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<FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5>Sorry, you will need the </FONT><A HREF="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/"><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5 COLOR="#00ffff">Flash Player</FONT></A><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5> to play this game.

How to Play
A minute to learn and a lifetime to master. Yep, it's Reversi or Othello depending on which side of the pond you live on. Each player is given a colour, either black or white and takes turns trying to capture as many counters as possible. When you capture a counter, it becomes yours and changes to your colour. In this version, you play with the white counters and Square Bear has the black ones.

To capture a counter, you must OUTFLANK your opponent. To do this, you must position your counters on the board so that one or more of your opponent's counters is in a row which is bordered on each end by one of your counters.

Confused? Don't worry, it's probably easier if you play a few games.
Once you've tried it, it will all become clear.

Oh, and as a handy hint, the squares where you can play are marked with a red x.

There are 3 different skill levels at which Square Bear can play, so hopefully you should be able to beat him on "easy" level. However, you get extra bonus points for beating him on the higher skill levels, so it's worth practising. If you manage to capture all of Square Bear's counters during the game you will be rewarded with extra bonus points too. Good luck!

Click in the square you wish to place your counter.

Othello is a trademark of Mattel Inc