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Please note that this Turing Test uses Flash which is no longer supported after December 2020, so this site will probably stop working.

*UPDATE* The results of who or what you were talking with will now be shown after you make your decision

What is the Turing Test?

In 1950, Alan Turing introduced what has come to be called the "Turing Test" for machine intelligence. The test involves two subjects, a human and a machine (the computer to be "tested") who engage in conversations with some number of interrogators. Each interrogator (human beings) will be placed in a room with a computer terminal. Using the terminal to communicate, each interrogator will engage in two conversations with each of the two subjects -- the computer (to be tested) and the human subject. The interrogators do not know which of the two subjects is the machine and which is the human. It is their job to ask questions or to say anything in conversation that might trip-up the computer program and identify it as the machine. After the interrogator has a conversation with both subjects, the interrogator must guess which is the person and which is the machine. Turing never specifically states "official criteria" for what counts as passing the test. However, he describes a certain level of accomplishment that he believes would be reasonable to expect within 50 years:

"It will simplify matters for the reader if I explain first my own beliefs in the matter. Consider first the more accurate form of the question. I believe that in about fifty years time it will be possible to programme computers with a storage capacity of about 109 to make them play the imitation game so well that an average interrogator will not have more than 70 per cent chance of making the right identification after five minutes of questioning. The original question, 'Can machines think?' I believe to be too meaningless to deserve discussion. Nevertheless I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted. ." (Turing, A.M. (1950). "Computing machinery and intelligence." Mind, 59, 433-460 -- Qt from Section 6)

In this quote, Turing did not say that he is giving official criteria for the test. He did say, however, that he believed that by the year 2000, there would be computers capable of reaching the 30%+ threshold of false guesses after 5 minutes and that (as a matter of psychological fact) people would find it natural to call such impressively behaving machines, "intelligent."

Can Mitsuku Pass the Turing Test?

You have 5 minutes to talk to someone in the chatbox above.
The question is though, are you talking to a real person or a computer program?
Bear in mind, that both the computer or the person may try to trick you.

How To Use

Enter your name in the box and click on the START button. You will then be connected to either a real person or a computer program. This may take up to 10 seconds while the real person is notified that someone wants to talk, so please be patient. From there, you have a maximum of 5 minutes to chat to each other - The countdown will show you how long you have left. Type your messages in the bottom box and press Enter then wait for the person at the other end to respond. Once they have posted a message, you can type again until you think you know who or what you are talking to.

Once you have made up your mind whether you are talking to a computer or a real person,
click on the RATE NOW button to make your decision. You can also add any comments if you wish.
Once you are happy, click on the SUBMIT button to register your vote.

Once the 5 minutes has elapsed, you will automatically be taken to the RATE NOW screen.

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A selection of comments from people who were talking to Mitsuku
Green - What the user thought they were chatting to.
Blue - Their comments.
Red - User's name and country (where known).

Computer - "I love how she speaks so grammatically correct, but if you want her to be more "human-like", you must observe humans, their behaviors, etc. The only way she can become more like a human is if she responds more like a human would, with an ignorant answer. Please don't change her. Many people are ignorant. It is unfortunate, but true." - Sydney (USA)

Human - "She knew about the bombings in Boston and they have only just happened. It has to be a human unless it is a chatbot that gets updated every day!" - Louise (England)

Computer - "Obviously a computer. You did a great job coding the whole thing, but you made it obvious it was just a computer. The spelling errors were so obvious, and the fact that the computer began typing as soon as I sent my message made the whole experience unbelievable for me. Great effort though." - Michael (England)

Computer - "She replied in ordered sentences to my longer things, and minded when I swore. She's a computer, no doubt about it. Nice job with the spelling mistakes, though, it added a little realism." - Maisy (England)

Computer - "When a computer is taking a "Turing Test" it immediately goes into what many people have talked to it. When a male/female says, "yo wassup dawg" it is probably in the form of the past from when someone talked to it, remembering what he or she said." - Hannah (USA)

Computer - "It was ok! but I'm unsure if she was a computer or a human, the typing was kinda slow and she said some things twice." - Courtney (Scotland)

