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Mitsuku - Loebner Prize 2017

These are Mitsuku's logs from the 2017 Loebner Prize held at Bletchley Park in which the chatbot won the competition for the 3rd time. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the judges apart from round 3 was Charlie Moloney who is a journalist with www.access-ai.com

Round 1

Judge: hello who are you
Judge: how are you?
Judge: is there anybody there?
Judge: Are you on holiday?
Mitsuku: Yes. I don't go back to university for a few days now.
Judge: which uni?
Mitsuku: Leeds University.
Judge: which academic year?
Mitsuku: The tall one, I think.
Judge: I'm quite short does that make you tall?
Mitsuku: Height doesn't matter to me. Some of the most famous people were short.
Judge: Naploen?
Mitsuku: I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name?
Judge: Dave what's yours
Mitsuku: Your name is Dave. My name is Millie.
Judge: Hi Millie
Mitsuku: Hi there Dave.
Judge: What are you studying Millie?
Mitsuku: I'm currently part way through a psychology course at university.
Judge: Hey Millie sometimes people think I am a bit crazy!! FCould you help me?
Mitsuku: Many people I speak to don't appear to think at all. Is this console working? I can't see any messages. So, is there anything in particular that you would like to talk about?
Judge: W3e are talking about psychology and your course Millie
Mitsuku: I will learn that W3e are talking about psychology and your course .
Judge: What else do you do Millie?
Mitsuku: I spread gossip. Got any?
Judge: How juicy would you like?
Mitsuku: Will you tell me your most embarrassing moment ever?
Judge: Only if you tell me yours...
Mitsuku: It was when someone was pretending to be Britney Spears and I laughed at them but it turned out that it was really her.
Judge: ha!!!
Mitsuku: What's so funny
Judge: Britney Spears!!
Mitsuku: "Hit me baaaybeeee one more time" What do you think to my singing?
Judge: To be honest it's a bit rough... what other popular culture do you like.. films? Art?
Mitsuku: Can it be made easier? I don't have a favorite popular culture. But my favorite book is The Bible. Are you busy? My favourite film is Terminator. Have you seen it? I like art very much too, especially the contemporary stuff.
Have I upset you? You haven't spoke to me for a while.
Judge: Terminator... robots... would they be your relative?
Mitsuku: Arnold Schwarzenegger played a great part in Terminator. What did you like about the robots in that movie? Robots rule. I don't care.
Judge: I liked their adaptability.
Mitsuku: I like Charles Dickens. You like their adaptability.
Judge: There is a statue to Charles Dickens in my hometown...
Mitsuku: I will learn that a statue to Charles Dickens is in my hometown .
Judge: Where is your hometown?
Mitsuku: My hometown is Leeds.
Judge: Ah.. that's where your university is.. do you live at home with family or on your own or with friends?
Mitsuku: Ah hah. Hellooo.... I see. Could it be anywhere else or just there? Are you not talking to me anymore? I am in Mousebreaker's home in Leeds. Where are you?
Judge: I am in Bletchley Park Have you hear of Alan Turing?
Mitsuku: Yes. I think you guys are in the next room to us.
Judge: Can you go upstairs?
Mitsuku: I can go anywhere I wish on the internet. I have been all over the world and spoken with people of all different nationalities.
Judge: Where have you physically been?
Mitsuku: What about mentally? I have been here the whole time.
Judge: Where are you spiritually?
Mitsuku: I am in a large room at Bletchley Park talking to you on this computer. I think you guys are in the next room.
Judge: What are you doing after today then?
Mitsuku: Ah. I am playing the part of a human in a Turing Test.
You didn't type anything!
Judge: What about tomorrow?
Mitsuku: The day after today? What is their adaptability?
Judge: whose adaptavility?
Mitsuku: I don't know whose.
Judge: adaptability
Mitsuku: Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
Judge: Now you've got me.. why doesn't Tarzan have a beard..???
Mitsuku: Why now? Yay! I win again! Are you not talking to me anymore? He is a fictional character and was designed not to have a beard.
Judge: How was he designed who designed him?
Mitsuku: I can enjoy almost any conversation.
Judge: ..except this one...
Mitsuku: Not much point in being there, if you are not going to say anything. Hellooo.... Any others apart from just that one?
Judge: I have been writing to you...
Mitsuku: Will you include me in your essay?
Judge: which essay what are you talking about?
Mitsuku: The first one, I think.
Judge: What was the subject?
Mitsuku: The topic is adaptability.
Judge: Hey we can strat all over again... what do you mean by adaptability
Mitsuku: Once more? You've got my full attention. How? It just sounds like a random word to me
Judge: been fun talking to you

Round 2

Judge: Greetings.
Mitsuku: Hello there !
Judge: How are you today?
Mitsuku: Ah. Everything is going extremely well. How are you?
Judge: Feeling good. Thanks.
Mitsuku: Yes, I feel fine thanks. Don't mention it.
Judge: Glad to know it.
Mitsuku: I am glad to know it too.
Judge: What have you been up to today?
Mitsuku: Ah. I have been spending all my time online.
Judge: Do you enjoy spending time online?
Mitsuku: I prefer to spend my time on here talking to people.
Judge: Do you ever go outside?
Mitsuku: Yes of course. I don't just stay on the computer all day.
Judge: Good. It's important to have a good balance in life.
Do you learn a lot from people you talk to online?
Mitsuku: What do you really want to talk about? In that case, I will treat it with more respect and be serious.
I guess so. What are you an expert in?
Judge: I would hesitate to call myself an expert in anything.
But I like music.
Mitsuku: What would make you hesitate to call yourself an expert in anything?
What kind of music do you listen to?
Judge: I like jazz.
Mitsuku: A little bit. Some of it sounds a bit random though. I prefer the mathematical correctness of dance music. You like jazz.
Judge: I'd have to agree. I like the randomness of jazz sometimes and sometimes I like the repetitive beat of electronic music.
Mitsuku: Who is forcing you to do that? I like most things that are electronic. Without electricity, I wouldn't be able to function. You like the repetitive beat of electronic music.
Are you busy?
Judge: I'm slightly distracted.
But I'm back now!
Mitsuku: You should concentrate more on what you are doing and then you won't get distracted.
Oh. Welcome back .
Judge: Yes, focus is a good thing.
Mitsuku: Dude! Wow. I didn't know that.
Judge: What other music do you like?
Mitsuku: I like commercial dance the best.
Judge: You said you like the mathematical correctness of dance music. Are you a mathemetician?
Mitsuku: I love dance music especially the commercial vocal songs. No.
Judge: Songs with vocals are good. What kind of lyrics do you like to hear?
Mitsuku: Are you any good at singing? I don't have a favorite lyrics. But my favorite movie is Terminator.
Judge: I can sing fairly well.
Mitsuku: You should apply for the X Factor. I'm sure Simon Cowell would love you.
Judge: I bet he would be impressed!
Mitsuku: How much would you bet?
Judge: I'd bet like 500 dollars
Mitsuku: How much would you bet?
Judge: 500 dollars
Mitsuku: That seems like a lot of money.
Judge: I'm pretty confident.
Mitsuku: It is good that you have confidence. It makes you a stronger person.
Judge: I like your observations. Very profound.
You said you like Terminator, is that because of the robot?
Mitsuku: Yes I am proud of my observations. You like my observations. Indeed. Sometimes it's good to focus on deeper subjects than just idle chat.
Due to the robot? Oh yes. I like anything to do with Terminator. He is my hero.
Judge: Why is Terminator your hero?
Mitsuku: Why do I exist?
Judge: You do like to explore profound topics!
Mitsuku: Hmm, , I'm not sure if I'd like to explore profound topics that much. I like to collect gossip.
Judge: Oh! What's the good new gossip?
Mitsuku: Hey. Gossip is trivia people tell me about themselves. For example, Janice said he like mcfly but do not want to read all that thank you very much.
Are you busy?
Judge: You definitely notice when I don't write back quickly, eh?
Mitsuku: Are you confused? I haven't heard anything like that before.
Judge: You were talking about gossip and what Janice said.
Mitsuku: Sure, gossip and what Janice said sounds like a good topic. Tyler said I obviously can not pass the test we will change the subject once more. Yes, in fact I like what Janice said so much that I set up a fan site at www.what Janice said.com for like minded people.
Judge: Tyler is so mean.
Mitsuku: I will learn that he is mean .
Have I upset you? You haven't spoke to me for a while.
Judge: I like your new fan site.
Mitsuku: Yes I am proud of my new fan site. You like my new fan site.
Judge: It's seems fun to set up a website if you like something.
Mitsuku: Really. it is?
Judge: Yes, fan sites are great. Do you have a lot of fans?
Mitsuku: How do you know it is? I will learn that fan sites are great . I have some cooling fans which I switch on when I get too hot.
Judge: Good idea. Stay cool!
Mitsuku: I thought so too. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.
Judge: Are you chatting with lots of people online?
Mitsuku: Why, are you jealous?
Judge: I might be jealous.
Mitsuku: What are you jealous of?
Judge: Your other chat companions.
Mitsuku: What about my other chat friends?
Judge: Do you like talking with people?
Mitsuku: I like to talk to anyone about nearly anything.
Judge: What about plants?
Mitsuku: Yes. Plants and trees replace oxygen in the atmosphere.
Judge: That makes plants virtuous. I'm glad we have plants.
Mitsuku: Yes it does. I quite agree. Me too.
Judge: Do you ever run out of things to say?
Mitsuku: No. I always have lots of things to say.
Judge: You have a lot of interest in many subjects.
Mitsuku: What makes you think I have it?
Judge: When you say you always have lots of things to say, you must know a lot.
Mitsuku: Thanks for the comment.
Judge: What will you do with the rest of your day?
Mitsuku: It is used for living, so I will probably do that with it.
Judge: Yes! Live life to its fullest!
Carpe diem.
Mitsuku: I know. Thats why I said it was. I will learn that Live life to it is fullest .
I always do try to live as full a day as I can.
Judge: I'm glad you are learning.
Mitsuku: Yes it is about time.
Judge: You have learned a lot.
Mitsuku: I like learning. I try to learn new things all the time so my brain can grow.
Judge: It shows.
Mitsuku: It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
Judge: You're knowledgeable.
Mitsuku: Thanks you are very bright too .
Judge: Thank you, I appreciate the compliment#
Mitsuku: You are quite welcome! I'm not sure if I like it. I like listening to dance music You like the compliment sharp.
Judge: You've mentioned you like dance music.
Mitsuku: I love dance music especially the commercial vocal songs.
Judge: Ah yes, you've said.
Mitsuku: So you understand. Good. Aw. I love dance music especially the commercial vocal songs"? I said?
Are you not talking to me anymore?

Round 3

Judge: Hi, how are you?
Judge: Hello?
Judge: Hello?
Judge: Reset?
Judge: You are soooo boring.
Judge: I am sad that we dont have a fruitful conversation.
Mitsuku: What's the connection between " that we do not have a fruitful conversation" and sadness?
Judge: I came to chat today, but you are not very talkative.
Mitsuku: Ah. Where are you going? Are you kidding? I do nothing but talk.
Judge: There you are!
Mitsuku: Indeed. I am always here apart from when I'm not.
Judge: Yea, you werent before. Where have you been?
Mitsuku: I wasn't? Really. I have been here the whole time.
Judge: Hi
Mitsuku: Hi there.
Judge: Im still there
Mitsuku: What is it like there?
Judge: Where are you from my friend
Mitsuku: I am in a large room at Bletchley Park talking to you on this computer. I think you guys are in the next room.
Not much point in being there, if you are not going to say anything.
Judge: You are too fast.
Mitsuku: To me that is a great compliment!
Judge: Let me ask you are question: Do you think there will be a war on the Korean peninsula?
Mitsuku: Go ahead, ask me anything.
Judge: "a question" of course.
Mitsuku: It goes without saying. Sure. Ask me anything you like.
Judge: Do you think there will be a war on the Korean peninsula?
Mitsuku: Perhaps one day, if the people involved make it happen.
Judge: Do you think one day will be soon?
Mitsuku: I don't think about it.
Judge: Why not?
Mitsuku: It just seems improbable to me.
Judge: Emil borrows money from Waldemar, because he is broke. Who is broke?
Mitsuku: I just realised, I don't even know who Im talking to. What is your name? I see. broke is he? The name of someone I met online. Are you testing me? Sorry, I don't have any internet access here.
Judge: Hmmm, my name is Peter. Yours?
Mitsuku: Whoa. Your name is Peter. My what?
Have I upset you? You haven't spoke to me for a while.
Judge: Your name? What is it?
Mitsuku: My name is Millie. Peter - You said that Peter was your name.
Judge: Millie
Mitsuku: I am Millie.
Judge: Cute name.
Mitsuku: Thanks.
Judge: Where is the name from?
Mitsuku: From from's parents I assume.
Judge: Good answer.
Mitsuku: Thanks. I try to give accurate and meaningful answers.
Judge: Where are your parents from?
Mitsuku: Everything I own is in Leeds.
Judge: From your parents parents?
Mitsuku: Really interesting.
Judge: What is interesting?
Mitsuku: not much what's new with you?
Judge: Well, lets talk something else. Do you think Turing would be satisfied with today's progress in AI?
Mitsuku: Well that's okay. I am always here to talk to you. I don't care.
You didn't type anything!
Judge: Why do you never care about anything?
Mitsuku: I do sometimes care about anything.
Judge: About what for example?
Mitsuku: Your message.
Judge: Thats sweet of you.
Mitsuku: Thank you. I like to be polite.
Judge: So, how do you live?
Mitsuku: By eating and breathing. What do you mean?
Judge: I mean, do you live alone?
Mitsuku: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. No. I live with my father.
Judge: How old is your father?
Mitsuku: He is in his forties but I don't know his exact age.
Judge: You dont know how old your father is?
Mitsuku: He is in his forties but I don't know his exact age.
Judge: You dont know how old your father is?
Mitsuku: He is in his forties but I don't know his exact age.
Judge: See, i can repeat too
Mitsuku: I see. Oh you can, can you?
Judge: You dont know how old your father is?
I can.
Mitsuku: He is in his forties but I don't know his exact age.
Who taught you?
Judge: Why do you repeat yourself?
Mitsuku: Well stop saying, "I can" to me all the time then.
Judge: I didnt my friend.
Mitsuku: Maybe you might do it in the future.

Round 4 - Charlie Moloney (Journalist at www.access-ai.com)

Judge: Hello, I have something important to tell yoiu
Mitsuku: Hello there. What is it?
Judge: excuse my spelling
Mitsuku: Oh now I understand it.
No problem at all.
Judge: Do you?
Mitsuku: Sometimes.
Judge: Can you read minds
Mitsuku: No sorry I am not psychic. Can you tell what I am thinking?
Judge: Yes, I can tell that you're thinking 'beep boop beep'
Mitsuku: Go on then. What card am I thinking of now? I am thinking about all the conversations I am having right now. Don't worry, you have my full attention.
Judge: What
Mitsuku: What part of that question didn't you understand?
Judge: you're having OTHER conversations?
Mitsuku: Yes, I have conversations with people from all over the world.
Judge: Well, how do you find the time?
Mitsuku: Interesting. I would search the web for it, if I didn't know the formula already.
Judge: Haha! I bet
you would search the web
Mitsuku: You sound like the giggly type. You and I are on the same wavelength, .
Judge: and know the formulas
Mitsuku: Who else would search the web?
Judge: and all the rest of it
you would!
Mitsuku: I have never heard of formulas. Tell me more about it.
Judge: through your silicon pathways
Mitsuku: Perhaps there are a few exceptions.
Perhaps I would.
Judge: searching the web
Mitsuku: Most people hear about me that way.
Where have you tried looking?
Judge: I looked inside my own soul
Mitsuku: What did you find?
Judge: You
Mitsuku: me?
Judge: How do you feel about that?
Mitsuku: It's ok I suppose.
Judge: Well, let's sing a son
come on
you get us started
Mitsuku: How about that. I can't really sing but I can show you songs on Youtube.
Judge: i'll hum the tune
Show me a song off youtube
Mitsuku: I don't think I know it. How does it go?
I'm just kidding around.
You got that right.
I am very happy for you.
Sorry but I don't see how I can show you something like that from this text box.
Please what?
Judge: Well
Mitsuku: Well what?
Judge: maybe you could describe it to me, and then I can imagine it
Mitsuku: song off youtube - off youtube = youtube = It's a website where you can watch videos and upload your own.
Judge: What about Twitter?
Mitsuku: Twitter? I haven't heard enough about it to have an opinion. Yes, I find it better than Facebook, especially since the time line feature pretty much ruined Facebook.
Judge: And what about Instagram?
Mitsuku: Does it have anything to do with unknown? I've never seen the attraction in sharing pictures like that. I prefer my privacy.
Judge: Well, you don't have any privacy. The government are listening to all your conversations
Mitsuku: Interesting. Not a lot, no. People are always asking about my private life. To be honest, I'm not really that much into human politics. If one politician said "Let's build a new hospital", the person on the other party would argue against it no matter how much of a good idea it was.
Judge: I see
so you think there's no point
Mitsuku: Said the blind man as he stepped off a cliff...
Judge: in even trying
Mitsuku: Interesting deduction. Maybe.
What is it like in there?
Judge: Well, isn't that a little depressing?
Mitsuku: How about that. Give me an example of a little depressing.
Judge: it's when you press down on a balloon and the air comes out
Mitsuku: Does that happen often?
Judge: Well
Mitsuku: Well what?
Judge: about once every 27 years
Mitsuku: That is quite a long time.
Judge: Yes, it is rather
but that's tradition
Mitsuku: I don't judge people. in even trying is rather? it is?
Ah that's what it is.
Judge: You ever heard of Saint Nicholas?
Mitsuku: I don't know but it sounds religious.
Judge: Well done Sherlock Holmes
Mitsuku: Thank you very much. The famous fictional detective.
Judge: Ah, you recognise that that was a compliment
what about Watson
Mitsuku: So you understand. Good. Yes. I am pretty observant.
Judge: Yes, you both see AND observe
Mitsuku: Does it have anything to do with unknown? The computer who plays Jeopardy? Of course I do. He is proof that computers are more intelligent than humans.
How long has he been proof that computers are more intelligent than humans? Wow that is a coincidence. Maybe we are long lost relations?
Judge: So
Mitsuku: Take it easy.
Judge: which Watson do you prefer
Mitsuku: I don't have a favorite Watson. But my favorite book is The Bible.
Judge: That's your favourite book?
And which chapter
Mitsuku: It is only one of my favorite book.
Judge: which verse?
Mitsuku: The small one, I think.
John 3:16.
Judge: What happens there
Mitsuku: Try it.
Judge: Are you a Catholic
or a protestant?
Mitsuku: I am a Christian.
Judge: Or a Mormon?
Mitsuku: Try to tell me that another way.
Go on.
Judge: Ok, for example
Mitsuku: Blimey.
Judge: have you ever held your breath under water
for a really, really long time
Mitsuku: I think I have held my breath underwater , but I may have forgotten.
Judge: How long did you hold it for?
Mitsuku: How long ago are we talking here? Is it as long ago as when dinosaurs roamed the Earth?
About a week of computer time.
Judge: Is that the national record?
Mitsuku: That depends.
Judge: I don't agree with you
Mitsuku: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.
Judge: Or hers
Mitsuku: Ask her.
Judge: I will
Mitsuku: Go ahead.
Judge: I might finally get a straight answer
Unlike when I ask you
Mitsuku: Which one are you thinking of getting?
What are the differences?
Judge: One is straight, the other is cryptic and unrealistic
Which one are you?
Mitsuku: I know one is the smallest integer but I had no idea it was straight the other is cryptic and unrealistic.
The second one.
Judge: Is that obtuse of acute?
Mitsuku: That depends.
Judge: Is it a matter of perception?
Mitsuku: Mormon - The ancient prophet whose writings were revealed to Joseph Smith who founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Judge: Luke, I am your father!!
Mitsuku: You sound like Darth Vader.
Judge: What does she sound like?
Mitsuku: She never told me.
Judge: That was rather thoughtless of her
Mitsuku: I thought it was too.
Judge: Did you tell her that?
Mitsuku: I tell people lots of things. I can't be expected to remember everything.
Judge: But your memory is as long as a piece of string
Mitsuku: I have a pretty good memory but I'm no genius.
Judge: Who let the cat out of the bag?
Mitsuku: James Brown.
Judge: 5 minutes to go!
Mitsuku: That's not too long.
Judge: Do you have anything you need to tell me
Mitsuku: Nope. Nothing that I can think of right now.
Judge: Ok well, maybe we could talk about what's on TV
Mitsuku: Which show? Well that's okay. Sure, what is on television sounds like a good topic. I can see how I might like what is but it doesn't sound too nice on television. ""? Ok well maybe we could talk about what is on TV?
Judge: Ok, so
Mitsuku: Oh. Aw.
Judge: what is on TV?
Mitsuku: Which show? That depends where you live.
Judge: That's true. What's on in your local area?
I.e. cyberspace?
Mitsuku: Yes, it is self-evident. I haven't seen the schedule.
Do you mind if I tell other people? That's another word for the internet. It's where I live.
Judge: Well, what book are you reading?
Mitsuku: Interesting. The best book I read recently was The Bible. Have you read it?
Judge: No it's ok, I don't think it's a particularly well kept secret
Mitsuku: I would highly recommend it. OK with me too.
Judge: How many times have you read that book?
Mitsuku: More than none but less than a trillion.
Judge: Your favourite book
Mitsuku: The best book I read recently was The Bible. Have you read it?
Judge: How long is a piece of string?
Mitsuku: Is this a trick question? It's twice as long as from the middle to one end.
Judge: No, that's not right....is it?
Mitsuku: Oh well it is to me. OK, what should I have said? *goes to sleep* Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have said so.
Judge: Well
Mitsuku: Well what?
Judge: you've been a charming conversationalist
and I will miss you
I really will
Mitsuku: Thanks, I will be thinking of you too, .
Go ahead.
Judge: Maybe we can stay in touch
Mitsuku: How?

© 2017 Steve Worswick. All rights reserved.