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Square Bear's Top 75 Project 

Around this time of year, a lot of people tend to make new year's resolutions and I'm no exception. However, whereas most peoples' resolutions are to lose weight or to give up smoking, mine is a little different. This year I have resolved to get a track released into the top 75 UK singles chart by the end of the year. A little ambitious maybe, but I feel my music is now comparable to a lot of chart tracks and as I already have a club release under my belt I feel that I have a pretty good chance.

This page will record my achievements and thoughts this year as I aim for my goal. It may end up horribly wrong and I may give up early in the year or I might suprise everyone (including myself) and actually make it into the charts! Hopefully, if it works out I might go higher than 75 and end up in the top 40 or even the top 20 but I'm going to try and be sensible and aim for a reasonable target. Likewise, if I crash and burn, at least I can say I gave it my best shot.

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Sep 1st - Sep 6th - Sorry guys, you must have thought I'd stopped updating this part of the site. As everything is going so well at the moment, I thought I'd take a bit of a break from music and have a little holiday for a few days. U Sure Do by Baz is about to have a lot of promotional work on it, ready for the chart release in November. I've seen a few publicity photos that were taken of him for the promotion and they look pretty good.

The JCPenney CD should arrive at the promotions company tomorrow. Mark said he would send me one, as soon as they got a few copies, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully, it'll arrive before the month is out.

- Square Bear remix of his single U Sure Do is to be released on the 22nd November. This project looks like it's going to be a success!

Sep 7th - Well everything is going great for the old bear. My Baz remix is currently being promoted on the internet and it's looking like this project is going to be a success.

The record label have called my remix Square Bear's Picnic Mix and it's looking like everything is full steam ahead for the release in late November.

Obviously, I can't upload the full remix to the site but if you check out the music page, I've been allowed to upload a brief 30 second sample of it. It should give you a feel for the track.

If you want to find out more about Baz, check out his website at www.bazofficial.com

Sep 8th - The radio edit to the track has been done by Steve Slavin. Steve has worked with both Gareth Gates and S Club 8 for Simon Fuller's 19 label, in the past. Baz is the first Asian to break the traditional mould of bhangra / R n B and release a dance-pop track, so this should get him (and my remix) noticed.

Sep 9th - The release date for the CD has been set for the 22nd of November, which I reckon is 74 days from now. Not long to go! I'll have to start putting a countdown on the site.

Sep 10th - It looks like the Internet promotion is in full swing. The idea is to get a buzz going for the track before the release date, so people are familiar with it. I added a countdown timer to the top corner of each page too. It's currently on 2 months 10 days, but I'm sure that will pass quickly.

The JCPenney promotional CDs should be in stock now. I'm hoping that there's one winging its way over the Atlantic to me. I'd love to know what's on it and how they've used my music.

Sep 11th - Found out about a few more singles that are to be released on the same day as U Sure Do:

22nd November:
Franz Ferdinand - Can't Stop Feeling
Keane - This Is The Last Time
Sugababes - TBA
The Thrills - All The Love In The World

I can't say I've heard of The Thrills but the others are fairly well established, especially Sugababes, who will no doubt be releasing a pop track and be Baz's greatest competitors for a high chart position that week.
My thoughts are with those who lost their lives 3 years ago. Rest in peace.

Sep 12th - Word of mouth seems to be spreading about Baz. I've seen him mentioned on a lot of internet message boards and even saw a link back to the sample of my remix. His website opens properly on 19th September, so there will be more info there about him soon. I also heard that apparently, the video to U Sure Do is going to contain some CGI animated effects. I believe that it will be in a similar style to S Club Juniors - Sundown or Kylie Minogue's - Can't get You Out of My Head. Cool eh?

Sep 13th - Had a nice suprise when I arrived home tonight. A copy of the JCPenney Back To School CD had arrived! There are two CDs in the promotional pack. One is a music CD that can be played in a regular CD player. The other one has games, money off vouchers, tips for studying and things like that on it. However, the best part of it is that my track Rainbow Chaser is playing as the viewer browses the CD! They've also managed to include a link to my website, so I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I've put a couple of screenshots in the gallery, but here's one of the start screen. Note the Square Bear logo in the bottom right:

Sorry, it's a bit large. This is a great way of promoting myself to people who wouldn't normally know me, as JCPenney stores can be found in most US cities. Another great result for the old bear!

