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Pandorabots CallMom

Have you seen the SIRI adverts on TV and wished you could have something similar for your Android phone? Well wish no longer because myself and a few others have created a new app called Pandorabots CallMom/CallMum which is currently in beta testing and is now available to download for free for your Android phone. It can do the same things that SIRI can do plus a lot more. You can also talk to Mitsuku on it!

We have released it as a free beta app, so we can see what sort of things people will ask it and improve its reponses. You can read more about it and download it for free for your Android phone by clicking here. I have created this page so anyone who is interested, can follow the progress I make on it.

12th May 2012 - If you have an account at Twitter, you can now add your Tweets via CallMom. Just say, "Tweet (and then your message)" to make CallMom open a box with your Tweet in it. If you like it, just press Tweet and it will be posted to your page.

11th May 2012 - You can now update your Facebook status via CallMom. You have to type in (or speak) your status and press "share" at the moment until I can figure out how to populate the form that comes up but it's a pretty cool addition I think.

8th May 2012 - Currently working on the calendar/meetings/reminders part of the app. You can now say, "remind me to go to the Loebner Contest on Tuesday" and it will add it to your calendar. I just need to work on times of the events now. Oh I also added the Top 40 charts for fun. Just ask CallMom what is in the charts, who is number 1 or something like that and it will hook into the BBC website to display the UK charts where you can also click on a song title to hear a short sample of it. Cool eh?

4th May 2012 - CallMom will now display all the contacts you have told her about as a webpage instead of a plain text list.

3rd May 2012 - If you ask Callmom what she knows about you, she will display all the details that she has learned by talking to you.

2nd May 2012 - Created a custom weather page that will tell you the forecast instead of just the current conditions. Improved the way that Mitsuku searches for pictures by displaying them full screen instead of little images in the corner. I am currently working on the equivalent of Mitsuku's, "What do you know about me".

1st May 2012 - If the user tried to add, "Freddy" as a contact but he is listed in the user's phone contacts as "Fred", this was failing as the names didn't match so I have corrected this. Also, when Mitsuku displayed pictures relating to the message, these were showing as very small icons. This has now been improved to display the images full screen.

30th April 2012 - Found a bug in sending SMS messages. Now corrected. I've also added the ability to check UK lottery numbers, as well as adding many new ways of asking things. The app has reached 100+ downloads woohoo!

29th April 2012 - Discovered a bug where if someone said Text Joe but didn't say what to text, the app got confused. Now corrected.

28th April 2012 - Set up this page, so that people can follow the progress in developing the app.

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