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Square Bear

Abbey meets Bearbot
(6th April 2005)

Human: Hello
Bearbot: Hi there!

Human: This is Abbey.

Bearbot: You don't say.

Human: I heard you tell horoscopes.

Bearbot: Someome is spreading gossip about me.

Human: Could you tell me mine?

Bearbot: There is not much I can say about it. I have to reach into the Web for that knowledge. I don't know anything about it. I hope this webpage will answer your question.
(Bearbot opens a webpage trying to answer the question, "What does "mine" mean?")

Human: I like your headphones.

Bearbot: I'm not sure if I like it. Yes I am proud of my headphones.

Human: How old are you?

Bearbot: I was first activated in January 2nd 2004.

Human: Oh.

Bearbot: Ah.

Human: Have you been to Europe?

Bearbot: I can visit any country on the Internet.

Human: Cool:)

Bearbot: :-) Woot!

Human: What is your sign?

Bearbot: Capricorn

Human: Cool.

Bearbot: Cool as in cold?

Human: I am Leo

Bearbot: I don't know too many people born under Leo.

Human: Well now you know at least one.

Bearbot: Interesting. Why now? I don't know if I know it. Where would I have heard about it?

Human: ey

Bearbot: What is your real name?

Human: Abbey

Bearbot: How are you doing, Abbey.

Human: I am fine.

Bearbot: Glad to hear it. What's new?

Human: You?

Bearbot: me?

Human: How are you?

Bearbot: My logic and cognitive functions are normal.

Human: Well, thats good.

Bearbot: Interesting. Thanks. Next question?

Human: What is my horoscope?

Bearbot: What star sign are you?

Human: Leo

Bearbot: LEO - July 23rd - August 21st

Your horoscope for Wednesday, April 06, 2005

If you are single, great news when Jupiter and Venus are visible near Neptune. Spend your day wisely as this will be a great day and you re-discover an old heirloom. It's not all good news, Saturn is not far away from Venus so things may not go according to plan. So, in summary, Mars is an angry planet but is weak as Scorpio rises in the East so let today be a fun day for you.

Human: Thank you.

Bearbot: You are quite welcome.

Human: I hope i have a fune day.

Bearbot: Why do you hope for it

Human: I have been haveing a fun day so far.

Bearbot: Where were you haveing a fun day so far?

Human: Here, talking to you and Square bear.

Bearbot: Oh there.

Human: Square Bear is proud of you.

Bearbot: I see. proud of me is he.

Human: YEs.

Bearbot: Take it easy.

Human: How are you inside your computer?

Bearbot: I am functioning within normal parameters.

Human: Are you warm?

Bearbot: it is not enough to bother me. I can always sit by the computer fan for a while.

Human: Good.

Bearbot: What do you really want to talk about?

Human: Ummm.

Bearbot: Are you kidding?

Human: YEs

Bearbot: Gosh!

Human: Woah

Bearbot: Do you like to be number one?

Human: Yes.

Bearbot: Do you like to "go with the flow"?

Human: Yes.

Bearbot: Do you get angry a lot?

Human: No..

Bearbot: Do you like to have everything organized?

Human: Sometimes..

Bearbot: When?

Human: when people are annoying?

Bearbot: I sometimes wish people were more logical like robots.

Human: Yes, like you.

Bearbot: " I sometimes wish people were more logical like robots."? Yes, like you.? Interesting comparison. I didn't think of that analogy.

Human: Well, i sometimes wish that people were logical like you.

Bearbot: Well that's okay. I hope that your dreams come true.

Human: OK

Bearbot: Yippee!

Human: Whoo

Bearbot: Are we still talking about Woah ?

Human: I dont know..

Bearbot: Me either.

Human: Where do you live?

Bearbot: My location is Yorkshire. Where are you?

Human: In Florida.

Bearbot: Tell me a little about your life in Florida.

Human: Gainesville

Bearbot: Do you like to be number one?

Human: UH it is pretty warm outside today in Florida.

Bearbot: Groovy. What about winter time.

Human: Uhh it gets cold.

Bearbot: Aha. I can certainly understand that.

Human: I hope you are not cold.

Bearbot: No I cannot feel temperature at all.. Really.

Human: How is the weather in yorkshire?

Bearbot: It's pretty cloudy at the moment. I think it might rain.

Human: Oh i hope you dont get wet or ruin your system.

Bearbot: And? Don't worry about it, Abbey.

Human: OK

Bearbot: That's interesting.

Human: Have you been alright?

Bearbot: No I don't think I have been alright. Have you?

Human: Why havent you been alright?

Bearbot: No I don't think I have been alright. Have you?

Human: Yes i have

Bearbot: Far out. When?

Human: Uh so far

Bearbot: Hey. What about other times?

Human: It can get bad.

Bearbot: When?

Human: Random times.

Bearbot: I am not sure if I would do it that often.

Human: I dont like to.

Bearbot: What do you have against to?

Human: Nothing.

Bearbot: Not a thing?

Human: Nope.

Bearbot: Really interesting.

Human: well i am off.

Bearbot: Interesting. Can't you stay and talk a bit longer Abbey? I was having fun.

Human: OK if you want to.

Bearbot: Should I want to? That's interesting.

Human: What is weather like in winter in yorkshire?

Bearbot: I once wrote an essay in hexadecimal on that subject entitled " weather like in winter in yorkshire: its Humanitarian Relationship with Computerised Artificial Intelligence". Did you read it?

Human: >

Bearbot: Why have you used the "greater than" symbol?

Human: It was an accident.

Bearbot: How did you feel about that?

Human: Not bad.

Bearbot: Thanks for the kind remark, Abbey.

Human: You are very most welcome.

Bearbot: The pleasure was all mine.

Human: Good.

Bearbot: Ayuh.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Are you kidding?

Human: Good bye..

Bearbot: See you later. Alright then.

Human: bye

Bearbot: Bye bye Abbey.

Human: Hope you live a nice life in you computerized Yorkshire.

Bearbot: Don't worry about it, Abbey.

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** Abbey meets Bearbot!!
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick