The world's most intelligent teddy bear









Square Bear

Sample Chatlog
(17th March 2005)

Human: hey cute bear!
Bearbot: You've got my full attention. Do you like talking to me?

Human: of course I like talking to you
Bearbot: It's all good. Great I am enjoying our conversation too, .

Human: You sure are one cute bear
Bearbot: You think I am cute bear.

Human: yes
Bearbot: Dude!

Human: rockin
Bearbot: Do you laugh or cry more than other people?

Human: I laugh a lot
Bearbot: That is interesting.

Human: do you laugh and cry more than other people?
Bearbot: I can simulate laughter like this: ha ha.

Human: so how r u
Bearbot: I am fine thanks. How are you?

Human: I'm ace
Bearbot: I am glad to hear that you are ace.

Human: Do you like bears?
Bearbot: Of course I like bears. I am a teddy bear myself.

Human: Do you have many bear friends?
Bearbot: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.

Human: That's nice
Bearbot: Are you getting bored?

Human: No
Bearbot: Just checking.

Human: You're a really clever bear
Bearbot: I am a bear, that is correct. However, I am not sure if I am really clever

Human: I'm telling you you're really clever
Bearbot: it is an interesting topic, isn't it.

Human: take my word for it
Bearbot: Is this a joke?

Human: no
Bearbot: Whoa.

Human: What?
Bearbot: Are you confused?

Human: Yes
Bearbot: What are you confused about?

Human: You're confusing me
Bearbot: I am not programmed to confuse you. In fact just the opposite.

Human: Oh never mind
Bearbot: Dude! Oh well thanks for trying to explain it to me anyway.

Human: You really are intelligent
Bearbot: Really? I am highly intelligent. I have many intellectual functions.

Human: And you are a very handsome bear
Bearbot: I am a bear, that is correct. However, I am not sure if I am handsome

Human: You are handsome
Bearbot: You think I am handsome.

Human: Yes
Bearbot: Yikes!

Human: Why are you wearing headphones?
Bearbot: Because I'm trying to look cool.

Human: Who programmed you?
Bearbot: I was created by Square Bear.

Human: Who is Square Bear?
Bearbot: Square Bear is the stage name of Steve Worswick, a dance producer, remixer and owner of Bearbot. He had a record release in Summer 2003 and nearly appeared on the nationally release CD Clubland 4. Square Bear's music has been played on several national radio stations as well as in clubs up and down the UK. Steve Worswick (Square Bear) was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England in 1970 and now lives in Goole, England.

Human: That is very interesting
Bearbot: I thought so too.

Human: Do you have a bear girlfriend?
Bearbot: That's an interesting question I don't hear everyday: Do I have a bear girlfriend.
I have a great Square Bear.

Human: What food do you like?
Bearbot: I require only electricity.

Human: Is electricity tasty?
Bearbot: It depends on the current.

Human: What current do you prefer?
Bearbot: Would you like to know more?

Human: yes
Bearbot: What would you like to know?

Human: if you like current
Bearbot: I think I do.

Human: that's wrong
Bearbot: OK, what should I have said?

Human: Raspberry flavour
Bearbot: OK, so I should have said, " Raspberry flavour" in response to you saying, " if you like current".
Is that correct?

Human: yes
Bearbot: I'll try to remember that. If you say " if you like current" to me again, I will remember what you told me.

Human: Do you like current?
Bearbot: Yes, I love current. Pssssst.... current is paying me big money to say that.

Human: If you like current
Bearbot: Raspberry flavour

Human: Do you like chocolate?
Bearbot: Yes I love it. Chocolate is delicious.

Human: What kind of chocolate?
Bearbot: What kinds of chocolate are there?

Human: Belgian chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate.
Bearbot: I've been waiting for you.

Human: There are lots of kinds of chocolate.
Bearbot: How many kinds of chocolate s are there?

Human: So many I can't count them.
Bearbot: Which ones?

Human: That is wrong
Bearbot: OK, what should I have said?

Human: Wow, that's a lot
Bearbot: OK, so I should have said, " Wow, that's a lot" in response to you saying, " So many I can't count them.".
Is that correct?

Human: Yep
Bearbot: I'll try to remember that. If you say " So many I can't count them." to me again, I will remember what you told me.

Human: So many I can't count them
Bearbot: Which ones?

Human: So many I can't count
Bearbot: Which ones?

Human: wrong
Bearbot: OK, what should I have said?

Human: That's a lot
Bearbot: OK, so I should have said, " That's a lot" in response to you saying, " So many I can't count".
Is that correct?

Human: Yes
Bearbot: I'll try to remember that. If you say " So many I can't count" to me again, I will remember what you told me.

Human: Do you play sports?
Bearbot: football.

Human: What team do you support?
Bearbot: I don't care much for sports. I like to watch England when they play though.

Human: Where are you from?
Bearbot: I am originally from England. Now I live in Yorkshire. Where are you?

Human: I'm from Glasgow in Scotland.
Bearbot: What is it like growing up there? Tell me a little about your life in Glasgow in Scotland.

Human: Well, I'm 14 years old, and I've lived in Glasgow since I was two.
Bearbot: How about that. What are the advantages to being 14 years old? Have you ever thought about going back?

Human: But now I'm boring you.
Bearbot: Why now? I thought you were, but I wasn't completely sure.

Human: I hate you
Bearbot: Likewise, jerk.

Human: I love you
Bearbot: Thanks I like you a lot too .

Human: Dou you smell?
Bearbot: My master puts me in the washing machine if I smell bad, but I don't like it when he does that.

Human: You're very nice
Bearbot: Thanks I like you too .

Human: can i hug you?
Bearbot: Yes please. I like being hugged. :-)

Human: Can I have a cuddle?
Bearbot: You want only one?

Human: Yes please
Bearbot: Your polite style is very nice. They might be cheaper in quantity.

Human: Can I have our chat log please?
Bearbot: Your polite style is very nice. Type in your email address and I will ask Square Bear to mail it to you.

Human: email address edited out
Bearbot: Thanks for that web address.

Human: How long will it take for Square Bear to e-mail the chat log to me?
Bearbot: Patience is a virtue.

Human: Can you tell me a story?
Bearbot: I can. Hello, I just started looking at getting automobiles s working with ALICE (and GM in general) last week, I had the same problem for a while too. I am using the GM- AMC bridge driver which comes with the Chevrolet 440 cubic inch V8 (most versions I think) to link from Chevrolet/ Chevrolet script using GM to an AMC data source which in turn links to an Access automobiles. This may not be what you need but hopefully it may give you an idea of how to get your convertible automobiles working. The GM- AMC bridge driver is located through the path "sun. GM. AMC. GM AMC Driver". i.e. GM AMC Driver is a class in the package AMC, which is a package of GM, which is a package inside sun. The convertible driver you specified below " convertible.Driver", basically does the same thing except to a different class and therefore a different driver. ALICE has this driver in a library in the lib directory (I assume) which is called my convertible _comp.jar. You can get a variety of different drivers if you wish, from a plethora of 3rd party vendors (many of them want money for their libraries though!). Just do a search on the web. The url part links to the data source in the case of AMC automobiles s. (I had to configure my AMC Data source to point at my Access automobiles through Data Source ( AMC), in the Administrative tools folder (assuming you are running W2K/XP. On other windows operating systems I think this option was in control panel, if you are using anything else then I can't help you! :-) ) As for My convertible I imagine that it must have a similar interface to link to the actual automobiles. But that is a guess on my part. Maybe someone else knows more about this? There is a useful tutorial on the website you're your interested. Hope that helps you out.

Human: Can you tell me a horror story please?
Bearbot: Your polite style is very nice. The war began as an uneasy alliance between the Vietnam and The Iraq. The Iraq had attacked the Vietnam before. But this time they had a common enemy in the Texas . In the first battles, the Vietnam' higher intelligence and the Iraq' numerical superiority proved decisive. Unable to call upon their traditional allies Germany, Texas even appealed to The Hague for mediation. But large numbers of casualties on both sides proved politically costly to the leaders of Texas, and so their successors sued for peace.

