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Please vote for Mitsuku at the
Chatterbox Challenge by clicking here.

Note to Chatterbox Challenge Judges

A copy of the chatlog you have with the bot is available by clicking "Click here to read the chatlog" at the bottom right hand corner of the bot. This link will appear once you have started exchanging messages.

How to use Mitsuku

For the best results, you should try to spell your message to Mitsuku accurately and use proper sentence structure. i.e. How are you? rather than How R U?
She also functions best if you just type in one sentence at a time.
Also, if you remember to say goodbye, bye, see you soon or anything like that when you have finished talking,
she will remember you for the next time you visit (assuming you are on the same computer).


Type what you want to say in the "Type your message here" box then press Enter.
Mitsuku will reply after a few seconds.

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