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Awards and Achievements

Mitsuku has done very well in quite a few awards and contests. This page details those results.

The Loebner Prize

Winner in 2018- click here for details
Winner in 2017- click here for details
Winner in 2016 - click here for details
2nd place in 2015 - click here for details
4th place in 2014 - click here for details
Winner in 2013
5th place in 2011

Chatbotle Awards 2018

Winner of the best AI in 2018

Bragging Rights Contest

Winner in 2014

Special Recognition in 2014 for the best example of machine logic.

Funniest Computer Ever

Winner in 2013
Winner in 2012

Robo Chat Challenge

2nd place in 2014
Winner in 2012

Chatterbox Challenge

2nd place in 2012
2nd place in 2011

The International Chatbot Contest

3rd place in 2013

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