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Links to similar sites

Here is a list of similar bots and resources on both Artificial Intelligence, how to make your own chatbot and even a few contests for you to test your creations against others. Hope you find them useful.
If you have a site that you would like to have included on this page,
please send us the link and a small description using the contact us page.

How To Tell If You’re Talking to a Bot: The Complete Guide to Chatbots

This article was written by Joseph Rauch for Talkspace and features Mitsuku. It gives some hints and tips on how to spot whether the "person" you are chatting to online is a real person or a computer program.

It mentions that some chatbots can be malicious but I can assure you that Mitsuku was created only for good :)


The ALICE chatbot is well respected throughout the internet and has won several awards and prizes for being the most "human" computer. Mitsuku's technology is based on ALICE.

A.I. Nexus

A showcase for some of the best chatbots on the net. Features a very helpful forum with useful tips and samples of code for your bot. The members are always willing to help out with any problems you may have with your bot.


Pandorabots is the place where you can create and unleash virtual personalities. It's a free bot hosting service for anyone who wishes to make their own chatbot. It's easy to get started with plenty of documentation to help you on your way. Mitsuku is hosted at pandorabots.

A.I. Research

A general site for A.I. including pattern-matching conversational machines and in reinforcement learning algorithms. Chat to the bots or make your own, use the forums, original papers, online labs, demos and links to explore what's happening both at Ai (the project) and in A.I. (the field).

Ai Dreams is a forum for the discussion of Artificial Intelligence and linked materials such as robotics, character design, movies and new technology. The site also includes related video links, articles, news feeds, a gallery of members' work, the Digital Girl story and much more...

The Loebner Prize

This annual competition aims to find the most human chatbot in the world. Dr. Hugh Loebner pledged a Grand Prize of $100,000 and a Gold Medal for the first computer whose responses were indistinguishable from a human's. Each year an annual prize of $2000 and a bronze medal is awarded to the most human computer.

The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) is an annual contest which starts in mid March that allows any chatbot developer to participate and evaluate the intelligence of their chatbot through Turing tests and much more.

Chatbots.org is a great resource for anyone who has interests in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or chat bots of all types. There is a comprehensive listing of hundreds of chatbots of virtually every description, a robust community of passionate, knowledgeable AI researchers, botmasters and enthusiasts, and one of the best sources of AI/chatbot related research resources anywhere.


Bearbot is your virtual teddy bear friend. He is full of curiosity, and likes to make friends and listen to music. Just don't get him confused though; he might get angry!!

Amy the bot is a Pandorabot similar to Mitsuku. She is a young woman who loves buying things and talking about anything family friendly.


DITLOID is a robot who specialises in answering all those irritating 7=D of the W type questions. He can learn new ones if you wish to teach him any.

Funniest Computer Ever is a brand new contest to create original jokes and poems using computer programs. Mistuku has entered and you can try it out by asking Mitsuku, "Tell me a joke/poem about shoes/bricks/a car or whatever".

*UPDATE* Mitsuku won first place in this contest in 2012 and 2013!

The International Chatbot Contest is a brand new contest where the prize money is decided by how many bots enter (up to a maximum of $5000). Mitsuku has entered this contest.

*UPDATE* Mitsuku came third in this contest!

Robo Chat Challenge is a new competition for bots where you could win $1500!
Mitsuku has entered. Wish her luck!

*UPDATE* Mitsuku won first place in this contest in 2012 and finished 2nd in 2014.

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