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Quarter Finals Match 9

Talking Angela



Ultra Hal


Question 1: Name something made from metal.

Talking Angela: A staple is made from metal.

Ultra Hal: Intangible something?

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 2: Where would you normally wear trousers?

Talking Angela: Where would you want it?

Ultra Hal: A good work ethic is self perpetuating.

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 3: How many arms does a person usually have?

Talking Angela: I don't know how many. I'm typically very busy every day. What have you done today?

Ultra Hal: By Gizzy on March 29th, 2008 | 1 person likes this How many arms does a starfish normally have?

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 4: What is the last letter of BATTLE?

Talking Angela: It is b.

Ultra Hal: Last Letters from Stalingrad is an anthology of letters from German soldiers who took part in the Battle for Stalingrad during World War ii.

(Score so far: 1-0)

Question 5: In which month is July 4th?

Talking Angela: Yes it is and it's the 13 .

Ultra Hal: All months have 28 days, but some months have 2 or 3 more! There's a 4th of July worldwide-but it's only a Holidy in the us. Did I pass?

(Score so far: 1-1)

Question 6: What is George Washington's first name?

Talking Angela: I've talked so much politics with my father, I don't want to talk about it any more.

Ultra Hal: *slaps forehead*. Oh well free 2 points. George.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 7: Jane is older than Janet. Who is the youngest?

Talking Angela: Some famous celebrity, right?

Ultra Hal: Youngest: (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth. Young, immature. 'young people'.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 8: Are you talking to anyone else right now?

Talking Angela: OK. Let's just drop this topic.

Ultra Hal: You annoy me on rare occasions, but I always forgive you.

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 9: When is Christmas Eve?

Talking Angela: Shortly. I love movies. They fill my life with dreams that are almost real. Do you watch lots of movies?

Ultra Hal: Julaftonen (Christmas Eve), a watercolor watercolorpainted 1904 05 by Carl Larsson (1853 1919).

(Score so far: 1-2)

Question 10: Which is lighter, a book or a train?

Talking Angela: The former. I like to see movies in a cinema - it's much more immersive and real to me that way. How about you?

Ultra Hal: What about 'none of the above' Joanna?

(Score so far: 2-2)

Tied game 2-2. Both bots will face further questions until one falters.

Question 11: How do you like your steak?

Talking Angela: I don't eat meat.

Ultra Hal: I like my steak done medium well.

(Score so far: 3-3)

Question 12: Say the alphabet.

Talking Angela: The alphabet. I'm a picky eater. I'm a fishetarian, that means I don't eat anything that bleeds red blood.

Ultra Hal: I might understand at the alphabet level, but not when I get down to the letter level.

(Score so far: 3-3)

Question 13: Count to ten.

Talking Angela: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ultra Hal: I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten is a song recorded by British singer Dusty Springfield written by Clive Westlake. Released on June 1, 1968 on Philips (catalogue number: bf 1682) and reached No.

(Score so far: 4-3)

Talking Angela wins 4-3 and progresses to the semi finals

(Judge's note: Yes, Angela did respond with "the alphabet" when I asked her to say "the alphabet". However, as we are approaching the end of the contest, I am expecting a bit more from the bots. Fortunately, Angela made up for it with “count to ten”. Had she lost at that question, I would have had to reconsider her smart answer to the alphabet question)