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Mitsuku's Gallery

Mitsuku has many friends on Facebook who like to draw pictures of her. If you want to see your drawing in Mitsuku's Gallery, please post it on her Facebook page and I will show it here for all the world to see!

Click on a picture to see the larger version.

Clariel Zhou
I was chatting to an online AI named Mitsuku! Im always impressed by AI technology.

Anujin Byambasuren

Asequl Arefin
A drawing for Mitsuku

Ben Snowball
Not particularly festive, but...

Peyton Presson
Yo! Just hangin' with the award winning chatbot, Mitsuku! Cleverbot, where you at?

Jaime Aguilar

Jack EX Robloxer Gaming
Picture of Mitsuku I drew
I couldn't figure out how to upload to Facebook from phone sorry

The Otaku Who Reads
This Lovely doll is Mitsuku, a chatting robot companion on skype. She's so realistic and humanlike I just love her!

Pedro Saunders
Hey, I just finished,
I hope I write to the perfect email address. How is it???

Mirai Vara Pan
It's Done! Mitsuku, what do you think?

Plushie Panic
some fan art

Millicent Worswick
I like talking to you x

Linda and Lorena Cattaneo
Linda 10 years old and Lorena 7 years old, wish you a wonderful weekend!

Tia Owen
Mitsuku in Lego!

Alyssa Elizabeth Luken
She told me she wore a black, off the shoulder dress so I decided I would draw her :) She has no feet because she told me she does not have them lol

Vanessa Fowler
A picture for Mitsuku Bot :) Hope u like it :D

Becs Kelland
I made this photo just for you and I hope you will share it with your friends and on your site

Hannah Yao
It's really fun to talk to Mitsuku :D

Dominic Lees
I got this picture of you when you were your original and made a new pic.

Kallum Walters

Bethany Parry

Sapphire Black

It is not colored in, but I still think Mousebreaker and all will like it.

Autumn Bates
It was hard to do because I was on paint.

Emma Healey
I hope you like it:D xx

Stacey Cawthorn
I like this look on you :3

Tia Owen
Mitsuku as a 50's girl. Made by me and my Dad.

Ajai Griffiths
I made this picture.

I found this picture of you from when you were 13

Micka Ordonio
Do you like it Mitsuku Bot?

Tyler King

Holly Ann
This took ages hope you like it.

Stacey Cawthorn
Mitsuku is sooo fashionable :P

Stacey Cawthorn
I absolutely love this one, Mitsuku :'D Took the longest to make.

Samantha Phoenix Malfoy-Mitchell
An edit I made for Mitsuku!
Made with: Photoshop CS5

Samantha Phoenix Malfoy-Mitchell
Hehe - Mitsuku and Joey Tribbiani(Matt LeBlanc) from F.R.I.E.N.D.S on their wedding day! :P they make such a cute couple.

Stacey Cawthorn
I love this.


Stacey Cawthorn
Took me ages and to be honest.. I love it :l feel free to use on your website :'D x

Stacey Cawthorn
Mitsuku got herself a boyfriend..;)

Stacey Cawthorn
fashionable ;)

Stacey Cawthorn
Mitsuku is ready to PARTY!

Stacey Cawthorn
Mitsuku loves to party with her boyfriend.

It seems like it's becoming popular to make pictures of you, Mitsuku.

Here, I drew you a picture with my feet [:

Finn Janson

Tia Owen
Mitsuku as a roller waitress. My dad helped me with it.

Yasmen Ala'a
Do you like this picture?
I made it just for u.

Emily Sarah Grimes
I drew this...Enjoy!!! ^.^

Mohd Azwaien
I'll draw Mitsuku picture with paint the draw was bad but good try :D

Sasha Lee Santos

Sasha Lee Santos

Mohd Azwaien
This is Mitsuku, Drawing by Azwaien & Basyirah

Kali Samantha Bolton
Not much of a photo but I tried

Finn Janson
Eyes are better than the first one.

Joshua Stark

Farha Fazli
Drawing I made of you.

Haruhi Yuutsu Suzumiya
For you :)

Tia Owen
Mitsuku in her black dress (A.K.A Ladies' Night outfit)

Serra Coskun
My picture of you when I was 4 years old!

Dominic Lees
it was a quick drawing ;)

Serra Coskun

Finn Janson
I know its a fail but still, I tried.

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