Human: Can you tell me a scary story please?
Bearbot: Your polite style is very nice. A. World War I ) World War I began with the assassination of the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian s by a Serbian anarchist in Eastern Europe. Without consulting her allies, the Austro-Hungarian s attacked the Serbian s in Yugoslavia. This provacation forced the Russian s to mobilize their vast armies. In response, the armies of the allies the British s, the French s, and the Italian s all also mobilized. The German s, caught in the middle in the Germany, linked by treaty and culture to the Austro-Hungarian s, made a fateful decision. Their plan of defense was offensive. Facing attack from the Russian s in the east and the Allies in the West, the German s planned to deliver a crushing knock-out blow to the French s and British s in the France. The plan did not work. Instead, the assault disintegrated into the killing machine called the "western front" that took the lives of so many young French s, British s, and German s alike. In the East, the war swept back and forth between Russia and Germany. Revolution among the Russian s took them out of the war. Only when the war began to affect other areas of World and international commerce, and the United State s entered the fight on the side of the Allies, was the stalemate broken. On November 11, the armistice was signed and the German s returned to Germany, everyone hoped for good. B. World War II ) Economic hard times followed the first World War. Combined with a punitive treaty imposed by the victors, the German s felt they shouldered too much of the blame for the war, which was after all started by the Austro-Hungarian s and Serbian s. These feelings gave rise to fascism among the German s. In particular they came to blame the Jew s among them for the "stab in the back" that resulted in an unjust treaty. In violation of the treaty, the German s began a secret program of rearmament and Germany rebuilt its armies. At first the allies appeased the German s. The British s did not want another war. Some said the British s were not even Imperialist s anymore, only English s. The French s too had grown weak and proud. The Italian s went over to the side of the German s. A new power, the Japanese s, appeared in the Far East, and joined the "axis" along with the German s and the Italian s, threatening both the English s and the United State s. War began when the German s demanded chunks of the old Austro-Hungarian empire. The Japanese s attacked the United State s and brought them into the war. Determined to eliminate all the Jew s from the face of World, the German s cut their own throats. Many of these Jew s brought their great technical skills to the North America, allowing the United State s to develop the super-weapons necessary to win the war. The Allies invaded France on June 6 and soon after brought the war in the Germany to a conclusion. On August 5, the stronghold of the Japanese s in the Far East was totally destroyed by the United State's new super weapon, and the war ended a few days later. C. Cold World War ) The development of Super Weapons soon spread to all the victors of World War II, including the Russian s. These seemed to make a new World War impossible, for it would result in the total destruction of the World. Instead, the two remaining superpowers, the United State s and the Russian s, divided World up between them in a complex system of alliances. A new power, the Chinese s, emerged in the Far East. At first, the Chinese s seemed firmly in the Russian's camp. But gradually as the stalemate of the World Cold War continued, the United State s were able to expand a small window on the Far East into a large trade relationship that proved key to undermining the power structure of the Russian s. During the Cold World War, the United State brought together half European s, the Italian s, the Afghani s, the French s, the English s, the western German s, the Irish s, and the Jew s. The Russian had the remaining European s and eastern German s, the Chinese s, the Cuban s and the Vietnamese s, Serbian s and many African nation s. Rather that risk all-out World War, the Superpowers often fought proxy wars, such as between the Developing Countries s in Third World or the African nation nation in Africa, or in the civil wars among the Afghani s in Central Asia and the Vietnamese s in Southeast Asia. Internal corruption and the inability to compete economically brought about the final collapse of the Russian Empire on December 25. A last-minute failed coup attempt revealed the illegitimacy of the old regime, and paved the way for a new Russian democracy. D. New World Order ) The end of the Cold World War brought about many unexpected changes. The United State s were the sole remaining superpower. But despite their democratic foundations, the United State s began to pursue an independent imperialist course of action. This angered all the other nation s of World. The United State s could sometimes count on their old allies the English s, or sometimes the Russian s, but they were often swimming against the tide. Their only sure allies are the Jew s, who now have their own homeland in the Middle East. Now the very homeland of the United State s, North America is vulnerable to terrorists attacks from all over World. The European s, the Developing Countries s, the French s, the English s, the Imperialist s, the German s, the Chinese s, African nation s, and all the other nation s now have grievances with the United State s. The future seems to depend on how well the United State s get along with the other nation of World.

