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Submit a New Ditloid

Do you know a ditloid that the droid doesn't? 

As well as being able to feel smarter than a computer, you can also help him to improve by teaching him.

On the ditloid solver page, say Learn to the droid and he will prompt you to teach him.

Say you wished to teach him that 8=BN to FDD was 8=beers needed to fall down drunk (which is no stranger
than some things that people try to teach him), you would first say Learn. The droid will then ask you for the
first part of the ditloid (in this case 8=BN to FDD). He will then prompt you for the answer, so you would
type (8=beers needed to fall down drunk).

Finally, the bot will ask you whether he should remember what you have told him (just in case you have
made a mistake), just answer YES or NO to this question and that's it. He will temporarily add it to his
database before deciding whether to include it as a permanent entry. I keep checking his new additions
occasionally, as some people try to teach him rubbish or swear at it for reasons known only to themselves.

There's nowt as queer as folk, as my old gran used to say.

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