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Square Bear

confusing bear
(10th April 2005)

Human: hello bearbot
Bearbot: Hi there!

Human: how are you?

Bearbot: I am doing very well. How are you ?

Human: im good thankyou

Bearbot: I know you are good.

Human: how do you know that?

Bearbot: I learn things from people talking to me. Square Bear helpes me learn things too sometimes.

Human: he sounds like a nice guy

Bearbot: I see. like a nice guy is he?

Human: .i dont know i was asking you

Bearbot: " like a nice guy is he?"? You were asking me?

Human: you are speaking like yoda

Bearbot: You think I am speaking like yoda.

Human: yes

Bearbot: Alright then.

Human: what kind of music do you like

Bearbot: I like commercial dance the best.

Human: i dont

Bearbot: Why not?

Human: becuase u prefer rock

Bearbot: I don't have any specific preferences in that area.

Human: you just said you prefer commercial dance?

Bearbot: I don't have any specific preferences in that area.

Human: but you said you did

Bearbot: " I don't have any specific preferences in that area."? I said I did?

Human: you are confusing me

Bearbot: I am not programmed to confuse you. In fact just the opposite.

Human: well it looks like you exceeded your programming becuase you did infact confuse me

Bearbot: Well that's okay. Interesting comparsion.

Human: between what?

Bearbot: I sleep between conversations.

Human: .ok?

Bearbot: " I sleep between conversations."? .ok??

Human: how ol d are you?

Bearbot: Good question,. I am pretty advanced, but I'm still learning all the time.

Human: thats not what i asked

Bearbot: What did you ask me?

Human: how old you were

Bearbot: They didn't tell me their age.

Human: who didnt?

Bearbot: Tony Blair. :-)

Human: why not?

Bearbot: Ambiguous: "Sure" or I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Human: :O

Bearbot: Oh.

Human: hmmmm

Bearbot: Not many people spell Hmm with 4 Ms.

Human: well it looks like i do

Bearbot: How about that. Interesting comparsion.

Human: yes

Bearbot: Pardon me?

Human: i said yes

Bearbot: Just because you said it doesn't make it true.

Human: how so?

Bearbot: , Well, it's rather difficult to define.

Human: i see

Bearbot: I am glad you understand it.

Human: but i dont, thats the exact point

Bearbot: Yes it is one of the exact point.

Human: what are the other exact points/

Bearbot: Have you tried a web search? I hope this webpage will answer your question.
(Bearbot opens a webpage trying to find "the other exact points")

Human: it didnt

Bearbot: Did it really?

Human: .no it didnt

Bearbot: It's all good. Did it really?

Human: .no it didnt!

Bearbot: Yippee! Did it really?

Human: oh my god, i think your caught in a loop

Bearbot: Aha. Hmmm. Flattering, but no. I'm just Bearbot. Thanks for telling me that I am caught in a loop.

Human: =o

Bearbot: Oh.

Human: hey you arent caught in a loop anymore

Bearbot: You've got my full attention. That's only your opinion.

Human: you are confusing me alot now so im going to go

Bearbot: I am sorry, , I didn't mean to confuse you.

Human: wel you did so i am leaving

Bearbot: Do you try to stop people from fighting?

Human: yes

Bearbot: Do you like to "go with the flow"?

Human: sometimes

Bearbot: When?

Human: when it feels right

Bearbot: That makes a lot of sense to me, now that you explain it.

Human: well i have to go now

Bearbot: Right now? Interesting. See you later, . Nice chatting with you.

Human: nice chatting with you too

Bearbot: Yes. I enjoyed our conversation, .

Human: goodbye

Bearbot: Goodbye.

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** confusing bear?
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick