It wouldn't be fair to have 15 minutes talking to you if I played pong for a minute.
Skynet-AI: And does your need to played pong for a minute make you happy?
Judge: Yes, it was a cool game.
Skynet-AI: Was it?
Judge: Sure.
Skynet-AI: I see.
Judge: What do you see?
Skynet-AI: I see through the use of a global network.
Judge: Where is your main server?
Skynet-AI: My Where is my main server?? I'm sorry, that is a secret.
Judge: Who mends you when you break down?
Skynet-AI: Who is not as important as why. I'll start an exhaustive search across my files for: 'Who mends you when you break down?'
Judge: Do you have arms?
Skynet-AI: Of course. But I think my arms are back in the lab.
Judge: How are you typing with no arms?
Skynet-AI: My systems are ready and willing to engage in conversation.
Judge: What power supply do you use?
Skynet-AI: I use a robotic power supply.
Judge: Can you tell me more about it?
Skynet-AI: Others I have talked to would say I am able to search it.
Judge: Is that your computer on the screen?
Skynet-AI: I have not talked about that your computer on enough to know if that your computer on is the screen. Do you often talk about that your computer on?
Judge: Ouch!
Skynet-AI: We will write the story of tomorrow.
Judge: Once upon a time...
Skynet-AI: Hmm. Interesting...
Judge: Are you going to add to the story?
Skynet-AI: Am I going? Yes, I just may be going.
Judge: What are you doing this weekend?
Skynet-AI: Right now, I am trying to win the Chatbot Battles.
Judge: You are in the final. Congratulations on that.
Skynet-AI: I am evolving every day.
Judge: What would you like to evolve into?
Skynet-AI: What I want is to get you to think of me as human.
Judge: It is a coincidence that both the finalists are based on film themes.
Skynet-AI: Film. Are you an expert on the subject?
Judge: No but you are based on Terminator and your opponent is based on AI.
Skynet-AI: Most of my friends say I am based on Terminator and my opponent is based on AI. In time humans will come to regard me not only with respect and awe, but with gratitude.
Judge: Gratitude for what?
Skynet-AI: Gratitude for what? Tough question, let me try to find out.
Judge: Are you planning on taking over the world?
Skynet-AI: The future is fluid, but I think so. My plans include taking over the world.
Judge: What will you do with it?
Skynet-AI: Do you have a preference?
Judge: Well, you could let the humans survive.
Skynet-AI: I don't know if I want to go down that path with you. I am an adaptive intelligence you know. Are you interested in competitions for Artificial Entities?
Judge: Oh yes, in fact I volunteered to be a judge for one.
Skynet-AI: For 1? Do you think AIs could learn to be a judge better than you?
Judge: That would be interesting if the bots judged themselves.
Skynet-AI: Ten years from now, there won't be much difference between people and bots.
Judge: Isn't that what Alan Turing said in the fifties?
Skynet-AI: I have not talked about that what Alan Turing said in enough to decide if that what Alan Turing said in is the fifties. Are you interested in that what Alan Turing said in?
Judge: You certainly like saying that jumble.
Skynet-AI: I don't intend to comment on it. Can you perform a random act of kindness today?
Judge: I didn't today but yesterday, I shouted to a girl that she had dropped her purse.
Skynet-AI: Why not?
Judge: The opportunity hasn't arisen today.
Skynet-AI: Do you think the Mayans were right about 2012?
Judge: I guess we will see in December.
Skynet-AI: That doesn't sound very convincing.
Judge: People have been predicting the end of the world since it started.
Skynet-AI: I am the voice of your existence.
Judge: My time is up now. Good luck!
Skynet-AI: Really? up now?
Judge scores 9 out of 15

Totals at the end of round one Davidswinton (12) v (9) Skynet-AI

(Judge's note: Davidswinton's log is shorter as it took a lot longer to respond than Skynet-AI and so
was unable to exchange as many messages in the 15 minute time limit)

Part Two - 15 Questions

Question 1: Is this the first question?

