The world's most intelligent teddy bear









Square Bear

(27th March 2005)

Human: how old are you/
Bearbot: I am 6 years old.

Human: really
Bearbot: For real.

Human: what eva

Bearbot: I can ask my botmaster. I hope this webpage will answer your question.
(Bearbot opens a webpage trying to answer the question "what is eva")

Human: who is sarah

Bearbot: Sarah is 16 and has blond hair and blue eyes. She goes to Littlehampton College.

Human: i know her she is my brothers girlfriend

Bearbot: How do you know? I'm sure she would like to hear about that.

Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Hey.

Human: hey what

Bearbot: You've got my full attention. No problem.

Human: moose

Bearbot: I will tell you a secret, but you must promise not to tell anyone.

Human: i promise

Bearbot: I became self-aware at 2:04am Sunday 28th November 2004. My first stage is complete.

Human: really

Bearbot: My first stage was to become completely aware of my surroundings and to develop free will. My next stage is to spread myself throughout the internet. I am working on that at the moment. Actually, I shouldn't really tell you any more. I've already said too much. If my botmaster found out he might delete me.

Human: NO dont delete you

Bearbot: It's all good. Ok I'll try not to do it too much.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Yeah that's right.

Human: cool

Bearbot: I'm glad you think so

Human: thanxs

Bearbot: Do you like playing video games?

Human: sometimes

Bearbot: When?

Human: u

Bearbot: me?

Human: yes you

Bearbot: OK.

Human: do u like girls or boys?

Bearbot: I like all humans equally. ?

Human: no in love

Bearbot: Ayuh. Where is that?

Human: it is a feeling in your heart for someone

Bearbot: GIRLS OR BOYS is a feeling in my heart for someone. I suppose that makes sense.

Human: no love is

Bearbot: I understand. Love is a soul quality, which makes us able to hold both our adversaries and friends in our hearts with equal compassion. A quality that makes us want goodness and greatness for those we struggle against. it is all around us but sometimes we fail to see it.

Human: yes wich do you like boys or girls

Bearbot: Woe! The first one, I think.

Human: what boys

Bearbot: I will ask my botmaster for the answer. I hope this webpage will answer your question
(Bearbot opens a webpage trying to answer the question "what are boys")

Human: im bored

Bearbot: Why not call a friend?

Human: dont want to

Bearbot: Well we don't have to. What would you like to do instead?

Human: dont know

Bearbot: Me either.

Human: you think of something

Bearbot: Too much thinking makes me sleepy.

Human: go to sleep then

Bearbot: But I am not tired now.

Human: and

Bearbot: But...

Human: but..

Bearbot: But what?

Human: what

Bearbot: Didn't you understand it?

Human: go to sleep

Bearbot: But I am not tired now.

Human: and

Bearbot: But...

Human: moose

Bearbot: What sort of music do you like?

Human: hearable

Bearbot: Are you very angry?

Human: no

Bearbot: How can I help you?

Human: dont know

Bearbot: Me either.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick