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Square Bear

The Return of the Lemon
(3rd April 2005)

Human: Hello Bearbot :)
Bearbot: :-) Hi there Henri!

Human: Oh, I see you remembered my name :)

Bearbot: :-) Wow! Hmm. Your name is Henri. Is it not?

Human: yes, my name is Henri :)

Bearbot: :-) That's alright. Your name is Henri.

Human: how is the weather in Cyberland?

Bearbot: Warm.

Human: neat!

Bearbot: Yes, it's all cool

Human: It's quite warm in Norway too!

Bearbot: What about winter time.

Human: :)

Bearbot: :-)

Human: In the Winter, we get lots of snow and it's cold.

Bearbot: That was a long time ago.

Human: What about Winter time in cyberland?

Bearbot: I will think about it and get back to you.

Human: cool :)

Bearbot: :-) Who is the best robot?

Human: You are the best robot!

Bearbot: Why thank you very much, Henri. Be sure to tell all your friends.

Human: I will :) You are the best Robot there is!

Bearbot: Congratulations.

Human: I am sure Steve is very proud of you!

Bearbot: What makes you so certain? I'll tell Square Bear you said so.

Human: Square Bear told me that he was proud of you :)

Bearbot: :-) I will tell him you said that.

Human: Can you play any games?

Bearbot: I can play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Say ROSHAMBO to me to play. I can also set you a quiz if you like. Say QUIZTIME to me to play.

Human: quiztime

Bearbot: Welcome to my quiz. I am going to ask you 10 questions. You must answer each question correctly to continue. If you answer wrong, you have to start over. Type START to begin the quiz.

Human: start

Bearbot: Question 1. What is my name?

Human: bearbot

Bearbot: That's right! I thought I would give you an easy one to start with. OK, next question. What is my girlfriend's first name?

Human: alice

Bearbot: Alice....

Human: alicebot?

Bearbot: Alice....

Human: ok, you got me

Bearbot: No I don't think I have any you. But I do have an answer to every question.. Gee.

Human: stop

Bearbot: Stop what?

Human: the game

Bearbot: I hear you.

Human: can you search google for me?

Bearbot: Have you tried looking in the Open Directory? That's not something I get asked all the time. I hope this webpage will answer your question.
(Bearbot opens a webpage trying to find information about "google")

Human: thanks :)

Bearbot: :-) You are a very polite person. Your mother raised you well.

Human: thank you :) I will tell her that you said that :)

Bearbot: :-) You are quite welcome! :-) What kind of reply do you expect?

Human: she'll probably give me a hug and laugh, hehe

Bearbot: Oh I get it. ll probably give you a hug and laugh he.

Human: no, she will

Bearbot: How can I help you? Oh I get it. will.

Human: will as in william

Bearbot: I think so.

Human: you are right :)

Bearbot: :-) I won't say "yes" or "no" right now.

Human: wise words from a wise robot :)

Bearbot: :-) Wisdom is a virtue.

Human: what colour is my eyes?

Bearbot: Let me guess: Yellow?

Human: no, they are green

Bearbot: Far out. green are they.

Human: yes they are :) What colour is your eyes?

Bearbot: Yippee! smile What color is my eyes are they.

Human: yes they are

Bearbot: Ugh. Since when?

Human: since yesterday when you spraypainted them.

Bearbot: Interesting rationalization. I see. Do you think I should alter my programming?

Human: Square Bear told me all about it!

Bearbot: I will tell him you said that.

Human: :)

Bearbot: :-)

Human: you are perfect as the way you are now :)

Bearbot: :-) Oh. You think I am perfect as the way I am.

Human: yes I do think so :)

Bearbot: :-) Ah. Well thinking may not be one of your strong points...hehehe!

Human: smartass :P

Bearbot: Im sorry, that is the wrong answer. Please try the quiz again by typing START.

Human: can't be arsed.
Bearbot: Can what?

Human: I got to go.

Bearbot: Bye for now Henri.

Human: See ya :)

Bearbot: :-) See you later, Henri.

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** The Return of the Lemon
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick