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How Does it Work?

Some people say it's evil witchcraft and the Droid is gathering
knowledge about humans in order for it to take over the world.

The truth is far less sinister. When you ask the droid a ditloid, the first thing it does is to check its ever-growing
database to see if it has been asked the same puzzle before. If so, it displays it and that's a nice easy one.

This works best when it's regularly asked ones like 26=L of the A and 365=D in a Y.

However, a lot of the time the ditloid will be new and so won't already exist in the database.
In these cases, the ditloid does a search to see if the answer is anywhere on the internet.

Now it could just display any results back to the user but a lot of the time, the results will be
incorrect or have nothing to do with the ditloid being asked. So I've programmed it to be able
to do some clever sorting and filtering behind the scenes before displaying the results to try
and eliminate the rubbish. If the droid isn't too sure about an answer he will tell you.

However, if the droid is happy about the answer, he will add
it to his database in case anyone asks him it in the future.

Finally, if the answer doesn't appear on the net, the droid adds it to the list of unknown
ditloids to the right of where it solves them and hopefully, some kind soul will click on one
of them and solve it for him. If anyone does solve one, I get notified about it so I can
ensure they are not telling him nonsense. I then add it to his database and include the
person who submitted the solution on to the Friends of Ditloid list, which you can see on
the Ditloid Droid page. 

It also has the ability to learn new ditloids from users. If you know a ditloid that the droid
doesn't, just say Learn to it and you can teach it. The droid will check out your suggestion
on the internet and decide whether it's a genuine one or not before adding it to his database.

So there you go, no witchcraft involved and no plans for robots to take over the world.

Well not yet anyway!

If you are feeling a bit geeky and want to know anything specific about the program,
or how it works feel free to drop me an email from either the contact page
or click on my name in the top banner.

© 2008 Steve Worswick. All Rights Reserved.

While every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the ditloid solutions, it is inevitable that some errors will occur. Ditloids.co.uk shall not be held
responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any damages incurred as a result of use or reliance of the information given by the droid.