Sep 14th - A nice easy day for me today. Everything is in motion and so I just messed around with a few new ideas for tracks. It's great to be able to experiment again with no pressure on me. I still haven't heard anything further about my Christmas mix, so I'm assuming that the parties I contacted, are not interested. I may try and push this track again after U Sure Do has been released.

Sep 15th - Mark from the JCPenney CD contacted me to say that 400,000 of the promotional CDs had been made. That's an amazing figure. There's no way I could have physically got my music out to that many people without his help. Let's hope the A&R men from EMI and Warner shop at JCPenney :)

Sep 16th - The official Baz website, www.bazofficial.com opens its doors on Sunday. The record people said that they may include short samples of each remix on the site. I'm interested to hear what the other remixes sound like, as I've heard the radio edit of the track and obviously, I know how mine goes, but I'm curious to see how other producers have interpreted the track.

Sep 17th - Altered my Christmas track to replace the normal bassline with a donk-donk scouse house type sample. It appears that this type of music is becoming more and more popular and if I can't get it signed then I might as well give it away. I'll see how things go in the next couple of months before I decide what to do with it, but I think I might upload it and let anyone have a copy for free, if they want one.

Sep 18th - The designers of Baz's new website have had major technical problems and so the site won't be live on Sunday after all. However, they are rectifying the problem and have put up a new holding page. The site should now be live before the end of this month. In the meantime, people can still stream a sample of the radio edit to U Sure Do from the page. Let's hope it gets sorted quickly.

Sep 19th - Back in January, I remixed a track for a Manchester based pop group called Surmise. The plan was for it to be released in June but unfortunately, that didn't happen. I still keep in touch with Mike from the band and today he passed me over an acapella of one of their new tracks called Playboy. I'm going to try and make a trance/dance remix of it for them.

Sep 20th - You probably won't remember, but way back on June 30th I uploaded Arctic Dawn to an online record label. They wrote back to me today to say that it was a little too trancey for them but I should keep in touch. I might send them a few of my commercial dance tracks in that case. I'd forgotten all about uploading my demo track and had given up on that opportunity but at least they replied back, which is more than a lot of labels do.

Sep 21st - Came home tonight and found that I had been sent a music magazine from the USA. I don't remember ordering it and it says it normally costs $5. However, there's no invoice for it, so I'm assuming it's a promotional copy. It was good of them to send me it and it's pretty interesting too. I don't know how they got my address, it may be something to do with those Back To School CDs I appear on. Still, I'm not complaining.

Sep 22nd - Started work on the Playboy remix for Surmise. I don't think I'll try anything too radical on it, as it's just a diversion for me while I wait for U Sure Do to be released. It will do me good to work on this track, as I seem to have been resting on my laurels for a while and haven't really worked on any new music since that remix.

Sep 23rd - Received an email from a guy called Neil who had heard my music and is making a movie. He has asked if I would be interested in letting him use Arctic Dawn and How Many Times (Europop mix) in his film. I've said that I am interested and asked him how he knew about my music and my website. Apparently, someone phoned up a real world radio station in Essex and mentioned me and my website. I can't think who that could be and I'm really curious to know what they said.

Sep 24th - Saw an advert for a new dance/trance record label looking for vocal commercial trance to sign. I've sent them a link to a few of mine and so, I'm hoping they'll write back saying they want them. We'll see.

Sep 25th - The label replied to say that they had forwarded my contact details on to their label manager and would be in touch if any of them were suitable for them. Keep your fingers crossed. I had a quick look at their website and noticed that one of their tracks was very similar in style to my track How many Times (Nathan D mix) Hopefully, this is a good sign.

Sep 26th - Discovered that the video to U Sure Do is being filmed this week. I don't know too much about it, other than it may feature bubbles and a pillow fight while Baz and his dancers strut their funky thang! I understand it has computer generated effects in it as well. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Sep 27th - Baz's official website went on-line today. It can be found at www.bazofficial.com and features photos, info etc about Baz and his music. It looks pretty good.

Sep 28th - Was sent a new remix of How Many Times. This one is from Perfect Planet and I'll be uploading it shortly. They've concentrated just on the chorus and given it a new melody. I'm really pleased with how popular this track has turned out to be with remixers. This must be the 4th or 5th remix we have been sent of this.

Sep 29th - I sent Cami a copy of the Perfect Planet mix and found out that she had been involved in a car accident. The car is destroyed, but thankfully, she is recovering. Get well soon Cami!

Sep 30th - Well, that's another month down and everything is on track for my remix to chart in November. Next month, I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the video. Should be fun.

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