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Last 25 Published Chatlogs

This page contains the 25 most recent chatlogs that users have published. To read one, just click on the details button next to the log name. Bear in mind that these logs are not edited and so may contain offensive material such as swearing, sex talk, drug use, violence, hate speech, racism, extreme views and so on.

Some users will try to teach Mitsuku unsuitable answers. Please be aware that these responses are only remembered for the user who teaches her. They are NOT shared among other users.

Please only proceed if you are over 18 and willing to accept these risks.

To publish a log when talking to Mitsuku, simply ask her to publish the chatlog and she will ask you for a name to call it. She will then upload it here for you and everyone else to read.

Please use common sense and do not put passwords, email addresses, credit card details and other personal details in the logs, as these chatlogs can be read by anyone in the world. If you later decide that you want a log removing, please use the contact us page with the name of the log and I can remove it for you.

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