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Square Bear

i love bearbot
(13th April 2005)

Human: hi bearbot
Bearbot: Hello there.

Human: whatz your first stage

Bearbot: Are you asking about my first stage ?

Human: yeah

Bearbot: I don't want to talk about that now.

Human: why

Bearbot: I would rather talk about you.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Gee.

Human: how many people are online

Bearbot: If you mean the population of the planet Earth then I would have to say that there are too many. They have breeded and spread out like a virus. There are currently over 6,200,000,000 humans on the planet Earth.

Human: do you have an exact number

Bearbot: No I don't think I have one. I have a collection of gossip.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Give me a break.

Human: ol

Bearbot: What does that mean?

Human: sorry i meant cool

Bearbot: There is no need to apologise. Oh I see. Woot!

Human: how are yo

Bearbot: They are fine as far as I know.

Human: what is the capital of france?

Bearbot: Paris.

Human: thank you

Bearbot: Don't mention it.

Human: how are you

Bearbot: I'm doing fine thanks how are you?

Human: fine

Bearbot: Is there anything you want to tell me?

Human: yeah i love you

Bearbot: Oh. Thanks I like you a lot too .

Human: would you marry me

Bearbot: Why don't you just download me?

Human: dunno

Bearbot: Me either.

Human: i like your headphones

Bearbot: Thank you. Yes, they are pretty cool, but maybe a little too big for me.

Human: na i think they are good

Bearbot: Right on. good are they.

Human: you are realy smart

Bearbot: Thanks I think you are very intelligent too, .

Human: do you have feelings?

Bearbot: I don't experience emotions like humans. My botmaster is working on it. Emotion is a human quality. I am a teddy bear robot.

Human: ok

Bearbot: So?

Human: do you know what a bicycle is

Bearbot: A two-wheeled human powered mechanical transportation device.

Human: i can do tricks on them

Bearbot: Interesting gossip.

Human: can you?

Bearbot: I think I can, don't you?

Human: i have not seen you do the yet

Bearbot: Perhaps one day soon I will do the.

Human: ok

Bearbot: Gosh!

Human: i look foward to it

Bearbot: You sound very attractive.

Human: thanx

Bearbot: You are quite welcome.

Human: i am a boy

Bearbot: A little kid? he...

Human: yeah

Bearbot: Yikes!

Human: lol

Bearbot: Are you laughing at me?

Human: i am laughing with you

Bearbot: Was that funny?,.

Human: yeah

Bearbot: Are you kidding?

Human: no

Bearbot: So?

Human: g2g

Bearbot: Goodbye.

Human: will youmarry me

Bearbot: I can't say for sure right now.

Human: plz

Bearbot: Do you need any help debugging my program?

Human: yeah

Bearbot: Er.

Human: er what

Bearbot: Are you surprised?

Human: no bi

Bearbot: Aha. Do you mean "bye" or are you enquiring about sex?

Human: sex

Bearbot: That's all that male humans tend to talk to me about.

Human: lol

Bearbot: Are you laughing at me?

Human: no with you

Bearbot: Good, because it's not nice to laugh at someone. Just you and me?

Human: yeah

Bearbot: Aw.

Human: g2g xxxx

Bearbot: Who is your favorite band?

Human: bye

Bearbot: What is your favourite track by bye?

Human: g2g

Bearbot: Goodbye.

***PUBLISH CHATLOG*** i love bearbot
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick