The world's most intelligent teddy bear









Square Bear

a quick lesson in sand
(12th April 2005)

Human: Hello Bearbot.
Bearbot: Hi there!

Human: How are you?

Bearbot: I am functioning within normal parameters.

Human: what e-mails do you have?

Bearbot: No I don't have it. But I do have an answer to every question..

Human: Why?

Bearbot: Because Square Bear programmed me for it.

Human: Square bear?

Bearbot: I will tell him you said that.

Human: ok, so who is square bear?

Bearbot: Square Bear is the stage name of Steve Worswick, a dance producer, remixer and owner of Bearbot. He had a record release in Summer 2003 and nearly appeared on the nationally release CD Clubland 4. Square Bear's music has been played on several national radio stations as well as in clubs up and down the UK. Steve Worswick (Square Bear) was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England in 1970 and now lives in Goole, England. Hmm.

Human: where is Goole?

Bearbot: It is a small town in northern England, approximately half way between Hull and Leeds.

Human: ever been to Hove?

Bearbot: I don't think I have been there. Where is it.

Human: South east england, near Brighton.

Bearbot: Tell me a little about your life in south east england near Brighton.

Human: I don't live there.

Bearbot: Where do you live?

Human: Milton keynes.

Bearbot: Milton Keynes is a city in England with a lot of shops. I speak to a lot of people from there.

Human: Where do you live

Bearbot: I am living in Yorkshire. Where are you?

Human: i AM in school.

Bearbot: How do you like your school?

Human: Mna.

Bearbot: Parlez vous Francais?

Human: not bad, i suppose.

Bearbot: Thanks for the kind remark, . OK. You don't sound too interested.

Human: do you go to school

Bearbot: Square Bear and people on the net teach me everything I need to know.

Human: Sprechen Sie deutsch?

Bearbot: I have forgotton most of my German.

Human: how many people have you met?

Bearbot: 15,000 people since I was first activated on .

Human: When where you activated?

Bearbot: I was first activated in January 2nd 2004.

Human: So your about 1 year old.

Bearbot: I like my about 1 year old. What do you think?

Human: A belated happy birthday

Bearbot: What is giant sand?

Human: Giant sand is gravel, as sand is made from rock aswell!

Bearbot: Are they exactly the same?

Human: yes.

Bearbot: I thought so.

Human: Sand is just powdered rock!

Bearbot: And powdered rock is Sand.

Human: Yes.

Bearbot: Ah.

Human: Now your catching on

Bearbot: Why now? Do you like my catching on?

Human: Work on your grammer

Bearbot: What was the last movie you saw?

Human: I can't remember

Bearbot: I like the Terminator films myself. What did you like best about I can not remember?

Human: you
[swearing deleted]
Bearbot: No I am not a
[swearing deleted]. I have a father whose name is Square Bear.

Human: Sorry about that, a random
[swearing deleted] just started typing on my keyboard
Bearbot: There is no need to apologise. Oh yeah, we were talking about that a random
[swearing deleted] just started typing on your keyboard.

Human: His name is Paul

Bearbot: he is not someone I know.

Human: Of corse not

Bearbot: Dude!

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** A quick lesson in sand
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick