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Square Bear's Top 75 Project 

Around this time of year, a lot of people tend to make new year's resolutions and I'm no exception. However, whereas most peoples' resolutions are to lose weight or to give up smoking, mine is a little different. This year I have resolved to get a track released into the top 75 UK singles chart by the end of the year. A little ambitious maybe, but I feel my music is now comparable to a lot of chart tracks and as I already have a club release under my belt I feel that I have a pretty good chance.

This page will record my achievements and thoughts this year as I aim for my goal. It may end up horribly wrong and I may give up early in the year or I might suprise everyone (including myself) and actually make it into the charts! Hopefully, if it works out I might go higher than 75 and end up in the top 40 or even the top 20 but I'm going to try and be sensible and aim for a reasonable target. Likewise, if I crash and burn, at least I can say I gave it my best shot.

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Dec 4th - At last I can tell you more about my news. Regular readers will know that the release of the U Sure Do track I remixed was cancelled a while back due to Baz splitting from his record label. However, things are back on track again as he has a new track planned for February 2005 called Positive Reaction and guessed who's been asked to remix it for the CD single!

I've put the finishing touches to it and mailed it away to the record company ready for mastering this Wednesday. There's a brief sample of it on the music page. Naturally, I'm not allowed to upload the full version. Baz let me have a sneak preview of the club mix and it sounds amazing.

Check out www.bazofficial.com for more information. The site has been fully redesigned and should be open tonight.

It's extremely unlikely that my Project 75 will be a success this year, unless someone quickly snaps up Xmas In Tranceland for a Christmas release, but I've made some great contacts throughout 2004 which will hopefully see my ambition realised in 2005.

Dec 7th - Baz's website is now online, so be sure to pop along and find out more about him. There's a mention of my remix on his news page.

- I've remixed his new single called Positive Reaction

January 2005

Jan 23rd - Seeing as it looks like I'm getting very close to the project being a success, I've decided to continue my journal for the next few months. So first of all, a belated Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

Positive Reaction is currently getting internet promotion at www.pwlradio.com which is a radio station owned by no less than Pete Waterman of Stock, Aitken and Waterman fame. The track was originally released by Mandy Smith back in the eighties but unfortunately made no impact on the chart. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Baz's version can do better. Baz is currently out and about promoting the track and is appearing at POP in Soho on 24th January.

I've also entered a remix competition for Global Underground records. They are planning on releasing a track called Tranceillusion by V.F.R. and are looking for remixes of it. The closing date was the 21st January so they will hopefully be listening to the entries and picking a winner shortly.

Jan 25th - Well Baz had his first promotion date yesterday for Positive Reaction at POP in Soho and everything looks like it went down great. The crowd were very receptive to him and his dancers and it's a great sign for the other promotional tours.

Positive Reaction has been put on the main playlist of Pete Waterman's internet radio station after going down well with the listeners of the station.

I also managed to get one of my CDs on the jukebox of a pub near me called the Macintosh Arms. I was rather suprised at this, as the customers are mainly into rock music rather than commercial dance and pop. I was walking by it the other night and heard a dance track blaring out of the place. I thought I recognised the track and sure enough, it was one of mine coming out of the jukebox. Cheers to Mike and Sonia for putting it on.

Baz at POP
- Baz has a few dates lined up to promote the single. The first one being POP on 24th January.

Jan 27th - Received an email from a record company today eager to put How Many Times on a compilation CD ready for May 15th. I don't know any more details about it yet, but I've said I'm interested.

Jan 31st - As one part of hit making trio, Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Mike Stock has written over 139 Top 40 singles, encompassing 17 number ones and 55 top 5 singles in the UK alone, making him the world's most successful writer of pop songs in living history. Hs most recent hits being with the colourful Fast Food Rockers, but he also brought Kylie Minogue to the world's attention too.

Now, Mike's song writing magic has been worked on Baz, for his debut single Positive Reaction now scheduled for release in March.

Take a look at Mike's official website www.mikestockmusic.com where you will find news of Baz and also see that Baz's single has been added to Mike's amazing discography spanning the last 21 years.

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