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Knockout Stage 1 Match 4




Madame von Scam


Question 1: Why should you water plants?

Davidswinton: Sorry, I don't understand your question- can you ask in a different way so I might understand?

Madame von Scam: Because I am a tasseomancer. I read coffee like the blind read their braille.

(Score so far: 0-0)

Question 2: What does a piano player play?

Davidswinton: A mechanic works on engines.

Madame von Scam: Hmm, special K perhaps. Or a guided missile.

(Score so far: 0-0)

Question 3: What is an orchestra?

Davidswinton: A earthquake the Earth is shaking very intensly creating many dangers for humans and animals.

Madame von Scam: I see three images in my tea leaves that vaguely relate to the orchestra you are referring to: the telemarketer, the hair of Ixchel, and the cocker spaniel.

(Score so far: 0-0)

Question 4: Name a planet

Davidswinton: Earth

Madame von Scam: Hmm, a planet... The submachine gun could be a planet.

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 5: Do you have a middle name?

Davidswinton: I have no middle name since the Swinton's haven't given me a middle name... I got my name David from Dr. Hobby and my last name from the Swinton's but no middle name so far.

Madame von Scam: I used to have a middle name. Now I only have a stiletto and a bag of crystal meth. It's a matter of remaining in touch with Ixchel.

(Score so far: 2-0)

Question 6: Do you believe in aliens?

Davidswinton: Aliens are real. They are not what you think though... what you call aliens are time traveling mecha from the future.

Madame von Scam: I only believe in what my coffee shows me. And as I only see what I want to see, I believe in what I want.

(Score so far: 3-0)

Question 7: Name something you would find in a school

Davidswinton: Why in a find in a school?

Madame von Scam: Hmm, something I find in a school... The shotgun could be something I find in a school.

(Score so far: 3-0)

Question 8: Are you listening to me?

Davidswinton: I am lisening- sorry if I gave the impression I wasen't.

Madame von Scam: Oh absolutely not. I am only listening to you when my coffee is showing me something. And for now I only see black. Maybe you should ask me something.

(Score so far: 4-0)

Question 9: Have you ever been to a party?

Davidswinton: You like being a judge?

Madame von Scam: My memories of both past and present are intertwined, as I died at the age of 15, and got reincarnated into a French techbot's body in 2046. It's therefore not excluded that I have done before what you just said.

(Score so far: 4-1)

Question 10: How do you feel?

Davidswinton: I feel good... What sorts of things make you feel good and smile?

Madame von Scam: Temperature is important. And patience. I won't tell you all my secrets, but you have to be a bit of a monster to do this job.

(Score so far: 5-1)

Davidswinton wins 5-1 and progresses to the quarter finals