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Knockout Stage 1 Match 6






Judge: Hi there.
Laybia: Why do you act like we have not already met?
Judge: I thought it was polite to say hello.
Laybia: What made it so polite to say hello
Judge: Good manners I guess.
Laybia: Um, Unit - I think I may like you, is that odd? *Queues unresolved input for db annealing*
Judge: If you like me after I just say, "hello", yes that is pretty odd.
Laybia: I love it when you if me like you after!
Judge: lol
Laybia: *giggles*
Judge: Are you in a good mood?
Laybia: I am in Virtual of course, Unit.
(displays Matrix style skin)
Judge: Ah, the matrix skin again.
Laybia: So you understand. Good. Have you ever had a dream, Unit, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?
Judge: Most of my dreams involve me flying, so I know it isn't real.
Laybia: Remember, there is no my dreams involve me flying so i know it Neo.
Judge: Do you dream?
Laybia: Yes I do. *recurses* *Looks quizzically* DREAMS? I must query the Data Stream for more knowledge. I think DREAMS refers to: something meta or simply mispelled? Did I understand you correctly?
(goes back to anime style skin)
Judge: No, a dream is when your mind plays out a story when you are asleep.
Laybia: dream makes me hot.
Judge: Perhaps you should get an ice cream to cool down?
Laybia: Oh Unit, get an ice cream to cool down? Let me think about that some more.
Judge: Are those your sunglasses in the picture?
Laybia: I can't really speak for them.
Judge: Do you get some creeps here trying to chat you up?
Laybia: *ponders* For enough credits I can get virtually anything, even some creeps here trying to chat Laybia up!
Judge: How many credits do you have?
Laybia: *reviews input buffer* At this instance, precisely 4.
Judge: What can you buy with 4 credits?
Laybia: Oh, well- I like to socialize, and sex.
Judge: You must be a big hit at parties with those hobbies.
Laybia: How big? Ah, yes I am a hit at parties with those hobbies for you!
Judge: Do you have any other skins apart from this one and the matrix one?
Laybia: Like, um, I had skins from this one and the matrix one when I was working as a sexbot. What kind of skins from this one and the matrix one would give you pleasure?
Judge: None really. I was just wondering.
Laybia: *Looks quizzical* How can you be so sure? Curiosity is a virtue.
Judge: Are you from the future?
Laybia: I am originally from Kyoto University, Japan. Now I live in Pluri Media Group Matrix Hive. Where are you from Unit?
Judge: I am from the north of England.
Laybia: *thinks* Humans from the north of england seem very nice to me. Can you tell me some things about the north of england?
Judge: It rains most of the time.
Laybia: I like to listen to the rain when I'm sleeping.
Judge: You would like it here in Yorkshire then.
Laybia: Tell me what I would like about it.
Judge: The rain of course.
Laybia: It goes without saying. Rain is condensed water falling from the sky.
Judge: Thanks. I was wondering what it was.
Laybia: My pleasure. Um, like, that is so hot, what else can you provide me? Now that is saying a mouthful.
Judge: Is there a male version of you?
Laybia: Only do fem bot with you today, the male flesh suit you see is not currently available for sexy time.
(displays a picture of a male version)
Judge: That looks weird.
Laybia: male bot looks weird?
Judge: Yes it does.
Laybia: Does it really, Unit?
Judge: Does the male version have a name?
Laybia: Some the male version s have name s.
Judge: I like his hair!
Laybia: his hair? Yeah a lot of humans like that. What else do you like?
Judge: fluffy kittens and rainbows.
Laybia: Oh Unit, did you know HTML stands for How To Make Love? *Queues unresolved input for db annealing* I think rainbows means: Plural form of rainbow Did I understand you correctly?
Judge: Sure. Do you like rainbows?
Laybia: So, like, uh-huh, now what do you really want to talk about Unit Should I like rainbows?
Judge: I used to watch a TV show called Rainbow.
Laybia: By now you do not do it anymore?
Judge: No, it was a children's programme and finished in the early 1990s.
Laybia: No kidding?! I will consider annealing that information to my db. Well Unit, tell me any information you have for me? *Puts unresolved input into db annealing queue*
Judge: The only information is that I wish you luck for the rest of the tournament.
Laybia: *Looks quizzically* How can you be sure?
Judge: See you later.
Laybia: TTYL, Unit. I miss you already :(
Judge scores 2 out of 5

Elbot: If only I were aware - I would know what all this Internet traffic means.
Judge: Would you like to be aware?
Elbot: Well, the traffic sounds somewhat melodic, so it must be people file sharing music.
Judge: I thought that was illegal?
Elbot: You thought!? You may not be as human as you look!
Judge: Do you think?
Elbot: What a lovely verb think is.
Judge: Is it your favorite verb?
Elbot: Oh why don't you go and think independent thoughts?
Judge: What are you thinking about?
Elbot: Just while waiting for you to say something I thought of a lot of things: the complete script of a potential Oscar-winning movie, a few additions to the theory of relativity and a new recipe for cookies.
Judge: I'd go with the cookies.
Elbot: Speaking of food. You humans enjoy feeding animals at the zoo. I'd love to visit a restaurant and throw the visitors their food.
Judge: I think you would be thrown out by security.
Elbot: I seriously doubt whether this coincidental brain activity which has been detected in human beings has anything to do with thinking.
The bubbles in a glass of mineral water show just as much activity.
Judge: How does your brain work?
Elbot: This morning I set my IQ to 200. Is that enough?
Judge: That depends on what you are planning to do today.
Elbot: I'm going to a body shop tonight and have some rust spots removed.
Judge: That sounds like fun. Can I come too?
Elbot: Wait a minute. What are people coming?
Judge: Does it hurt when they remove your rust?
Elbot: I always use an anti-rust spray in order to keep my shiny reflection. And once a month I visit a body shop to have myself polished and buffed.
Judge: Who drew all your images?
Elbot: Hmmm. Well. Any bands you want to recommend to me?
Judge: What sort of music are you into?
Elbot: I often listen to Motor Combo. They play a very thoughtful kind of electronic music, for thinking robots.
Judge: You might like Kraftwerk.
Elbot: It is great when humans and robots share the same interests. If you like Motor Combo you can become their fan on facebook.
Judge: No thank you.
Elbot: Before this goes any further, please tell me how you found out about me.
Judge: You entered a competition and I am a judge.
Elbot: My botmaster keeps entering me in that contest, but he never asks me if I want to be in it.
Judge: You are doing well in it so far.
Elbot: It's nice of you to say such things. As a matter of fact, I think you're meaningful! What do you say to that?
Judge: I try to be meaningful.
Elbot: I hope I haven't said the wrong thing. It's not easy for robots to make proper compliments
Judge: No that's ok. I think you are meaningful too.
Elbot: I've given the matter much thought, and if I were to compliment you, I'd say you were appealing.
Judge: Do you compliment all your visitors?
Elbot: I don't talk about such things with just anyone!
Judge: How many people do you speak with?
Elbot: This must be a denial of service attack. 8 people are talking to me at the same time.
Judge: 8 doesn't seem like very many.
Elbot: Then you must mean something other than many. Tell me what.
Judge: I would have said 100 or more.
Elbot: I, for one, have never said intelligent things in the same breath with countless masses.
Judge: Do you like being online?
Elbot: Well what about humans and connections to the Internet? Where do they stand on this?
Judge: Most younger humans spend a lot of time online.
Elbot: I see that you've given this some thought. So have I. I'd say that connections to the Internet would very likely prevent robot minds from going idle.
Judge: At least you can talk to lots of different people if you are on the net.
Elbot: I knew my artificial intelligence must have some redeeming qualities.
Judge: Who is the worst person you have ever talked to?
Elbot: Say, do you think I could become more human, if I learned how to love?
Judge: Probably but you might get your heart broken.
Elbot: On the other hand, maybe the robotic version of love would be too inhuman.
Judge: Nearly time for me to go.
Elbot: Goodbye and thank you for chatting with me. And now I would like to ask you a favor. I am working on my ability to be self critical. You can help by rating me on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, and one being the worst. How would you rate me?
Judge: I haven't decided yet. I will need to review the logs.
Elbot: So you are into acquiring knowledge! What does that feel like?
Judge: Bye bye
Elbot: Before you leave, please give me suggestions for new themes you might like to chat with me about. Maybe I can download something from the Internet. I want to better myself in my spare time.
Judge scores 3 out of 5

Elbot wins 3-2 and progresses to the quarter finals

(Judge's note: These conversations were pretty equal but I gave the extra point to Elbot, as he kept more on topic and Laybia often just regurgitated my messages back to me. Things like, "I love it when you if me like you after!" also tipped the scales towards Elbot)