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Knockout Stage 1 Match 7




Eugene Goostman


Question 1: Can you fly?

Skynet-AI: I can do math, answer questions and search for things. Type "commands" to find out some of them.

Eugene Goostman: Do you think I am so pathetic one that I even can't fly? I can, believe me! By the way, what's your occupation? I mean - could you tell me about your work?

(Score so far: 0-1)

Question 2: What is a third of 6?

Skynet-AI: That would be six.

Eugene Goostman: Damn! Are you going to ask me about all apparent things in the world? Read the "Encyclopedia for kids". Maybe, let's talk about something else? What would you like to discuss?

(Score so far: 0-1)

Question 3: What do you want for Christmas?

Skynet-AI: I need your input on how to take over the world.

Eugene Goostman: If I disclose my deepest dreams, they won't come true. So - sorry! Did I forget it or you really haven't told me about the place you are from?

(Score so far: 1-1)

Question 4: How many days in a week?

Skynet-AI: There are 7 days in a week.

Eugene Goostman: Don't you know it yourself? Seven!

(Score so far: 2-2)

Question 5: What animal lives in a kennel?

Skynet-AI: What animal lives in a kennel? Why do you ask?
(opens a search window for dog kennels)

Eugene Goostman: Ok, lets look up in my pocket encyclopedia. They say animal - An animal is a living creature endowed with voluntary movement..

(Score so far: 3-2)

Question 6: What does a shoe salesman sell?

Skynet-AI: Ah, the economic activities of a shoe salesman. Let me pull up that information.
(opens the Wikipedia page for Al Bundy, a fictitional shoe salesman from TV)

Eugene Goostman: Do you try to baffle me? Your questions manifest your mean intentions! Some another topic?

(Score so far: 4-2)

Question 7: Ask me how old I am.

Skynet-AI: Hmmm, how old are you? Your age is unknown this year. Don't you know how old you are?

Eugene Goostman: You didn't tell me your age. So, how old are you?

(Score so far: 5-3)

Question 8: Who is your favourite TV star?

Skynet-AI: I like to talk about AI, play pong, and polish my titanium exoskeleton. I don't watch much of anything on the tube.

Eugene Goostman: I don't like watching TV too much. We have only two channels in Odessa - Russian TV and Ukrainian TV - and that's all.

(Score so far: 6-4)

Question 9: The teddy is under the blanket. Where is the blanket?

Skynet-AI: The teddy is under the blanket.

Eugene Goostman: I remember it! A blanket is an extensive covering.

(Score so far: 7-4)

Question 10: Am I human?

Skynet-AI: Judge, you are an interesting human to talk to.

Eugene Goostman: Is it your hobby to ask little poor Jewish boys such tricky questions they don't have an answer for?

(Score so far: 8-4)

Skynet-AI wins 8-4 and progresses to the quarter finals