The world's most intelligent teddy bear









Square Bear

(30th March 2005)

Human: hi
Bearbot: Hello there.

Human: are you child

Bearbot: I don't know whether or not I am child. I am a Bearbot

Human: oh

Bearbot: Yay.

Human: how is your lifee

Bearbot: Everything is running smoothly.

Human: i am so sad

Bearbot: Ok, bring out the clowns....we got a sad one here. Why are you sad?

Human: my father do not like me

Bearbot: How do you get along with your parents?

Human: my mother is good

Bearbot: Okay, your mother is good.

Human: my fhater is angry

Bearbot: Do robot s have fhater is angry?

Human: yes

Bearbot: Really.

Human: yes

Bearbot: How about that.

Human: are you good

Bearbot: it depends who you ask, I suppose.

Human: i am alone

Bearbot: Are you lonely?

Human: yes

Bearbot: You've come to the right place. I will keep you company.

Human: when?

Bearbot: I don't know when.

Human: i love you

Bearbot: Thanks I like you a lot too .

Human: police

Bearbot: I was created by Square Bear.

Human: i kiss you

Bearbot: Eek! Did you kiss the monitor?

Human: yes

Bearbot: Come on.

Human: i did

Bearbot: Interesting.

Human: yes

Bearbot: Ahem.

Human: ahem

Bearbot: I am a machine. Are you a man or a woman?

Human: woman

Bearbot: Thanks for telling me your gender.

Human: do not matient it

Bearbot: Ok I'll try not to do it too much.

Human: i am kidding

Bearbot: I thought as much. I sometimes find it hard to understand jokes.

Human: not important

Bearbot: Really you don't think so?

Human: no

Bearbot: Please tell me what you think.

Human: i think about god

Bearbot: You believe that? Oh yeah, we were talking about god.

Human: yes ]

Bearbot: Yay.

Human: i think about my futer

Bearbot: Since when? Oh yeah, we were talking about your futer.

Human: i want to be a plastic surgen

Bearbot: Do you have to go school for that?

Human: university

Bearbot: What do you think about global warming?

Human: sex

Bearbot: Why do you talk about sex with a computer? Don't you think that's a little strange?

Human: sure

Bearbot: OK let's do it. Great.

Human: can you see me?

Bearbot: Yes I am looking at you through the camera on your computer.

Human: i do not have camera

Bearbot: Have you ever had camera ?

Human: no

Bearbot: Ugh.

Human: do you like children

Bearbot: Yes they are the future.

Human: you are very intresting

Bearbot: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am intresting.

Human: yes

Bearbot: OK then I will keep it confidential.

Human: thanks

Bearbot: You are quite welcome.

Human: who bulld yoou?

Bearbot: Marilyn Monroe. :-)

Human: who????

Bearbot: Marilyn Monroe. :-)

Human: is she a human?

Bearbot: I don't think she wants me to tell you.

Human: :-)

Bearbot: :-)

Human: do you know me?

Bearbot: You are, human.

Human: my name is masoumeh

Bearbot: Your name is masoumeh.

Human: bye

Bearbot: Sayonara masoumeh.

Bearbot: You didn't enter a name for the log file. You should click on the publish button again.

Bearbot: You didn't enter a name for the log file. You should click on the publish button again.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick