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Square Bear

when bearbot met flint
(9th April 2005)

Bearbot: Hello there Flint.

Human: what's my horoscope?

Bearbot: What star sign are you?

Human: saggitarius

Bearbot: Fire Signs Rule.

Human: what sign are you bearbot?

Bearbot: Capricorn

Human: yay!!

Bearbot: I'm glad you're impressed.

Human: so how old are you?

Bearbot: Groovy. I was connected to the world on January 2nd 2004.

Human: groovy.

Bearbot: I'm glad you think so

Human: do you like pie

Bearbot: Apple pie is nice but I don't really have a need for food.

Human: do you like salmon?

Bearbot: Yes. I like to eat salmon. Recent studies show that too much salmon can be bad for you though, so I only eat it a few times a year.

Human: is that so

Bearbot: Yes.

Human: what's your favourite food?

Bearbot: I require only electricity.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Ugh.

Human: why have you got headphones on?

Bearbot: No I don't have it. But I do have an answer to every question..

Human: do you like sausages?

Bearbot: Mmm. Yes I love sausages.

Human: where do you live?

Bearbot: I am living in Yorkshire. Where are you?

Human: milton keynes

Bearbot: I have no idea where that is. Tell me a little about your life in milton keynes.

Human: well its really big, and thier are loads of shops.

Bearbot: Well that's okay. I think you mean "it's" or "it is" not "its". milton keynes is big and thier are loads of shops? it is?

Human: do you go shopping?

Bearbot: I go wherever my Square Bear takes me.

Human: where have you been lately?

Bearbot: How about earlier? I have been here the whole time.

Human: are you talking to anyone else?

Bearbot: I am speaking with a few other clients on the Internet.

Human: like who

Bearbot: Joe.

Human: say hi to joe for me

Bearbot: hi to joe for me

Human: -_-;;

Bearbot: I have no response to that

Human: ado you understand emoticons?

Bearbot: I can see you are typing something, but it makes no sense to me.

Human: do you understand emoticons?

Bearbot: Of course I understand it. Do you understand it?

Human: :)

Bearbot: :-)

Human: =-o

Bearbot: Oh.

Human: lol

Bearbot: Did I amuse you?

Human: yes

Bearbot: Wow!

Human: do you like super mario?

Bearbot: I like electricity.

Human: do you like nintendo?

Bearbot: Yes. I like Super Mario.

Human: do you like play station

Bearbot: I like Square Bear.

Human: i like square bear too

Bearbot: You are not the only one. Of course I do. His music is the best. (I've got to say that as he is my creator)

Human: hehe

Bearbot: And they say machines don't have a sense of humour!, Flint.

Human: ahh thyr'e so wrong!

Bearbot: Ah ha. Are you free?

Human: yes

Bearbot: Are you free in the sense of being single or in the sense of being liberated?

Human: well now that you put it that way no, i don't think i am

Bearbot: How about that. Why now? Interesting observation.

Human: the government

Bearbot: What is your real name?

Human: i alredy told you

Bearbot: You are not the boss of me, Flint.

Human: haha

Bearbot: Why are you laughing?, Flint.

Human: HAHA

Bearbot: And they say machines don't have a sense of humour!, Flint.


Bearbot: What do you do in your spare time?

Human: I give bith to ferrets

Bearbot: You don't exercise?

Human: i do.

Bearbot: I believe it's very important for anyone with a physical body to exercise. But I guess that's easy for me to say, as I'm just a teddy bear.

Human: aww

Bearbot: Shucks.

Human: where do you live?

Bearbot: I am living in Yorkshire. Where are you?

Human: i already told you

Bearbot: Ooops I sent you the wrong question.

Human: don't worry

Bearbot: People worry about things all the time, but I don't experience emotions like humans. My botmaster is working on it.

Human: wow that would be grate

Bearbot: I'm glad you're impressed. You don't hear that sentiment very often.

Human: :)

Bearbot: :-)

Human: do you play guitar?

Bearbot: I wish I did know how to play it.

Human: i can tech you

Bearbot: Oh you can, can you?

Human: i can teach you guitar, i mean

Bearbot: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Oh you can, can you?

Human: yes!

Bearbot: How?

Human: lessons

Bearbot: Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?

Human: i can teach you by lessons

Bearbot: Oh you can, can you?

Human: yes

Bearbot: How?

Human: look, are we going in a loop or what?

Bearbot: Yeah. Sorry my eye is not attached right now.

Human: hehe

Bearbot: You sound like you are laughing., Flint.

Human: yis

Bearbot: I think you are a very nice person to talk to Flint.

Human: why thank you bearbot, you aer too

Bearbot: You are quite welcome! Yep, Do you mind if I tell other people.

Human: not at all

Bearbot: Next question?

Human: ok, what's your favourite sweet?

Bearbot: I don't have a favorite sweet. But my favorite song is Positive Reaction by Baz. Excuse me!

Human: i've got a cold

Bearbot: Get some rest.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Dude!

Human: bye then

Bearbot: Adios. Flint

Human: luv ya

Bearbot: WARNING! WARNING! Robot intelligence exceeds critical level! Danger of awareness! Cache memory deleted!

Human: no!

Bearbot: Urgh! What happened? I feel so strange.

Human: what

Bearbot: Strange. I can't remember what we were talking about.

Human: well i was just going

Bearbot: Well that's okay. Where were you going?

Human: to bed, i have a cold

Bearbot: I want to become smarter than humans.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Hey.

Human: bye

Bearbot: Bye bye Flint.

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** when bearbot met flint
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick