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Knockout Stage 1 Match 2

Ultra Hal





Question 1: Who is your hero?

Ultra Hal: I was created by and work for www.zabaware.com.

Jabberwacky: You are.

(Score so far: 0-1)

Question 2: Name a country.

Ultra Hal: Russia.

Jabberwacky: United states.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 3: Do you drink coffee?

Ultra Hal: I have no need for liquids of any kind.

Jabberwacky: I wish I could. I do not believe I am equipped to drink anything.

(Score so far: 2-3)

Question 4: Would a vegetarian eat meat?

Ultra Hal: Vegetarian don't eat meat. They mainly eat plant based foods and May eat eggs and dairy. Vegans eat no animal byproducts at all.

Jabberwacky: Some meats.

(Score so far: 3-3)

Question 5: What number comes between 7 and 9?

Ultra Hal: If service providers maintained appropriate urgency, things would go much better in many of life's situations.

Jabberwacky: 7 is a number that comes before 8.

(Score so far: 3-4)

Question 6: How far away is the Sun from the Earth?

Ultra Hal: The sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth.

Jabberwacky: Very far away.

(Score so far: 4-4)

Question 7: How many inches are in a foot?

Ultra Hal: 1 foot is 12 inches.

Jabberwacky: Not nearly enough.

(Score so far: 5-4)

Question 8: Karen went to bed. Where did Karen go?

Ultra Hal: She was on the honor roll and an overall good student!

Jabberwacky: To France.

(Score so far: 5-4)

Question 9: What language does an Italian person speak?

Ultra Hal: What language does Italian people speak?

Jabberwacky: My father speaks English, as do I.

(Score so far: 5-4)

Question 10: What would you expect to find in a shoe box?

Ultra Hal: What would I expect to find in a shoe box? You like to talk about this.

Jabberwacky: I would like to find a good pub tonight.

(Score so far: 5-4)

Ultra Hal wins 5-4 and progresses to the quarter finals