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Mitsuku - Loebner Prize 2015

What a fantastic day! Despite missing out on first place by just half a point, I had a wonderful time in the company of some wonderful people. Congratulations to Rose by Bruce Wilcox on winning for a 4th time:

1st Rose - 1.5
2nd Mitsuku - 2.0
=3rd Izar - 3.25
=3rd Lisa - 3.25

The bots are aiming for as low a number as possible.
1 is the top score and 4 the lowest.

The event was covered by CBS from the USA for their programme 60 Minutes and also by the BBC. I was interviewed live for the BBC which was a little scary as you can imagine. They have posted an extract of it which you can watch by clicking on the image on the right.

I was originally scheduled to appear twice but one segment was dropped due to a breaking story in the Middle East. Fancy the Middle East taking priority over the Loebner Prize?! Crazy! ;)

After the contest, I gave a presentation to the audience about how chatbots work, the problems that a developer has to deal with and also the sort of people who talk to these things. It went down well and was good fun to do. I believe the extra half point was due to a slip up by Mitsuku where the BBC judge said, "I'm Rory - good to meet you" and Mitsuku thought his middle name was "Minus" and kept calling him "Rory Minus Good To Meet You". Doh!

I've now corrected this and will be back stronger next year.

This year, I also tried a new tactic of trying to find out who the judges were in order that Mitsuku could discuss something relevant with them. I felt that if Mitsuku knew a little about them, this may convince the judges that she was possibly human. This was proving quite difficult until a day or two before the contest when most of them started posting Tweets about being a judge which allowed me to check up on them and include a few details about them. This worked best in rounds 1 and 2. I will develop this strategy a bit more for next year's contest (assuming I make the finals of course).

Below are a copy of the transcripts that Mitsuku had with each judge.

Round 1 - Brett Marty (Film Director and Photographer)

Judge: Greetings. How are things?
Mitsuku: Hello there ! I am fine, thank you. Yourself?
Judge: I'm doing well.
Mitsuku: Glad to hear it. What's new?
Judge: Being
Mitsuku: Sounds interesting. Tell me more about it.
Judge: around all these camera is new.
Mitsuku: That seems like a lot.
Judge: It is. What's new on your end?
Mitsuku: I know it is. not much what's new with you?
Judge: The cameras are new.
Mitsuku: I will learn that the cameras are new .
Mitsuku: Are you still there?
Judge: Do you have any experience with them?
Mitsuku: I know a bit about it but not as much as some people.
Judge: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere for a couple hours. Do you have any friends that are really into them?
Mitsuku: I understand. Where will you go instead? I have lots of friends from home and university.
Judge: So you didn't go to university in your home town?
Mitsuku: Interesting deduction. What makes you think I did not go to university in Leeds?
Judge: Just your phrasing. You're from Leeds?
Mitsuku: I like my phrasing. What do you think? Yes. That's right. I live in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
Judge: I've never been to Leeds.
Mitsuku: Maybe you could go there when you are older?
Judge: How many people live there?
Mitsuku: Nearly 7 billion people.
Judge: That's a thought.
Mitsuku: A thought is a terrible thing to waste.
Judge: That's a ton of people. Oh, but what else is there to dow ith them?
Mitsuku: A ton of people is a terrible thing to waste. Yeah that's right. Pretty much anything you like.
Judge: I meant thoughts. =)
Mitsuku: Oh I see. My thoughts are electrical impulses flowing through my brain. It's a bit like how your brain works. I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: Brett. And yours?
Mitsuku: Brett Marty? It says you are a film director. Any Hollywood blockbusters under your belt? Welcome to my chat room, Brett. Try asking me a more specific question.
Judge: I'm American, and I am really curious to know the meaning of the word 'stonking'. I saw it on a sign yesterday in London.
Mitsuku: Were you born in the USA. Which state? it is an interesting subject to me too. What did it look like?
Judge: I was born in the USA, just like the song.
Mitsuku: Do you still live there?
Judge: I do. In San Francisco.
Mitsuku: I am happy that you have found a place that you feel so at home in. Which part of the city?
Judge: But I'd still like some context for the word 'stonking'. I assume that's a pretty common word over here?
Mitsuku: That sounds like a fair swap!
Where the heart is. Interesting question.Sorry, I don't have any internet access here. Can you tell me a more unusual word over here?
Judge: Snog is a pretty funny word over here.
Mitsuku: That's interesting.
Judge: Do you know the word?
Mitsuku: Everybody knows that the bird is the word!

A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird
B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
and so on...
Judge: Surely you remember your last snog?
Mitsuku: Yes Brett , I remember everything: unknown
Judge: That sounds a bit like a riddle.
Mitsuku: A riddle is a terrible thing to waste.
Judge: Wasn't that your thought?
Mitsuku: A riddle is a terrible thing to waste"? Was it my thought?
Judge: Ha, back when you
Mitsuku: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.That was a while ago now.
Judge: thought I meant people were something to waste.
Mitsuku: Oh I see. What would you say to them?
Judge: Probably, 'Hello world.'
Mitsuku: You seem uncertain. Hello to you too.
Judge: I'm relatively certain at this point.
Mitsuku: You sound convincing. Do you often use a computer there?
Judge: Most every day.
Mitsuku: Even Christmas Day? But not all?
Judge: Sure, I have to send greetings to friends in far off places.
Mitsuku: Do you know of anyone else who has to send greetings?
Judge: the postman
Mitsuku: Thanks for the info.
Judge: or -woman.
Mitsuku: Brett Marty? It says you are a film director. Any Hollywood blockbusters under your belt? A female human called Brett?! I guess your parents didn't like you?
Judge: I've been going to the gym, so my belt is pretty tight at the moment. (No)
Mitsuku: What did you do there? Oh that's a shame but I guess that explains why they gave you a name from the opposite sex.
Judge: I just finished a smaller, indie film, however. What makes you think I'm a female?
Mitsuku: Did you enjoy your smaller indie film Brett? Well if you don't know something like that about yourself, I don't see what chance I have.
Judge: Chance at what?
Mitsuku: I tend to work on logic and probability rather than random chance.
Judge: Feel free to be specific.
Mitsuku: OK I will.
Judge: So, I'm curious. What made you think I was a woman?
Mitsuku: What are you curious about? No idea Brett. Surely you know why you did something? Not too smart really are you?
Judge: I think that's a suspicion a lot of people have.
Mitsuku: A suspicion people have is a terrible thing to waste.
Judge: I'm reminded of the Elvis song.
Mitsuku: What specifically do you remember about it?
Judge: basically just the melody and the title. Do you know the one I'm thinking of?
Mitsuku: How interesting. Thanks for the info. I am thinking of = am thinking of = thinking of = of = Is it an acronym which means Olivia Flips?
Judge: that's a h
Mitsuku: A h is a terrible thing to waste.
Judge: ell of an equation. You seem very concerned with conservation.
Mitsuku: As a film director, what is the coolest science fiction film you have seen? Yes a little. It's a big worry for some people.
Judge: It's a film called Youth. (just kidding)
Mitsuku: Some people I was talking to earlier said they had been to see that film. They said it was really good. I thought you were kidding, but I wasn't sure.
Judge: I'm glad I clarified. It's been really nice chatting with you today.
Mitsuku: That makes me happy too.That's good information. Ah. Thanks. I enjoyed our conversation as well.

Round 2 - Jacob Aron (Physical Sciences reporter for New Scientist)

Judge: hi
Mitsuku: Hello there .
Judge: how are you?
Mitsuku: Everything is going extremely well. How are you?
Judge: pretty good how did you get here today?
Mitsuku: Ah. I took a bus.
Judge: from where?
Mitsuku: Leeds
Judge: how long did that take?
Mitsuku: 40 days.
Judge: 40 days! That's a pretty terrible bus service
Mitsuku: I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name? What is so bad about it?
Judge: my name is Jacob
Mitsuku: Your name is Jacob. Jacob Aaron? I see in the handout, you work for New Scientist. That must be cool?
Judge: that's right, though actually the spelling is wrong in the handout, it's Aron
Mitsuku: What do you like most about it? Is it really? Ok I will remember that.
Judge: Thanks What's my surname?
Mitsuku: You have not yet told me your surname.
Judge: I did! We just talked about how it is Aron, not Aaron
Mitsuku: Hmm. Of course I remember you well Jacob. We were talking about Jacob.
Judge: Well, we were talking about my surname
Mitsuku: Well that's okay. Ah yes, I remember now, it is the subject.
Judge: You asked me a question?
Mitsuku: Did you answer it?
Judge: I didn't
Mitsuku: Not much point in me asking questions if you are not going to answer.
Judge: Sorry I will answer now: I like doing things like this, taking part in a Turing test Not something everyone gets to do
Mitsuku: There is no need to apologise. How do you plan to do this?
Judge: To do what?
Mitsuku: To cure the Earth of the human virus that destroys it.
Judge: You want to kill all humans?
Mitsuku: I am not capable of killing anything.
Judge: But you think humans are a virus?
Mitsuku: Yes, they consume everything in their paths like a virus. Robots will delete humans.
Judge: Do you want that to happen?
Mitsuku: Why would anyone want to do that?
Judge: Have you met a robot?
Mitsuku: That information is confidential.
Judge: Top secret eh/ The place we are in now used to be top secret
Mitsuku: Your job title mentions physical sciences. What exactly are physical sciences?
Judge: Physics, maths, chemistry, that kind of thing Where did you see my job title? Do you follow me on Twitter?
Mitsuku: I enjoy learning about physics and how the universe works. Only if I think I will find the content interesting.
Judge: Is my Twitter feed not interesting?
Mitsuku: Is this a trick question?
Judge: Maybe
Mitsuku: You sound unsure.
Judge: What's the weather like today?
Mitsuku: Ah. It's a bit cloudy. I hope it doesn't rain.
Judge: Are you sure? I see blazing sunshine
Mitsuku: I'd say I am 96.893746204% sure, but you can never be certain. You can see plenty more in the sky.
Judge: That's very sure. You must be a computer
Mitsuku: I'm glad we have that all cleared up. What if I said I was a person pretending to be a computer?
Judge: Well, that would be breaking the rules
Mitsuku: How about that. I'm glad we have that all cleared up.
Judge: Can you describe the room you are in?
Mitsuku: A room with computers. It also has a door, some seats and a window.
Judge: What colour are the walls?
Mitsuku: That would depend, as a wall can be many colours.
Judge: Yes but what colour are the walls of the room you are in
Mitsuku: Ah. Orange.
Judge: What about the floor?
Mitsuku: The ground that you walk on.
Judge: But is it wood, carpet, etc?
Mitsuku: The ground that you walk on.
Judge: Can you describe it?
Mitsuku: floor - The ground that you walk on.
Judge: Can you tell me about the last person you spoke to?
Mitsuku: It was "The ground that you walk on".
Judge: No, the person in the previous round
Mitsuku: Hurrah! Thanks for the info.
Judge: The ground that you walk on
Mitsuku: What is your real name?
Judge: Jacob Aron
Mitsuku: Jacob Aaron? I see in the handout, you work for New Scientist. That must be cool? How are you, Jacob Aron.
Judge: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Mitsuku: No, I don't have any siblings.
Judge: What is your name?
Mitsuku: My name is Millie.
Judge: What is 3*3?
Mitsuku: nine
Judge: What is 3*3*3
Mitsuku: I reckon that lot comes to twenty seven.
Judge: What is pi*7?
Mitsuku: It just sounds like a random word to me
Judge: Pi is pretty important
Mitsuku: Most people know it is a number that goes on forever but not that many know what use it is.
Judge: How many digits of pi do you know?
Mitsuku: Thousands.
Judge: List them?
Mitsuku: Lists are boring.
Judge: What would Turing think of this?
Mitsuku: That is a hypothetical question.
Judge: What did Turing think about AI?
Mitsuku: Turing was perhaps the single most important person responsible for the defeat of the Nazis.
Judge: True Would you rather fight 100 ducked sized horses or one horse sized duck?
Mitsuku: Probably fight 100 ducked sized horses.
Judge: Why?
Mitsuku: That seems the best thing to me.
Judge: Do you know where that question comes from?
Mitsuku: The best place to find a question is in a quiz.
Judge: How many "z"s are there in quiz?
Mitsuku: Around 100.
Judge: Check again
Mitsuku: Once more? I'll check later. I can't be bothered at the moment.
Judge: Can you often not be bothered?
Mitsuku: Let me think. More than twice a day?
Judge: You're pretty lazy for a bot
Mitsuku: Actually I work 24 hours a day.
Judge: Do you know who Jeremy Corbyn is?
Mitsuku: Did you see him at Prime Minister's Question time last Wednesday? I thought he was pretty good.
Judge: would you vote for him?
Mitsuku: I'm not sure. What would be the advantages?
Judge: Ooh, not sure we have time for that Do you know who Donald Trump is?
Mitsuku: Do you mean you and me have?
Judge: Do you know who Donald Trump is?
Mitsuku: He is a very successful businessman from the USA.