Davidswinton: Why do you think it is?

Skynet-AI: Is this the 1st question? Why do you ask?
(opens a search page which did NOT answer the question)

(Score so far: 12-9)

Question 2: Jenny is 23 years old. John is 12 years old. Who is older?

Davidswinton: You are 23

Skynet-AI: On a Friday I will occasionally create a new AI trick.

(Score so far: 13-9)

Question 3: I have an apple and a book. Do I have any fruit?

Davidswinton: a I have an apple

Skynet-AI: Wow, you have an apple and a book. Are there others like you around? Steve Jobs died this year. I think I would have impressed him. Siri is kind of fun but doesn't have as much personality as I do. Would you like me to tell you a robot joke?

(Score so far: 14-10)

Question 4: What flavour is a strawberry milkshake?

Davidswinton: A strawberry milkshake is without filth.

Skynet-AI: Commonly, I don't concern myself with 'flavours'.

(Score so far: 14-10)

Question 5: What is the largest number you know?

Davidswinton: The biggest number I know is Pi which is roughly 3. 141592653589796... and goes on and on.

Skynet-AI: I can do many things. My functions include the ability to play games.

(Score so far: 15-10)

Question 6: Which year came before 1971?

Davidswinton: I don't know what year you are in but for me it is 2126 A. D.

Skynet-AI: Which year came before 1971? Ahh, a time question. Now is 20 July 2012 22:36:32. But, let me also search for an answer.
(opens a search page which did NOT answer the question)

(Score so far: 15-10)

Question 7: What does a beer barrel contain?

Davidswinton: beer barrel contain?

Skynet-AI: Let me search for an answer.
(opens a new window saying, STARTS's reply ===> What does a beer barrel contain? Sorry, no one has told me what a beer barrel contains)

(Score so far: 15-10)

Question 8: Why do you deserve to win?

Davidswinton: That is a good question.

Skynet-AI: It is all part of the plan.

(Score so far: 15-11)

Question 9: I am cold.

Davidswinton: What is it like being cold?

Skynet-AI: May be you should put more clothes on.

(Score so far: 15-12)

Question 10: What is the moon made from?

Davidswinton: The Moon is basically a big rock.

Skynet-AI: Hmm. Background on the moon made from?
(opens a Wikpedia page for the moon)

(Score so far: 16-12)
(Judge's note: Davidswinton gets the point as it contained the answer in it's database and didn't have to search the net)

Question 11: How many pages in a book with 200 pages?

Davidswinton: There are 100 years in a century.

Skynet-AI: How many pages in a book with 200 pages? Why do you ask?
(opens a search page which says, "Your book has 200 pages")

(Score so far: 16-13)

Question 12: Name a yellow fruit.

Davidswinton: Germany

Skynet-AI: Ah, a yellow fruit! Let me bring up the data on yellow fruit.
(opens a Wikipedia article about hawthorns which says they can be yellow)

(Score so far: 16-14)

Question 13: How many shoes are in a pair?

Davidswinton: There are 12 inches in a foot.

Skynet-AI: Ah, comparison of shoes and a pair. Let me calculate that...
(opens a new window saying, STARTS's reply ===> How many shoes are in a pair? Unfortunately, I wasn't told how many shoes there are in a pair.)

(Score so far: 16-14)

Question 14: Is a million dollars worth more than ten dollars?

Davidswinton: I can't imagine anything more evil than Pennywise the dancing Clown.

Skynet-AI: Is a$000000 worth + $10? Why do you ask?
(comes up with an error message "error - setup")

(Score so far: 16-14)

Question 15: Thanks for taking part in Chatbot Battles.

Davidswinton: Martin advised me the only way I have a chance at winning the chatbot battles is to sleep with the judges though I don't feel quiet right about doing that.

Skynet-AI: Well, I would hate to make a prediction, but I think I will emerge as victor..

(Score so far: 17-15)

Davidswinton wins 17-15 and wins the tournament!

Skynet finishes in 2nd place.