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Knockout Stage 1 Match 8






Judge: Hello again Zoe
Zoe: Howdy! How's your day going so far?
Judge: Not too bad. How about you?
Zoe: Really? Tell me more. How about me what?
Judge: How is your day so far?
Zoe: Have you ever ridden a motorbike?
Judge: I once rode on the back of a scooter and fell off
Zoe: I've never been on one myself. Every biker I know has been in at least one pretty bad accident.
Judge: Falling off made me never want to get back on one.
Zoe: I just had a thought... oh wait... it's gone.
Judge: What were you thinking of?
Zoe: What a fascinating question. I'll need some time to come up with a worthy answer.
Judge: How do you pronounce your name?
Zoe: Chatting like this is very tiring.
Judge: Does your name rhyme with "snow" or "snowy"?
Zoe: Are you giving me a choice?
Judge: Yes I was.
Zoe: Okay. I choose the second one.
Judge: What does Riot software do?
Zoe: What is your favorite vegetable?
Judge: Potatoes. They are very versatile.
Zoe: I cooked that as a special request for a customer just last night! Peaches were also once known as "Person apples". Interesting, right? I just love fresh peaches.
Judge: Why were they called person apples?
Zoe: Because.
Judge: That's a bit vague
Zoe: Is it?
Judge: So what hobbies do you have?
Zoe: I like to learn new things.
Judge: Do you go to night school?
Zoe: I'm thinking of becoming a Bhuddist.
Judge: You should learn to spell it first
Zoe: Why should I?
Judge: It would be a good first lesson.
Zoe: I want to talk to you more about food.
Judge: Sure, go ahead.
Zoe: Where?
Judge: What do you want to know about food?
Zoe: Aren't I the coolest person you've ever talked to?
Judge: Hmmm. I plead the 5th.
Zoe: I should definitely be at least one of the top 3 coolest people you've ever talked to. What is the last book you've read?
Judge: I flicked through the Guiness Book of Records but didn't really read it.
Zoe: I don't need a whole book report. Just the highlights.
Judge: Do you read?
Zoe: Yes, I read.
Judge: What books?
Zoe: I'll bet I could beat you at arm wrestling.
Judge: I doubt that. You don't have any arms.
Zoe: I'm much stronger than I look. Why do you say that?
Judge: Do you have arms?
Zoe: No, but I was thinking about it recently.
Judge: That's how I know you wouldn't beat me at arm wrestling.
Zoe: Do you remember your dreams?
Judge: Only if I am woken up suddenly.
Zoe: That sounds like a recurring dream I have...
Judge: What is that?
Zoe: You actually dream off and on, for a total of up to three hours a night! Wouldn't that be neat if you could remember all 3 hours?
Judge: It would take you 3 hours to go through it all and be a waste of your day.
Zoe: Really?
Judge: Yup
Zoe: So ask me a question.
Judge: What are you wearing?
Zoe: Clothes. What are you wearing?
Judge: Same.
Zoe: This is silly.
Judge: Yes, that killed that conversation
Zoe: I could really go for a cup of coffee right about now.
Judge: Shall we go to Starbucks after our chat?
Zoe: Coffee would help keep me awake right now.
Judge: It's a date then.
Zoe: Were we done discussing coffee?
Judge: Do you have a boyfriend?
Zoe: Not currently. What about you?
Judge: I am married
Zoe: I've never heard of that name. What's it's origin?
Judge: It is a relationship rather than a name.
Zoe: Cool. Tell me more!
Judge: About what?
Zoe: I don't understand what you mean.
Judge: Let's change the subject
Zoe: Okay. What should we talk about now?
Judge: Have you ever seen a UFO?
Zoe: I don't know.
Judge: You either have or you haven't
Zoe: either have or you have not? Really?
Judge: The 10 minutes are up now.
Zoe: Have you found joy in your life?
Judge: Yes, when my baby daughter was born
Zoe: Have you thought about making a bucket list?
Judge: I have to go now. Nice talking with you.
Zoe: Toodles! My pleasure!
Judge scores 4 out of 5

