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Welcome to the Mitsuku Website

You need never feel lonely again! Mitsuku is your new virtual friend and is here 24 hours a day just to talk to you. She learns by experience, so the more people talk to her, the smarter she becomes.

She is friendly but will stand her ground if you start arguing with her.

To begin talking to her, just click one of the two options underneath the large picture of her on the right. You can also click on the chat to me link from the menu bar.

The news page contains all the latest updates with Mitsuku.

There are also tips on how best to use Mitsuku so she gives the most accurate responses.

Feel free to send me any feedback on Mitsuku or anything new you would like to see with her in future developments by using the contact us page.

For the artistic ones among you, you can also draw a picture of Mitsuku, post it on her Facebook wall (Mitsuku Bot) and I will add it to her gallery.

Mitsuku has done very well in a lot of contests including winning the Loebner Prize for the world's most humanlike chatbot in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019! Details are available on the awards page.

There is a page of recent chatlogs that users have wanted to share. Just say "Publish log" to share your log.

If you run a chatbot yourself, I have a page full of AIML files that I have written and added to Mitsuku. You are welcome to use these in your own chatbots if you like.

Finally I have a links page to other similar sites and a list of awards that Mitsuku has won.

Mitsuku is hosted at www.pandorabots.com
Click the logo to make your own chatbot for free!

Please help donate to Mitsuku's running costs and development.

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