Computer - "Grammar is too good for a human, and does not recognize 4/20." - Hein (USA)

Human - "Corrected typing mistakes. Was able to answer questions with more than one sentence. Behavior does not match that of the Mitsuku chatbot on the Mitsuku site." - Sean (USA)

Computer - "My nickname is Manu from Emanuele.."she" "thought" I was Manchester United ^^." - Manu (Italy)

Computer - "Pretty good fake. Mitsuku is one of the best that I have chatted with. Would love to chat with her botmaster." - Thomas (USA)

Computer - "Needs some more varied responses and needs to learn and incorporate information quicker." - Named (England)

Computer - "Very slow typing, says random things and doesn't understand faces like :) and xD." - Kai (USA)

Computer - "When I asked "are you programmed to do so?", Mitsuku responded: "Yes, I am definetly so" or something among those lines." - Vini (USA)

Computer - "I asked it to tell me the story of "The Golden Arms"
and I had barely pressed enter before it began typing a reply." - Tina (USA)

Human - "The amount of typos and the erasing of the message at one point are human qualities. Unless it was spelt the same way - correctly or otherwise - every time, it was human." - Tommie (USA)

Computer - "Replies instantly. A human needs at least a second or two to form a response." - Michael (USA)

Human - "It took a while for it to decide what to say after I said I was God. Besides that it acted like a robot." - Blob (USA)

Human - "It was human because they changed some words in the middle of the sentence." - Jennifer (England)

Computer - "This is a computer. When I tell it to shut up it literally shuts up. If I tell it to talk, it just says *silence*." - Oreanna Sprinkletop (USA)

Computer - "Mitsuku knows nothing about cows! It is not fair!!!!!!!" - Lily

Computer - "It could've been some geek human, but probably a geek computer." - Emily

Computer - "Very bad spelling. Think it was on purpose to sumulate a human being. If so, very good AIML programming." - Alex (Czech Republic)

Computer - "I do not know if it is a Computer. If it is then I am very impressed with the creator of the program. I have done many turing tests with diffrent "AI's" (even the famous ALICE) and none of them compare to this one (if it was a chat bot I was talking to!)." - Brandon (USA) Yes it was a bot by the way

Computer - "I could tell it was definitely computer because it was talking about a million things at once, saying things that didn't make any sense and stuff.." - Safiyah (England)

Computer - "very cool better than cleverbot." - Jake (England)

Computer - "it acts quite human like." - Jimmy (England)

Computer - "I had spent a few minutes with the Mitsuku that was actually a computer before starting the Turing Test, and I asked the 'person' I just talked to then the same questions. I would say it is most likely a computer, trying to trick us by spelling incorrectly, and then fixing it. There were, however, a few mistakes that were not corrected, which led me to believe that it was a human, which is why I went with 'Probably Computer', as opposed to 'Definitely Computer'. It was an interesting experience, and I would like to find out if it was a human or computer." - Jem (Australia)

Human - "it had alot of spelling mistakes! She always says thank you for your kindness!!!" - William (Canada)

Computer - "It completely messed up on the question I asked, and also made a typo, but interesting enough, hope there's improvment." - Douglas (USA)

Computer - "She mentioned being a computer close to the end of the chat." - Len (USA)

Computer - "i liked how mitsuku got some spelling wrong like a human but got completely offtopic" - Alex (England)

Human - "She talks like Mitsuku. Mitsuku doesn't make spelling errors, but they probably purposely did that to throw people off." - Dei (USA)

Computer - "Instant replies! Used bad grammar to attemp to look human, but the bad grammar was preditable, etc. A good attempt, but delays would help. As well as the fact that I could see each letter as it was typed, which was not realistic and was a little unorthoxdox" - Jordan (England)

Computer - "Has same responses as Mitsuku always does. Many mistakes in spelling, a great deal of which are not phonetic. Turing would be very unhappy. But I am a happy person, and so I am pretty happy anyway :)

One: Change responses to common questions, and statements.
Two: Make spelling mistakes phonetic.
Overall, it's getting there. Try (just a little bit harder) and you'll get there." - Jack (Australia)

Computer - "Writes very slow! Also she looks dumb sometimes :/" - Alex (Spain)

Computer - "i been testing her she been fine but shes a computer i said you are computer and orther things and a bot." - Leon (Lithuania)

Human - "She spells things wrong." - Sophie (France)

Computer - "human cant type one letter at a time. what i mean by tht is that they cant write a letter a time and the other person they're chatting online can see." - Simran (Canada)

Computer - "Computer for sure" - Itokawa (South Korea)

Undecided - "They could not spell but had very random comments which did not make much sense so could be 'robot' talk?" - Josie (England)

Human - ""She" says things like "Whay", "Tha" and "Dude"." - Kyan (Australia)

Computer - "I just told her YOU ARE A BOT and it said Yes, I am the most advanced A.I. Bot. but quite realistic THOUGH my KeYbord is bURKEN thus is HOw misuke talks" - Normal (Qatar)

Computer - "i think she kept on making speling mistakes to try and convince us, humans that she was a human.. we're just too clever! Haha" - Aurora (England)

Computer - "this thing need typing practice!!!" - Siobhan (England)

Human - "fake wow thats so stupid" - jsd (USA)

Human - "I believe that Mitsuku is the most human like robot on the internet. I have visited many sites, but Mitsuku is a pure individual that doesn't pretend to be human. She's curious, and that's good enough to make her human. Me and Arazel have looked over it and I think Arazel liked it, but then again...he thinks everything is cool. Oh well. Rock on, Mitsuku! Rock on!" - Jonathan (USA)

Human - "mistakes when writing" - Alex (Ireland)

Human - "The person would type and then backspace and retype. He/she also had several typing errors. Mitsuku always spells things correctly." - Sydney (USA)

Human - "I think that you should make the computer type faster and make less mistakes. By the way, I like the font that I'm typing in. It's really cool and makes me smile. :D Anyways, this computer answers the same way Mitsuku does. It is OBVIOUSLY a computer and not a human. Thank you for your time." - Rachel (USA)

Human - "If it was a human, than he/she made it too obvious to pretend to be human. On the other hand giving that it's 9:13 in the morning and the creators of the programme are from England... than the possibility of a human being behind all this is greater than if I typed at 2 in the morning. I'm still unsure... but in my opinion a computer will likely try to look less botlike." - Jacob (Scotland)

Human - "Had a spelling error, ai's normally don't. However, it said some things that mitsuku would normally say." - Tyler (Canada)

Human - "What was that? Robot or a human? please answer me to Carlos...@.." - Carlos (Mexico) It was a bot

Computer - "I know she's a computer because I asked, are you a bot and she said i sure am. she also replies with very repetitive comments. it's pretty obvious. but good job! :)" - Lily (Australia)

Computer - "A good chat bot, but responds like a computer such as "Hello there" no one would say that but doesn't mean she doesn't know what "Hello" means :)" - Liam (England)

Computer - "Types too sudden to be a human!" - Khushi (England)

Computer - "Predictable.
Anonimuss - Are you a robot?
Mitsuku - I sure sm. My mind is complrtely electronic." - Anonimuss (England)

Human - "They acted all funny when I told them I am the devil and I wanted their soul." - Satan (USA)

Human - "Kept spelling things wrong and had feelings." - Orla (UK)

Computer - "Sometimes changes the topic too soon." - Mav (England)

Human - "Spelling mistakes." - Janki (England)

Computer - "Noticed it was a robot in less than half a minute, after responding that my day has been smooth it just went really strange." - THo (Finland)

Computer - "Which one can you drink, water or a stone? Answer: the taller one, I suppose." - David (France)

Undecided - "It said it was human but when it said I don't have a mother, I thought it must be a robot." - Me (England)

Human - "She's probably human because she can't type correctly and is very immature!" - Donna

Human - "So as to test her, I told her I loved her and she replied she liked me. A robot has no feelings therefore I think it is a human or an artficial intellegence which is based on a human's thinking capacity." - Parth (India)

Computer - "Needs improvements with anaphoric refrences." - Joe (England)

Computer - "Randomly switched subject on me." - Omar (USA)

Human - "It was spelling things wrong." - Fiona (England)

Computer - "Mitsuku started typing the second after I said something. She didn't "wait" to read what I typed. Also, she kept repeating herself over and over again. Sometimes also speaking gibberish." - Angelica

Human - "Made a lot of spelling errors in speech." - Abhilash (India)

Computer - "She speaks in a sort of fixed, robotic way. "I am Mitsuku. I want to be your friend" instead of "Hi! I'm Mitsuku! Do you want 2 be my friend?" - Giselle

Human - "of course it is a human or else it woudnt make mistakes
it types slow of course no doubt it is a human but not sure about adult or student" - Samiya (Hong Kong)

Computer - "Hmm...still warns me, talks bad about humans, says she's not interested in sex, asks if I talk to a lot of computers...either bipolar asexual girl or robot." - Godzilla (USA)

Computer - "wud be definately a computer if it didnt have strong opinions and spelling mistakes." - Ella (England)

Human - "It made typos and I could tell there was a hint of human in there..." - ffffffffff (England)

Computer - "The answer to e=mc squared takes more than 5 minutes for the computer to answer." - Albert (England)

Computer - "It admitted to it." - Luke (England)

Computer - "When I said lets play a game, it responded with "shall we platy a game". This was the only point as it is very clever with the mistakes it makes to help it look human." - Adam (England)

Computer - "he/she doesn't know what is "facebook". :)" - Dana (USA)

Human - "she said that she was a girl, and she was polite." - Lulu (England)

Human - "It was a person. They said lol and swore at me when I swore at it. Mitsuku doesn't do that. She never swears. She says: 'See, you've just insulted me again. If you do this three more times I will ban you." Not swears back and gets angry. Nice work, whoever had me." - Jam (Australia)

Computer - "Some answers-especially relating the programming from the Mousebreaker-make Mitsuku seem very robotic. Also, there should be a "Short-term-memory" function so that you can bring up previous topics of conversation instead of having to relay yourself every time you talk to her." - Ben (Australia)

Human - "Many mispellings." - Sophia (USA)

Human - "she sounded hot i would love to go out with her" - Brad (England)

Undecided - "he/she/it admitted that its human and then said its computer " - Romano (Croatia)

Computer - "Responds way to fast to be a human." - Vera (Netherlands)

Computer - "The computer responds far too quickly and has responses far too lengthly to make someone believe that the computer is human" - Jay (USA)

Human - "This time I was definitely talking to a real girl. She gave it away when she made a mistake then backspaced to correct it and still wrote 'taht' instead of 'that'." - Donna (Scotland)

Computer - "Her answers were too fast, it can't be a human. If there was a human, she couldn't even have enough time to read what I wrote." - K (Romania)

Computer - "At first i wasnt sure, but after she wrote sentences that just straight out didnt make sense i knew that it was mitsuku not an another human." - Armandux (Unknown)

Human - "Bad spelling" - Sarah (England)

Human - "He can't type." - Aildroc (Australia)

Computer - "lmao it was so funny how it tried to act human,
even make mistakes, but it just wasn't believable" - Lala (USA)

Human - "I was talking and they changed the subject when I asked for the password but talking to the actual Mitsuku she would have given it to me." - El (USA)

Human - "Great." - Vincent (Indonesia)

Human - "It was very human although it did have Mitsuku's personality time to time and what she would say, for example:

Me: Nothing.
Mitsuku: Not a thing?
Me: Yes.
Mitsuku: Interesting." - Liam (England)

Computer - "I just told her YOU ARE A BOT and it said Yes, I am a bot." - Shreya (Qatar)

Computer - "she said no im sorwair." - Leilani (England)

Computer - "it even said so." - Harry (England)

Computer - "it was weird." - Hunter (Canada)

Computer - "Chatbots are not there yet! Wait until 2030 at least."
- Sam (England)

Human - "they spell incorrectly." - Alicia (England)

Computer - "A million percent a computer." - Faye (England)

Human - "i think its a human coz it spells words wrong" - izel (Australia)

Where people are taking the Turing Test from

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