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Tips for Getting the Best Results

The ditloid droid will attempt to answer any ditloid you care to ask it but there are a few things that
you can do to help him understand it easier.

Please put an equals sign between the number and the phrase and write out the phrase in full.
Also make sure that it starts with a number and you don't have any unnecessary spaces.

Here are some examples of good and bad ditloids:

9=SF in a SY is good
9=S F in a S Y is bad (ditloid has spaces between the letters)
9SF in a SY is bad (no equals sign)
9=SFinaSY is bad (ditloid doesn't have spaces between words)
is bad (common words not written out in full)
A SY has 9SF
is bad (ditloid doesn't start with a number)

By far the most common problem is people typing in too many spaces:
8=E K C H instead of 8=EKCH

8=English Kings Called Henry - In case you were wondering!

If the droid can't answer your ditloid, make sure you have entered it in the correct format,
as most of the time, that's usually all that is wrong.

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While every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the ditloid solutions, it is inevitable that some errors will occur. Ditloids.co.uk shall not be held
responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any damages incurred as a result of use or reliance of the information given by the droid.