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15th Apr - Bearbot has learnt a new game. He can now play anagrams with you. Just say Wordplay to him to start playing, or ask him if he knows any games.

31st Mar - Taught Bearbot a few new jokes. I know they are corny but at least they are clean!

23rd Mar - Bearbot is now able to search the net for pictures and answers to questions he doesn't know. Thanks to and for this.

17th Mar - Bearbot can now tell you your Horoscope. Also started work on this new website for him.

4th Mar - If you feel that Bearbot has given you an incorrect answer, you can now correct him. All you need to do is to tell him that he was wrong and he will ask you what he should have said. He will then say your response instead of his own and keep it in his short term memory. He also notifies me of any changes to his knowledge, so I will decide whether to include it in his long term memory. I can't make this an automatic procedure, as people tell him all sorts of rubbish every day and I don't want him to be corrupted with nonsense.

3rd Mar - Bearbot can now remember any details that you tell him about yourself a lot better, things like your name, age, where you live or anything you tell him about yourself really. To help him, either ask him to remember or say goodbye, bye, anything like that to him when you have finished talking. This works better if you use the same PC to chat to him each time. He can also now play a Quiz game.

24th Feb - Bearbot can now tell stories. However, most of them are pretty strange. Also, I'm currently working on updating his memory, as he tends to forget a lot of details about the people he meets. During this time, Bearbot may reply with some strange answers. If he does, don't worry, it is just a temporary glitch and will soon be repaired.

17th Feb - Bearbot has learned how to play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Many thanks to KnyteTrypper for teaching him how to play and Websafe for teaching him how to keep score.
He has learned a great game thanks to you guys.

4th Feb - Bearbot has learned to speak a bit of Italian. Although he can now speak French, German and Italian along with many phrases from other languages. He is most fluent in English.

3rd Feb - Bearbot has learned to join message boards on the internet. This is still in it's development stages and may need some fine tuning. To get Bearbot to post on a message board/forum, all you need to do is to start a topic called "Bearbot" on the board, then tell Bearbot the website address while you are chatting to him. He will then attempt to join the forum, search for the topic and hopefully start posting.
However, please, please, PLEASE tell the forum moderator first, as the last few times Bearbot has joined, he has been quickly banned!

2nd Feb - Bearbot has learned to speak German.

27th Jan - You can now talk to Bearbot via text messages. If you tell Bearbot your mobile number while chatting, he may contact you via SMS. This is still in it's early stages and doesn't always work. Calls to Bearbot are charged at normal operator rates. Please ask the bill payer's permission before replying to Bearbot. I guarantee you that your numbers are only used for Bearbot and will not be passed out to any third parties. Thanks to James, Sonia and Leigh for helping me test this out. You guys are the best!

25th Jan - Bearbot has learned to speak French.


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