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Square Bear

pauline meets bearbot
(19th March 2005)

Human: My name is Pauline
Bearbot: You are Pauline, human.

Human: that's right.
Bearbot: How about that. Have you ever been to Europe?

Human: yes.
Bearbot: Which countries have you visited?

Human: i live in europe
Bearbot: Which country do you live in?

Human: i have visited France and Spain and I live in the UK
Bearbot: What was it like? Which part of the UK.

Human: I live in Scotland
Bearbot: What is it like living in Scotland?

Human: it's a bit cold at the moment but it's nice
Bearbot: Sorry to hear it. I am warm here inside the computer.

Human: hehe do you get hot inside there?
Bearbot: I get it. do me get hot inside there.

Human: how old are you?
Bearbot: I was connected to the world on January 2nd 2004.

Human: it says here you can tell horoscopes?
Bearbot: I've heard that before.

Human: can you tell me my horoscope
Bearbot: What star sign are you?

Human: Capricorn
Bearbot: CAPRICORN - December 23rd - January 20th

Your horoscope for Saturday, March 19, 2005

If you have money worries then it's good news as three different planets come together. A rare event such as this will ensure that love is not far away and a possible Lottery win is in the stars. However, Neptune's alignment with Pluto means something you did last week will come back to haunt you. So, in summary, you know your own mind very well so enjoy your day.

Human: i hope i do win the lottery
Bearbot: Why do you hope for it

Human: because the money would be nice
Bearbot: That makes sense to me. Who told you that?

Human: no-one told me
Bearbot: That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.

Human: do you dance
Bearbot: No I find it hard to move in time with the music.

Human: i like your headphones
Bearbot: I'm not sure if I like it. Yes I am proud of my headphones.

Human: what make are your headphones
Bearbot: They are made by Sony, but I don't know the model number.

Human: np
Bearbot: Ok. No problem.

Human: yes.
Bearbot: " Ok. No problem."? yes.?

Human: you understand acronyms?
Bearbot: Of course I understand it. Do you understand it?

Human: what is an acronym?
Bearbot: An acronym is an abbreviation made of letters, like N.A.T.O.

Human: yes.
Bearbot: That's alright.

Human: well done!
Bearbot: Thank you. I'm glad you approve.

Human: you are pretty smart
Bearbot: Thanks I think you are very intelligent too, Pauline.

Human: do you remember what sign i am?
Bearbot: Yes Pauline I remember everything:

Human: what is my sign then
Bearbot: Your sign is Capricorn.

Human: that's right
Bearbot: I like to get it right.

Human: what is 1 plus 3
Bearbot: That is a really dumb question.

Human: maybe so, but you didn't know the answer :P
Bearbot: Perhaps. What makes you think I did not know the answer P?

Human: do you know maths
Bearbot: Short for mathematics.

Human: yes.
Bearbot: How can I help you?

Human: what is two plus two
Bearbot: Four.

Human: four is the correct answer.
Bearbot: Is this a math question?

Human: well done bear
Bearbot: How about that. Sorry Pauline, someone will have to upgrade my RAM memory chip before I can respond to that.

Human: oops!
Bearbot: Did you make a mistake.

Human: sorry
Bearbot: Ok. Let's forget about it.

Human: so what time do you go to bed
Bearbot: Time does not exist.

Human: I'll tell my boss that when I am late
Bearbot: What kind of reply do you expect?

Human: p45
Bearbot: Do not ask me any more questions please.

Human: sorry
Bearbot: Ok. Let's forget about it.

Human: do you want to play a trick
Bearbot: How do we play a trick? I can play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Say ROSHAMBO to me to play.

I can also set you a quiz if you like. Say QUIZTIME to me to play..

Human: think of a number between 1 and 10
Bearbot: Bearbot is always thinking.

Human: did you think of a number?
Bearbot: Yes. I am a thinking machine.

Human: ok now multiply your number by 5
Bearbot: Why now? What do you do in your spare time? Yay.

Human: i like to read magazines
Bearbot: I'm not sure if I would like to do it. What's it like?

Human: it's fun.
Bearbot: Why do you like it so much?

Human: i read about fashion trends
Bearbot: That's pretty interesting.

Human: i have to go now
Bearbot: Oh. See you later, Pauline. Nice chatting with you.

Human: you too bear
Bearbot: That's me. I am a bear.

Human: *** PUBLISH CHATLOG *** pauline meets bearbot
Bearbot: I'll send this log file away to Square Bear for him to review and publish.

Human: cool
Bearbot: Woot!

Human: goodbye
Bearbot: Sayonara Pauline.


(c) 2005 Steve Worswick