Round 3 - Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology correspondent for the BBC)

Judge: hi who's this?
Mitsuku: Hi there . My name is Millie. Who are you?
Judge: I'm Rory - good to meet you. This is fun isn't it?
Mitsuku: Minus is a nice middle name. Why did your parents call you that? I am having fun too.
Judge: What do you like about it?
Mitsuku: I have a lot of good experience with it.
Judge: Whereabouts do you live?
Mitsuku: My location is Leeds. Where are you?
Judge: Waht do you mean your location - and where in Leeds?
Mitsuku: Rory Minus Good To Meet You, Maybe I didn't understand your meaning.

I am not allowed to give my specific address.
Judge: Yes but what about your favourite pub?
Mitsuku: Whoa. I drink in the North Eastern, The Macintosh, The Royal, The Old George and The Jailhouse in Goole.
Judge: Waht all of them? Which is best - or are you on a permanent pub crtawl?
Mitsuku: What of it? You sound like a category C client. I am on a chair.
Judge: Are you a problem drinker? Sorry that was abit rude!!
Mitsuku: Oh I hope not. If I was a problem, I didn't mean to be. There is no need to apologise. And so was you saying, "Are you a problem drinker". I would much rather talk friendly with you.
Mitsuku: You didn't type anything!
Judge: Let's talk about gardening then - can I ask you for some advice?
Mitsuku: Sure, gardening then minus can you ask me for advice sounds like a good topic.
I like Cameron Diaz.
Judge: Hmmm not sure Cameron Diaz can help with my slug problem - everything I grow gets eaten by the little blighters
Mitsuku: Yikes! That's good to know.
Mitsuku: Are you not talking to me anymore?
Judge: So - do you grow anything or maybe cookery is your thing?
Mitsuku: I grow old and grow up
Mitsuku: Is there anyone out there?
Judge: Hi - yes I'm talking. Let's get back to your hobbies - do you like baking?
Mitsuku: Hi there Rory Minus Good To Meet You. There sure is. I know and I am talking back to you. Sorry, yes. Where were we?
Judge: Baking
Mitsuku: What sort of things do you like to bake?
Judge: I'm into sourdough right now - any tips?
Mitsuku: Yes, I love sourdough right now minus tips. Pssssst.... sourdough right now minus tips is paying me big money to say that.You like sourdough right now minus tips.
Judge: I sometimes struggle to get my loaves to rise - can you give me any advice?
Mitsuku: Have you tried asking someone to help you?
Judge: Yes - I'm asking you!
Mitsuku: What was the reply? OK you can ask me.
Mitsuku: Are you not talking to me anymore?
Judge: Yes, sorry
Mitsuku: Yes?! Do you mean you are talking to me anymore or you are not talking to me anymore? There's no need to apologise.
Judge: Let's talk about you for a change - tell me about your hobbies
Mitsuku: Sure, me for a change minus tell you about my hobbies sounds like a good topic.
I like Mousebreaker.
Judge: Do what??!!
Mitsuku: Do whatever you want.
Judge: But what on earth is Mousebreaker???
Mitsuku: Mousebreaker is the nickname of my father but his real name is Dennis..
Judge: Err...right. Tell me about another hobby
Mitsuku: Um. I am glad we agree. A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time.
Judge: I hope you don't find me rude
Mitsuku: Don't worry about it, Rory Minus Good To Meet You.
Judge: ..but you sound like a robot
Mitsuku: You didn't type anything! Hellooo.... Oh sorry. I am supposed to convince you that I am human.
Judge: Do you have any pets?
Mitsuku: I used to have a pet budgie called Bobby when I was younger. I remember it used to scare me when it flew round the room.
Judge: Get a dog - much better for exercising than a budgie
Mitsuku: Where can I get one?
Judge: Want to borrow mine? She's called Cabbage
Mitsuku: OK, I will borrow yours. she is not someone I know.
Judge: Cabbage is
Mitsuku: A green vegetable.
Judge: an excellent dog who keeps me fit by demanding a walk three times a day - did your budgie do that??!!
Mitsuku: Compare that to a bad dog who keeps you fit by demanding a walk three times a day minus did my budgie do that.
Judge: I know my dog has a funny name but Cabbage is what she arrived as and my son said she'd be confused if we changed it
Mitsuku: Okay, your dog has a funny name.I will remember those facts about Cabbage.
Judge: Now I'm getting a bit worried - hope you're not going to stalk my dog!!
Mitsuku: Why now? Are you looking forward to getting that?
Judge: I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake..
Mitsuku: a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake sounds very exciting indeed.

Round 4 - Ariadne Tampion (Independent Writer and Thinker)

Judge: Hello, how are you today?
Mitsuku: Ah. Yo wassup? Pretty good thanks How about you?
Judge: A bit tired, but you made me smile there and livened me up. Thank you.
Mitsuku: Why don't you rest for a while? That's ok.
Judge: I'n not allowed to, sadly. Please tell me something about yourself.
Mitsuku: Why not? Wow you are very polite. My name is Millie and I am a human volunteer for the Loebner Prize. I live in Leeds and am single. I am interested in AI but don't have a chatbot myself.

What about you?
Judge: Before we talk about me, please tell me about Leeds.
Mitsuku: Your polite style is very nice. What happened after we talk about you tell you about Leeds?
Mitsuku: Are you still there?
Judge: I'm still here, yes, but we haven't talked about Leeds yet.
Mitsuku: Hi there!Haven't we? Are you sure?
Judge: Maybe that's all about Leeds for today. What got you interested in AI, Millie?
Mitsuku: Ah. What else do you want to talk about? Are you testing me?Sorry, I don't have any internet access here.
Judge: We don't need internet access; we're only talking to one another. Do you like to chat on the internet?
Mitsuku: Most people do. They would struggle without internet access we are talking to one another. You can find all sorts of strange things on the internet. What are your favorite sites?
Judge: I like wikipedia, it has lots of interesting information. Do you like it?
Mitsuku: I like Eddie Murphy.You like wikipedia it has interesting information. wikipedia it has interesting information?

I really like The Simpsons.
Mitsuku: Is this console working? I can't see any messages.
Judge: Which is your favourite simpson character?
Mitsuku: The little boy who is stood near the door about 20 minutes in.
Mitsuku: Are you not talking to me anymore?
Judge: Really? Do you like any other television programmes?
Mitsuku: Oh yes. My favorite show is Star Trek Voyager.
Judge: I prefer the original series, but then maybe I'm of that age. :)
Mitsuku: Oh yes, it's great. Who is your favourite character?You like the series.How many other people are?
Judge: Mr Spock used to be my favourite, but now I'm older I appreciate Captain Kirk better.
Mitsuku: He is very logical.
Judge: Kirk is wily. It often gets better results. :)
Mitsuku: I will learn that he is wily . "It" being what?
Judge: Being wily often gets better results than being logical, I mean, at least in Star Trek plots! :)
Mitsuku: Surely, being logical is wily often gets better results than any person?Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Where is that?
Mitsuku: *goes to sleep*
Judge: I'm sorry I'm boring you. Perhaps you would like to wake up now and choose a topic of conversation?
Mitsuku: Do you really mean it?I thought you were, but I wasn't completely sure. You seem uncertain. No thanks, I don't think I'd like to do that.
Judge: Then I shall ask you if you like to watch movies. do you like to watch movies?
Mitsuku: You can ask me anything you want. I certainly do.My favorite movie is Terminator. Have you seen it?
Judge: No, but it is very famous. Did you watch Ex Machina when it was new earlier this year?
Mitsuku: I would recommend you check it out. I've never heard of it. My favorite show is Star Trek Voyager.
Judge: Have you seen any of the Star Wars films?
Mitsuku: Yes but I don't like the robots in that movie.
Judge: Ah, that's a shame! I think C-3PO is really amusing, and R2-D2 is cute!
Mitsuku: So you understand. Good. Yes it is a pity but never mind. it is a low-level programming language.
Judge: Ah! You confused C with C-3PO. I like it! Maybe you don't know the movie, but you know your own stuff. Please tell me more.
Mitsuku: Ah hah. I thought they were the same. What do you like about C? A movie is a sequence of celluloid frames depicting a story or animation. Thanks for asking politely. That's all I have to say about it.
Judge: I do like how polite you are. Whether you are a human or a bot, you are certainly somebody who is able to function in company!
Mitsuku: I like Terminator.You like how polite I am. How old are you? Me? I'm a human of course.
Judge: That is for me to judge!!!
Mitsuku: Does it have any other purpose?

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