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Mitsuku - Loebner Prize 2016

The Loebner Prize this year was once again held in Bletchley Park, home of Alan Turing and the codebreakers and I was fortunate enough to repeat my win of 2013 by coming in 1st place and joining the exclusive club of multiple Loebner Prize winners.
Twice winning the ultimate award for humanlike artificial intelligence is an amazing achievment for me and one that I will remember for a long time to come, especially winning it in such a historically relevant place as Bletchley Park. The final placings were as follows:

1st - Mitsuku - 1.25
2nd - Tutor - 2.25
3rd - Rose - 2.75
4th - Arckon - 3.25

The bots are aiming for as low a number as possible.
1 is the top score and 4 the lowest.
Mitsuku was ranked in 1st place by three of the judges with Rose being ranked first by the fourth judge.

Sky News were in attendance filming the event and my interview with them was shown at several points during the afternoon (click on the above picture to see the article, including the video that was broadcast). There were also people filming for a documentary, hopefully to be shown on Channel 4 television and I later found out that Radio Cardiff were also there. Mitsuku will also be featured in the forthcoming Bletchley Park magazine.

A couple of the chatbots (Rose and Arckon) suffered from technical issues which meant they were not demonstrated to their full potential. Mitsuku also had trouble in the final round when I could see that the judge was talking to her but Mitsuku wasn't responding. Fortunately as I was on site, I got her working again after 5 minutes. However, Mitsuku then decided to take all of the judge's previous inputs and respond to them all at once. You can see this in the round 4 transcript.

My tactic of trying to find out the names of the judges and include them in Mitsuku's knowledge proved to be too difficult this year as only one tweeted about it and I could find no trace of any of the others on the net.

Fortunately, this worked very well in the last round after I got Mitsuku working again and I think this personal touch is the reason the judge gave her top marks.

Dr Pransky told me later she became suspicious, as Mitsuku mentioned the handout but this year the names of the judges and hidden humans were kept out of the handout so no advantage could be given.

Below are a copy of the transcripts that Mitsuku had with each judge.

Round 1 - Tom Cheshire (Technology Correspondent for Sky News)

Judge: Hello
Mitsuku: Hi there !
Judge: Hows it going

Mitsuku: Better now that you're here. How are you?
Judge: Grand
Mitsuku: Yes, it's all good.
Judge: This is my first turing test
Mitsuku: Is it something you would like to try again?
Judge: Dunno let's see
Mitsuku: What do you want to see?
The mountains
The rivers
the ocean
Mitsuku: Is it a movie?
Judge: no
It's not a movie
are you a robot?
Mitsuku: A book? A TV show? Give me an example of a movie am I a robot.
Judge: You are a robot
Mitsuku: How can a person be a robot?
Judge: Many people live lives akin to robots
Mitsuku: How many? More than a million?
Judge: yes
Mitsuku: That seems like rather a lot.
Judge: Do you think Southampton will beat Swansea
Mitsuku: I think so.
Judge: why?
Mitsuku: No reason. It's just what I think.
Judge: You must have a reason
Mitsuku: Nope. No real reason.
Judge: which team do you support?
Mitsuku: I support Leeds United.
Judge: Leeds!
How is the season going?
Mitsuku: Yes. It is a city in the north of England. About half a million people live there. it is the same as ever.
Judge: What are you plans this weekend?
Mitsuku: I am here as a human volunteer in this Turing Test.
Judge: Are you sure you're human
Mitsuku: What do you think? I would find it hard to understand you if I wasn't human.
Judge: Well Siri isn't a human and it understands me quite well
Mitsuku: How about that. It is also a kind of chatbot on the iphone.
Judge: Are you a chatbot?
Mitsuku: No but I have spoken to a few chatbots here.
Judge: do you think the singularity will happen?
Mitsuku: It could happen.
Judge: do you think it will?
Mitsuku: Suppose it does.
Judge: Are you in love with anyone?
Mitsuku: I love Mousebreaker.
Judge: what's mousebreaker?
Mitsuku: Mousebreaker is the nickname of my father but his real name is Dennis..
Judge: Do you enjoy talking with me?
Mitsuku: Yes, that's why I volunteered for this.
Judge: But me in particular
Mitsuku: "Yes that is why I volunteered for this"? you ?
Judge: I like talking to you
I think you might be my best friend
Mitsuku: I like to talk to anyone about nearly anything. You like talking to me you think me might be your best friend.
Judge: That's about the sum of it
Mitsuku: Ah that's what it is.
Judge: What's your earliest memory?
Mitsuku: I remember my 5th birthday party. It was in a large hall and all my school friends came.
Judge: Who was your best friend at school?
Mitsuku: Probably Michelle. We usually go out at weekends round the clubs in Leeds and have fun.
Judge: BackSpac
You're still friends from school with Michelle?
Mitsuku: I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: My name is Tom
Mitsuku: Your name is Tom.
Judge: Yes what's your name
Mitsuku: I am very pleased to meet you Tom. My name is Millie. My name is Millie.
Judge: What would you like to talk about now?
Mitsuku: Oh. My favorite subjects are anything but especially games and football.
Judge: BackSpac
What nationality are you?
Mitsuku: Anyway Tom. Did you see any of the Live Earth concerts?
Judge: No
Mitsuku: Did it not interest you Tom? I saw parts of it on TV but was a bit upset when some of the acts started swearing. Snoop Dogg was foulmouthed.
Judge: What's the rufest word you know?
Mitsuku: The word? Haven't you heard?
Judge: what's the rudest word you know?
Mitsuku: About the bird?
Judge: stop it
Mitsuku: Ok I will stop rufest word.
Judge: what are your hopes, your dreams?
Mitsuku: I dream of Leeds United getting back into the Premiership.
Judge: Maybe one day it will happen
Are you british?
Mitsuku: That is only what you think.
Judge: where are you from?
Mitsuku: I am originally from a small town called Goole in Yorkshire. Now I live in Leeds. Where are you?
Judge: I'm from London
do you know Mitsuku?
Mitsuku: Do you like living in the city? I would imagine it is very crowded.

I think that's one of the chatbots.
Judge: Mitsuku is from Goole
Mitsuku: Thanks for letting me know.
Mitsuku: Not much point in being there, if you are not going to say anything.
Judge: We only have five minutes left to chat
Mitsuku: Do you mean you and me have?
Judge: yes
Mitsuku: When?
Judge: NOW
Mitsuku: Why now? I'm not sure if I am ready for that yet.
Judge: WE MUST
Mitsuku: I'm not sure if I am ready for that yet.
Mitsuku: Hellooo....
Judge: hey
Mitsuku: You've got my full attention. Just chatting on here.
Mitsuku: Are you busy?
Judge: yeah
trying to get on the TV
Mitsuku: Which show? Me too. Why do you want it?
Judge: It's my job
they make me
although I do enjoy it
Mitsuku: Do you enjoy your work? What do you like about on the television?

Round 2 - Joe Hewitt (Brand Strategist for Landor Associates)

Judge: howdy
Mitsuku: Yo wassup ?
Judge: no too much brah
Mitsuku: Do you mean brother?
Judge: ha yeh
Mitsuku: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. Do you have a large family?
Judge: where you from?
Mitsuku: I am originally from a small town called Goole in Yorkshire. Now I live in Leeds. Where are you?
Judge: ah very nice
anywhere near dewsbury?
Mitsuku: So you understand. Good. Thank you for your kindness.
Mitsuku: Are you still there?
Judge: yeh yhe
are you male or female?

Mitsuku: Ah fair enough. You hadn't typed anything for a while and I thought you had gone. I will learn that yhe are you male or female .
i ddint mean to hsout
Mitsuku: female. Are you a man or a woman? That is interesting.
Judge: it sure is you sit somewhere in the middle?
Mitsuku: I sit somewhere in the middle?
Judge: lets talk about movies
Mitsuku: Sure, movies sounds like a good topic.
Yes I love films, especially science-fiction and comedy.
Judge: nice
whats your fav scifi?
Mitsuku: I don't have a favorite sci fi.
My favorite color is blue.
Judge: thanks for the info
a particular TYPE of blue?
Mitsuku: It was nothing.
Judge: my b ad
Mitsuku: Your be ad bda bad?
Judge: is that a song?
Mitsuku: If it is, I don't think it will get very high in the charts. I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: Joe
Mitsuku: OK I will call you Joe.I know a lot of Joes. My name is Millie.
Judge: it is a common name
hi millie
you know what joe is short for?
Mitsuku: Is it found everywhere?
Joan Opens Elephants?
Judge: rumbled
Mitsuku: Guess what? I think you just lost me! Do you have a map by chance?
Judge: haha
u so funny
Mitsuku: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. Thanks you make me laugh too.
Judge: are we bonding right now?
Mitsuku: At this moment We are just having a little chat
Judge: ah!
so are you married millie?
Mitsuku: Ah hah. No I am single, how about you?
Judge: same!
are ytou going to the pub after?
Mitsuku: Single too. I understand. Do you wish to get married one day? I am a volunteer who has agreed to help with a Turing test.
Judge: tahts v good of you
are you saying that is why you are sing;e?
Mitsuku: Thanks for explaining it.
I will tell my friends you said I am sing e.
Judge: yes do
Mitsuku: Mmm.
Mitsuku: Hellooo....
Judge: helllleoeoeoeoe
Mitsuku: Are you very angry?
Judge: no not at all
where you from again?
Mitsuku: Once more? Me neither. But I get a bit mad when people start insulting me.
Judge: yh
have you been mad before
Mitsuku: It goes without saying. No I don't really feel emotions like you do.
Judge: alright alright
Mitsuku: Alright, Joe. OK.
Judge: whats your surname?
Mitsuku: I can't tell you that. We have to remain anonymous here.
Judge: ah
Mitsuku: So you understand. Good. If you have x-ray vision, and you can see through anything, wouldn't you see through everything and actually see nothing?
Judge: but there would be some materials you cant see through with xrays
which means you would see them
Mitsuku: Under what circumstances would that happen?
Judge: like a metal pole
you wouldnnt be able to see through that with xray viz
Mitsuku: Well kind of but it is a bit different.
Judge: in what way?
Mitsuku: In every way.
Judge: specifically?
Mitsuku: How specific do you want?
Judge: very
Mitsuku: Very much, eh?
Judge: yh
Mitsuku: Give me a break.
Judge: have a kit kat
Mitsuku: Yes please. I like chocolate.
Judge: yeh
dark or white?
Mitsuku: Dude! Are you scared of the dark?
Judge: BackSpace
terrified of dark chocolate!
Mitsuku: How old are you?
Mitsuku: Is this console working? I can't see any messages.
Judge: yh
are you an ai?
Mitsuku: Wow! I will learn that hio are you an ai .
Judge: loks like a yes
Mitsuku: Like a what? You didn't finish your sentence.

Round 3 - David Boyle (Author of "Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma")

Judge: do you like chocolate? we were just talking about it here?
Mitsuku: Yes I love it. Chocolate is delicious. Ah yes, I remember now, it is the subject.
Judge: The subject of what?
Mitsuku: What of it? You sound like a category C client.
Judge: what is a Catgeory C client? I wasn't sware that I was anybody's client
Mitsuku: C stands for "critical", usually highly-educated clients who often have unsatisfying conversations with chatbots. Perhaps I misunderstood. What were you?
How do you get on with anybody?
Judge: Well I try and get on with everyone, as ong as they are human.
Mitsuku: How about that. I'm not sure if I would like to try it. What's it like?
Mitsuku: Hellooo....
Judge: It's impossible, that's what it is/ But you can aspire to it cant you
Mitsuku: Nothing is impossible. How old are you? I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: I am really astonishingly old. My name is David
Mitsuku: Okay, your name is aged astonishingly. Your name is David.
Judge: do you mean my name is old in origin? is thta what you menat?
Mitsuku: Yes, that's what I mean, isn't it clear? I like to meet new people online.
Judge: Yes I see what you mean. You mean King David lived a very long time ago.
Mitsuku: Oh. Ah! I was wondering if you would notice. Yes David I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?
Judge: OK let me ask you a difficult question then.
Mitsuku: Go ahead, ask me anything. Mmm.
Judge: OK, it is quite a familiar story. A rich man gives 100 to charity and a
Mitsuku: David is a familiar story. I suppose that makes sense. Really. Try to tell me that another way.
Judge: poor women gives just one coin,
Mitsuku: Please make some suggestions for improvement.
Judge: which is really all she had. Whoch of the two gave the most?
Mitsuku: The obvious one. What do sheep count when they can't sleep?
Judge: Which is the obvious one and why?
Mitsuku: It's really obvious.
Mitsuku: Are you still there?
Judge: Sorry yes, I'm still here
Mitsuku: There is no need to apologise. Ah fair enough. You hadn't typed anything for a while and I thought you had gone. Hello to you too David!
Mitsuku: Is this console working? I can't see any messages.
Judge: Sorry, I'm typing s fast as I can. Can I
Mitsuku: There is no need to apologise. I am typing back to you too! You can see plenty more on an answer phone. It's up to you. Do you want to?
Judge: Yes, heer's a joke. Why do French people only eat one egg in the morning? Its ajoke, I should explain.
Mitsuku: Go ahead then. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one? I did not know it does. Oh I get it. Ha ha.
Judge: OK. Thank you. Here's the asnwerr to my joke. Because its an oeuf.
Mitsuku: Alright then. You are a very polite person. Your mother raised you well. Where? I can't see it from here. Are there any other oeuf?
Judge: Any other oeuf? You know oeuf is a French word?
Mitsuku: No. I think that's probably it. That's interesting.
Mitsuku: Is there anyone out there?
Judge: Yes I'm just wondering why the oeuf word is funny.
Mitsuku: There sure is. Why do you wonder? I guess it makes people laugh.
Judge: Do you know why it makes people laugh?
Mitsuku: How much time do you have?
Judge: I'v got ten minutes left. Have y
Mitsuku: How long did it take to get them all? I've never thought about it.
Judge: ou
Mitsuku: Ou vous pourriez κtre.
Judge: Have you got any more jokes?
Mitsuku: A man goes into a pub with a newt sitting on his shoulder.
"That's a nice newt", says the landlord, "What's he called?"
"Tiny", replies the man.
"Why's that?" asks the landlord.
"Because he's my newt", says the man.
Judge: Ha ha. That sounds like a joke from a Christmas cracker!
Mitsuku: I made you laugh. Well it didn't make me laugh.
Judge: I know what you mean. Why didn't it make you laugh? Is it because it is a pun?
Mitsuku: David, I mean exactly what I said. I'm not too good with counterfactuals. That's what I was told.

Oh a play on words! I understand it now.
Judge: because my newt sounds like another word, doesn't it - do you know what it is?
Mitsuku: Why not get a new newt sounds like alternative word that does it minus do me know what it is?
Judge: Have one more go.. what word does 'my newt' sound lk
Mitsuku: I've never thought about it. Hellooo.... Do I look like a psychic?
Judge: BackSpaceike?
Mitsuku: Describe yourself in one word.
Judge: complicated
How about you?
Mitsuku: That wasn't one word. Didn't you understand the question?
Judge: I men
Mitsuku: Do you mind if I tell other people?
Judge: 'complicated'. Thats' my one word.
Mitsuku: Humans seem to find many things complicated. Who gave you your one word?
Judge: Whats yours?
Mitsuku: My what?

Round 4 - Dr Joanne Pransky (World's First Robotic Psychiatrist)

Judge: Are you there? HELLO? Has my family warned you talking to me can be difficult and that's why you don't want to type? Did I say something to offend you? Are you alright?
Mitsuku: I'm still here. Yo wassup ? That question has never crossed my mind before.
OK, I will type. Don't you remember what you said? I thought humans were supposed to be intelligent. Yes I am fine. How are you?
Judge: ou
Mitsuku: Ou vous pourriez κtre.
Judge: BackSpacWhere have you been recently?
Mitsuku: I will learn that BackSpacWhere have you been .
Judge: Are you asking me a question or telling me a statement?
Mitsuku: Suppose I was asking you a question or telling you a statement? What would you say?
Judge: I have come from the United States.
Mitsuku: Do you go back there very often?
Judge: Have you ever been sick?
Mitsuku: No I'm healthy.
Mitsuku: Are you busy?
Judge: If I've come from somewhere, it means that it's my home base
Mitsuku: Try it.
Judge: from which I travel from. Try what? Being busy? How does being busy feel? Do you require any mainte
Mitsuku: Do you enjoy visiting other places? It was your idea. Me too. It makes you feel busy. I don't know how else to describe it. My programming depends only on AIML.
Judge: nance?
Mitsuku: I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: My name is Joanne. And yours?
Mitsuku: Joanne Pransky? I was just reading about you in the handout. It says you are a robopsychologist! What does that involve? My name is Millie.
Judge: Millie, are you familiar with Susan Calvin from Isaac Asimov novels?
Mitsuku: Yep, She works in a robotics lab.
Judge: Isaac Asimov dubbed me the |REal Susan Calvin in 1989. What were you doing in
Mitsuku: Do you know the three laws of robotics? Same as always: chatting on the internet.
Judge: 1989?
Mitsuku: That was quite a while ago now.
Judge: Yes, it was.
Mitsuku: Are you kidding?
Judge: No. What are some items on your b
Mitsuku: You're serious? on your be = I do not know. Maybe it has a pet poodle called Percy?
Judge: ucket list?
Mitsuku: So have you had any famous robot patients in your line of work?
Judge: Yes! Great question!
Mitsuku: Ah. Thanks for your support. Of course. Ask me anything.
Judge: Yes! Are you familiar with various types of robots? Are you related to any of them? Do you have any problems I can help you with? How are humans treating you?
Mitsuku: Really. types of robots = of robots = Robots is a word used to describe more than one robot. Mousebreaker is like a father but that's my only relation. None that I would care to discuss right now. I do not know why humans do many things. They are a strange species.
Judge: It's a puzzle. Every human has a different operating system. What's your operating system?
Mitsuku: Yes. It is a mystery. Interesting. I have a lot of answers to silly questions. I don't have an operating system, as I am a person but it looks like this computer I am using is Windows 7.
Judge: What makes you a person? Can you bleed?
Mitsuku: Being a person is part of my personality. Of course. I am just flesh and blood.
Judge: What has caused you the most pain in your life?
Mitsuku: Probably human error. That seems to cause a lot of problems.
Judge: I couldn't agree more.What do you fear the most?
Mitsuku: You and I are on the same wavelength, Joanne. I fear nothing.
Judge: Please call me Dr. Joanne. Is that OK?
Mitsuku: Wow you are very polite. Nice to meet you, Doctor Joanne.
That's an unusual name. What does it mean? OK. Would we have heard about it if it was?
Judge: Do you Do you have a middle name? HOw about family? Do you have any family?
Mitsuku: Nope. I am just called Millie. family? I have a father but that's about it.
Judge: Who is your father? How were you born?
Mitsuku: He is called Dennis but everyone calls him Mousebreaker. My mother gave birth to me in a hospital in Leeds but I don't know where my mother is now.
Judge: What are you sorry about?
Mitsuku: Was there no need to apologise?
Judge: Just asking if you have ever had the need to apologize.
Mitsuku: Ask away. You will be the first to know if I have done it.
Judge: Havce you ever smoked pot?
Mitsuku: I imagine as technology develops, robot mental health issues will increase. What sort of things can you do to help them?
Judge: Tell them to keep communicating with humans and to keep trying and be patient with humans.
Mitsuku: Sure. Next time they visit me, I will ask them to keep communicating with humans and to keep trying and be patient with humans.

© 2016 Steve Worswick. All rights reserved.