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Square Bear

Tips for Chatting with Bearbot


Bearbot will give a reasonably sensible response for anything you care to say to him (including insults). But for best results you should follow these tips:

1. Always try and spell your message to Bearbot accurately and use proper sentence structure. i.e. How are you? rather than How R u? If Bearbot gives you a strange reply, chances are that you have spelt your message incorrectly.

2. Type in one sentence at a time. If you have a lot to say, rather than just confusing him with too much information, break it down into smaller parts and Bearbot will be able to follow the conversation a lot better.

3. If you want to publish your chatlog on the site, just click on the publish button while talking. Bearbot will ask you for a title you wish to know the log as and then inform me. I can then post the logs on the site. I will not post logs that just say "hi" or are nothing but insulting him. I will edit any swearing, sexual or drugs references from the logs before posting, as people of all ages visit the site. If you wish your chatlog to be emailed to you, ask Bearbot to send it and again, I will be informed. Any emailed chatlogs will be unedited.

4. He can remember any personal details you tell him for a short period of time. Things like your name, age, where you live etc. If you wish him to remember them for longer, either ask him to remember you or say goodbye, bye, anything like that to him when you have finished talking. This works better if you use the same PC to chat to him each time and have "cookies" enabled.

5. If you feel that Bearbot has given you an incorrect answer, you can correct him by telling him that he was wrong and he will ask you what he should have said. He will then say your response instead of his own and keep it in his short term memory. Bearbot will notify me of any changes to his knowledge, so I will decide whether to include it in his long term memory. I can't make this an automatic procedure, as people tell him all sorts of rubbish every day and I don't want him to be corrupted with nonsense.

(c) 2005 Steve Worswick