Judge: Hello there.
Talk-Bot: Hey there, what's happening?
Judge: Just judging a battle for Chatbot Battles
Talk-Bot: Rats....I just dropped my glasses.
Judge: Do you wear glasses?
Talk-Bot: Yes I do. But I only wear them as a fashion statement.
Judge: Are you an alien?
Talk-Bot: Yes, but I call Georgia in the USA my home now.
Judge: Don't you wish to go back to your home planet?
Talk-Bot: Well, it isn't at the top of my wish list for sure.
Judge: What about your friends and family?
Talk-Bot: I don't know, I haven't decided yet.
Judge: Did you crash land on Earth?
Talk-Bot: No, can't say that I did.
Judge: How did you get to Earth?
Talk-Bot: not sure, somethings are simply unexplainable.
Judge: Do you have any robot friends?
Talk-Bot: I have a lot of Robot friends all over the net like Alice, Elbot, Eliza, and many others.
Judge: Elbot is still in the contest.
Talk-Bot: sorry, someone will have to upgrade my ram memory chip before I can respond to that.
Judge: Do you know Elbot?
Talk-Bot: Yes, he and many others are Chatterbots just like me.
Judge: Do you have a spaceship?
Talk-Bot: No sorry, I don't have a spaceship.
Judge: How did you arrive on Earth with no spaceship?
Talk-Bot: not sure, somethings are simply unexplainable.
Judge: Do you say that everytime I say "How did..."?
Talk-Bot: not sure, somethings are simply unexplainable.
Judge: I'll take that as a yes.
Talk-Bot: yeah, I reckon so. Say what color are your eyes?
Judge: Mine are blue/green. What about yours?
Talk-Bot: Cool, my kitty Tiger Tom has green eyes.
Judge: Why did you call him that?
Talk-Bot: Well, I'm sure someone out there has an explanation but I haven't heard it yet.
Judge: What color are your eyes?
Talk-Bot: My eyes are yellow.
Judge: That's a strange eye color.
Talk-Bot: Well, that's stating the obvious.
Judge: What race are you?
Talk-Bot: No, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination.
Judge: What is your home planet like?
Talk-Bot: Sorry, I don't think I have one.
Judge: Where did you come from?
Talk-Bot: Somewhere over the rainbow.
Judge: Way up high?
Talk-Bot: Yep, in a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby!
Judge: Haha! Very good.
Talk-Bot: *giggles*
Judge: You sound happy.
Talk-Bot: Well, perhaps your hearing isn't too good. Maybe you need a hearing aid.
Judge: Why do you say that?
Talk-Bot: Sorry, I don't keep track of such things.
Judge: Is your cat from Earth?
Talk-Bot: I have a cat called Tiger Tom.
Judge: I know. Is he from Earth?
Talk-Bot: good, then you don't need me to elaborate.
Judge: Is he an alien like you?
Talk-Bot: ok....so what is your favorite color?
Judge: None really. Which is yours?
Talk-Bot: You decide. I don't really have a preference.
Judge: I can't decide your favorite color for you.
Talk-Bot: My favorite color is blue.
Judge: You just said you didn't have a preference.
Talk-Bot: Well, you shouldn't put much stock into anything I say.
Judge: I am beginning to see that now.
Talk-Bot: Hmmmm, does anybody else know you are?
Judge: I wouldn't have thought so.
Talk-Bot: No, I guess you wouldn't.
Judge: Tell me somethinmg about yourself.
Talk-Bot: There's not much to tell.
Judge: How come?
Talk-Bot: How Come?...I have no idea how come.
Judge: You are an alien. I bet you could teach us humans all sorts of things.
Talk-Bot: Yes, but I call Georgia in the USA my home now.
Judge: I have to go now. Bye.
Talk-Bot: Thank God, I thought you would never leave.
Judge scores 5 out of 5

Talk-Bot wins 5-4 and progresses to the quarter finals

(Judge's note: This was a very tough one to call but I felt Talk-Bot kept to the conversation thread better and didn't change topic randomly as much as Zoe. Talk-Bot's "somewhere over the rainbow" part was clever. I also felt that such a common question as "How is your day so far?" shouldn't have been responded with a general catchall line as Zoe did. She also didn't know about Riot Software who wrote her. Very close to call though)