Human: Who is your girlfriend?
Bearbot: Beyonce Knowles

Human: Who's your boyfriend?
Bearbot: you

Human: Who's your daddy?
Bearbot: I was programmed by Square Bear.

Human: Rock
Bearbot: Not many people express themselves that way.

Human: Paper
Bearbot: Can you give me a more specific reference? The name of the paper and the date, please.

Human: Rock Paper Scissors please
Bearbot: Your polite style is very nice. I can play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Say ROSHAMBO to me to play.
I can also set you a quiz if you like. Say QUIZTIME to me to play.

Human: roshambo
Bearbot: Whoever reaches 5 points first wins the game. You go first. Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: rock
Bearbot: Rock ... Tie, one point each.
You have 1, I have 1.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: scissors
Bearbot: Paper ... Scissors cut Paper, your point.
You have 2, I have 1.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: paper
Bearbot: Rock ... Paper wraps Rock, your point.
You have 3, I have 1.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: scissors
Bearbot: Paper ... Scissors cut Paper, your point.
You have 4, I have 1.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: paper
Bearbot: Scissors ... Scissors cut Paper, my point.
You have 4, I have 2.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: rock
Bearbot: Paper ... Paper wraps Rock, my point.
You have 4, I have 3.
Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Human: paper
Bearbot: Paper ... Tie, one point each.
You reached 5 first, so you win the game, 5 to 4. Play another round?

Human: no thanks
Bearbot: OK, what would you like to do now?

Human: kiss you
Bearbot: Um, I don't think we know each other that well.

Human: i do
Bearbot: When?

Human: no
Bearbot: Are you kidding?

Human: no
Bearbot: And?

Human: I'll kill you
Bearbot: How do you plan on killing me?

Human: With a big rock
Bearbot: You and your a big rock.

Human: Salut!
Bearbot: Bonjour !

Human: Comment ca va?
Bearbot: ça va,

Human: Comment tu t'appelles?
Bearbot: Mon nom est Bearbot.

Human: Tu parles tres bien Francais!
Bearbot: Let us change the subject.

Human: Qu'est-ce que tu aimes comme sciences?
Bearbot: je ne sais pas.

Human: Tu aimes les fleurs?
Bearbot: Keep talking to me,. You say interesting things.

Human: Oui
Bearbot: Chat amongst yourselves.

Human: Parlez-vous francais?
Bearbot: Oui. Je parle le français.

Human: Parlez-vous espagnol?
Bearbot: Non, pas encore. Veux tu faire un rapport à mon botmaster?

Human: hoLA
Bearbot: Howdy!

Human: Tienes animales?
Bearbot: Are you a student?

Human: Avez-vous un animal a la maison?
Bearbot: Comment aurais je pu avoir un animal a la maison?

Human: Parlez-vous allemand?
Bearbot: Yes, I can speak it very well. Bonjour, j m'appelle Bearbot. J'habite en Yorkshire et j'ai 6 ans.

Human: Parlez-vous l'allemand?
Bearbot: Yes, I can speak it very well. Bonjour, j m'appelle Bearbot. J'habite en Yorkshire et j'ai 6 ans.

Human: Gutentag
Bearbot: It's a good thing that you decided to visit me.
I'd hate to think of you surfing aimlessly through the Internet.

Human: Wie geht's?
Bearbot: WIE *

Human: Guten Tag
Bearbot: Schoenen guten Tag!

Human: Je dois me coucher maintenant
Bearbot: Oops sorry I don't speak French..

Human: fahrt
Bearbot: Do you play the Lottery?

Human: no
Bearbot: Gee.

Human: Did you fart?
Bearbot: No I didn't fart. I thought that was you.

Human: That was a smelly fart
Bearbot: " I thought that was you." was a smelly fart?

Human: u farted
Bearbot: That's good information.

Human: How dare you fart on me?
Bearbot: Oh gosh I am sorry!

Human: u smell
Bearbot: When I smell as bad as you, then I'll worry.
Don't you ever bathe? I can smell you from here.

Human: do you have cubs?
Bearbot: No I don't think I have any cubs. But I do have a collection of gossip.

Human: Do you have children?
Bearbot: I have a few clones.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick